Sally Webster



Full name: Sally Webster (née Seddon)
Parents: Elsie and Eddie Seddon
Born: 14 July
Siblings: Gina
Married: Kevin Webster (8 October 1986)


  1. Rosie (b: 24 December 1990; f: Kevin Webster)
  2. Sophie (b: 4 November 1994; f: Kevin Webster)

Played by: Sally Whittaker
First appeared: 22 January 1986

In January 1986, Kevin Webster met the girl of his dreams after driving a van through a puddle and soaking Sally Seddon. He took her back to Number 13 Coronation Street, and love began to blossom, much to the disapproval of Hilda Ogden who knew of the rough Seddon family’s reputation. Sally took a job answering the phone for Terry Duckworth at Cheap and Cheerful and he made a pass at her. Kevin caught the two kissing and gave Terry a black eye.

When Hilda went away for the night, Sally stayed at No.13 and took Kevin’s virginity. When her father threw her out Hilda eased up towards Sally and allowed her to move into No.13, but insisted that Kev slept on the settee. Hilda rigged up a trap on the stairs to ensure there would be no “funny business” but, forgetting it was there, Hilda tripped and fell down the stairs. Sally took over Hilda’s charring work for a couple of weeks.

Kevin proposed to Sally after learning that his family were moving to Germany. The couple had a cheap register office wedding and continued to lodge at No.13.

Sally and Kevin arrived back on the Street at 5am after a pop concert to find the Rovers on fire. Kevin attempted to rescue Bet Lynch from her bedroom but the smoke was too much for him. Kevin and Bet were rescued by the fire brigade but the Rovers was gutted.

In 1987, Sally took a job at the Corner Shop and she and Kevin moved into the flat above. Later that year Hilda Ogden made the decision to leave the Street and she sold No.13 to the couple at a knock-down price.

Kevin renewed his interest in banger racing and Sally decided that she would like to take up the sport and began to take driving lessons. She managed to pass her test even though the police stopped her half way through as she was driving Alf Roberts’s car, lent to her by Audrey, which he’d reported stolen. Sally took part in her first banger race which resulted in her being hospitalised with a broken ankle after the car spun out of control and turned over.

In 1990 Sally fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl in the back of Don Brennan’s taxi on Christmas Eve. She named the baby Rosie because the taxi was parked in Rosamund Street.

In 1992 Sally started to mind David for the Platts. The authorities came down on Sally for not being a registered child-minder when David fell down the stairs at No.13. To combat this, Sally started to mind both David and Rosie at the Platts’ house but became bitter when Gail started to treat her like a servant.

Sally began to find other child-minding clients when she became fully registered, one of which was the son of Joe Broughton, whose wife had recently left him. He started to pester Sally and offered the Websters his cottage in the Lakes for a holiday. He turned up at the cottage and tried to persuade Sally to leave Kevin, saying he was a no-hoper and she deserved better. Sal made the hard decision to stop childminding for him and told Kevin about it. Kevin laid into Joe in the Street and he was never seen again.

Sally fell pregnant again in 1994 and “Lauren” was born in early November. The name “Lauren” didn’t last long as Rosie always called her younger sister Sophie.

Sally decided she’d had enough of being the little woman at home and asked Mike Baldwin for a job at his factory and she began work.

Sally’s mother had a stroke in 1997 and Sally went to Scarborough to look after her. During this time Kevin embarked on an affair with his business partner Natalie Horrocks. When Sally returned to Weatherfield she felt that something was going on and tracked Kevin down to Natalie’s house and found them in bed together. Sally threw Kevin out and he went to stay with Natalie. Sally got mechanic Chris Collins to let her into Natalie’s house, where she turned on the taps and flooded it. Natalie threatened Sally with legal action, which led to the two women brawling on the Street.

Sally had a brief fling with Chris Collins, but by Christmas 1997 the Websters were reunited.

