Kevin Webster



Full name: Kevin John Webster
Parents: Bill and Alison Webster
Born: 3 September 1965
Siblings: Debbie


  1. Sally Seddon (8 October 1986; divorced 1999. Remarried 9 December 2002; divorced 2011)
  2. Alison Wakefield (23 January 2000, Weatherfield Register Office. Died 7 June 2001)


  1. Rosie (b: 24 December 1990; m: Sally Webster)
  2. Sophie (b: 4 November 1994; m: Sally Webster)
  3. Jake (b: 5 June 2000; d: 5 June 2000; m: Alison Webster
  4. Jack (b: September 2010; m: Molly Dobbs)

Played by: Michael Le Vell
First appeared: 19 October 1983

Kevin is a mechanic by trade. He worked at MVB Motors until it was taken over by Don Brennan. Don didnt realise the investment that was required, and after a few weeks, the bank called in the receivers. Kevin had to find another job, and now works at the tyre and exhaust place.

Mike had given Kevin first refusal on the garage and he took it: the refusal that is. Sally tried to persuade him to take it, but Kevin doesnt want to have the responsibilities of being a boss. Also, he doesnt know how to run a business. Hes a good mechanic, and just wants to do that, taking pride in his work. The idea of being unemployed was too much for him to handle, although he wasnt out of work for long.

Kevin is very jealous and protective of Sally. Hes always ready to have a go at people if he thinks theyre taking advantage of her. Sally often finds this restrictive, as it stops her from doing things she wants to do. For example, she used to help out at the corner shop when they were short-staffed, but Kevin was always arguing with Maud and Maureen that they worked her too hard.

He thinks Sallys place is to look after him and his children, with his dinner on the table when he gets home. Hes still coming to terms with the fact that Sally has found this too restricting and has recently taken a job at Baldwins factory.

The Websters have a special relationship with Rita Sullivan. She likes Sally and the children and has given them money to help out on a number of occasions. This led to an argument when Kevins father Bill turned up out of the blue. He stayed with them for a while and they lent him £2000 to help him out. He repaid this with something every month, and is now completely clear. However, Rita was upset that they were spending `her money on `a waster. This quarrel is now made up.

While staying with his son, Bill burned their kitchen down while getting their dinner ready. Being a builder, he rebuilt it for them.

New year's Eve, going into the 1999, Kevin met Alison Wakefield. He later married her when she became pregnant, it seemed like a new start. Alison gave birth do baby Jake on June 5, 2000. He contracted an infection and died. She took the newly born baby of Sarah Platt and walked out with her, thinking it was her own baby. She was found near a baby care store on the high street. She gave the baby back to Kevin and then ran out in front of a lorry, dying at the scene. Kevin was distraught, and not long after this, ran back into Sally's arms. He eventually persuaded Sally to have him back and remarry him though it was a close call, Sally having developed an infatuation with Alex the decorator.

In 2003, he was part of a rescue mission, when Richard Hillman drove his car into the Weatherfield canal, with Gail, Sarah-Louise and David Platt all inside. With the help of Tommy Harris and Martin Platt, they rescued Gail, Sarah and David, but Richard drowned.

In 2005, Kevin found Tommy murdered inside the garage. He closed it, and then reopened for business a few days later. Also, he discovered his wife, Sally, was having an affair.







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