Sally’s mother Elsie died in 1998, leaving Sally with a £50,000 inheritance. Kevin hoped she would use the money to buy Natalie out of the garage but Sally refused, telling him that it was her money and not his. She agreed to a family holiday to Florida but by the time they had returned she’d had enough of Kevin. She embarked on an affair with Greg Kelly. Kevin found about the affair and threw Sally out. She moved into Greg's flat over the Corner Shop and agreed with Kevin on a divorce, but not over the custody of the children.

Greg involved Sally in his bid to force Mike Baldwin out of business, and used her inheritance money as part of his scheme. Greg hit Sally after an argument and she allowed the girls to move back into No.13 with Kevin, whilst she went to stay with Rita Sullivan.

Sally won custody of Rosie and Sophie and briefly rented Number 6, before moving back into No.13 when Kevin disappeared. He came back after 6 weeks having had a breakdown.

In 1999, Sally started a relationship with market trader Danny Hargreaves.

On the eve of Kevin’s wedding to Alison Wakefield, Sally slept with Kevin. She urged Kevin to forget about it and moved Danny into No.13. The pair gave up their market stall and opened up a hardware shop on Victoria Street – D&S Hardware. In 2001 the couple planned to wed, but Kevin became more and more jealous. He vanished, making Sally anxious as to his whereabouts. It later emerged that he had went to stay with his sister Debbie.

Kevin turned up at Sally’s hen-night and said that he still loved her. Sally confessed to Danny that she and Kevin had slept together on the eve of his wedding to Alison, and Danny left the Street.

In 2002, Sally suggested to Kevin that he move back into No.13. It would make financial sense and be good for the girls. Kevin eagerly moved in, but was disappointed that he was made to sleep on the settee. Soon, though, Sally took him back for good and they planned to remarry. During wedding preparations, Sally developed a crush on Alex the decorator, who was doing some work for them. She nearly left Kevin for him. Kevin found out just before the wedding and assured Sal that he would still marry her. Sally did the right thing for her family and said goodbye to Alex and remarried Kevin.

In May 2003, Sally and Kevin were frantic when Rosie went missing for the day. She returned home and told them that she’d been to Birmingham for an audition to be in a new girl band. Surprisingly, Sally decided to support her daughter’s thirst for fame.

By July Sally’s enthusiasm was bordering on obsession, and when Rosie failed to win a role in the school play, the pushy mother went to Weatherfield Comp to tackle the drama teacher. When Sally insisted on sending Rosie to stage school, Kevin and Sophie began to feel increasingly ignored. In 2004 Sally landed Rosie an audition at the prestigious Northern Drama Academy, but on the day of the audition Rosie backed out saying that it was all Sally’s dream and not hers.

At the Weatherfield Comprehensive Parent’s Evening, Sally learnt that Rosie had an aptitude for maths. All that nonsense about stage school went out of the window, as Rosie was (according to Sally) quite clearly a genius. Rosie was enrolled at the expensive Oakhill Private School where she could get the best possible education.

Sally’s obsessive behaviour soon overflowed into Kevin’s working life at the garage, where she took it upon herself to make the place more successful. She introduced name badges for her workers, employee of the month, and even went ahead with a company rebrand and the garage became Websters’ Auto-Centre (even though Sally was dismayed to learn that the apostrophe was in the wrong place!).

Sally felt nervous when the parents of one of Rosie’s classmates invited her and Kevin round for a drink; however she was soon put at ease by the Davenport family. It becomes apparent that the Davenports also own a garage, a chain of garages in fact. Sally was then offered a job at Davenport’s garage.

As 2005 approached, Sally was disgusted when Cilla Brown showed an interest in enrolling her son Chesney at Oakhill.

2005: Sally is hired by new friend Ian Davenport but soon he starts coming on to her and eventually she gives in and starts an affair. She doesn't love him, but enjoys the job and being able to give her family extras. Soon, though, Rosie discovers the truth and rather than have Kevin find out, Sally tries to break it off. Ian won't let go and threatens to tell Kevin himself. Eventually Kevin gets suspicious and though it is never 100% confirmed, he assumes the worst and thumps Ian, thus ostensibly ending the whole Sally/Ian affair.







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