Rosie Webster



Full name:
Kevin & Sally Webster
Born: 24 December 1990
Siblings: Sophie (b: 4 November 1994)

Played by:


  1. Emma Collinge (25 December 1990 - 27 December 1999)
  2. Helen Flanagan (23 January 2000 - )

First appeared: 25 December 1990


Rosie was a docile child but after her parents, Kevin and Sally, divorced, she became angry and hard to handle for awhile, even running away when Sally had the children in Scarborough visiting Sally's mother. She went through a phase of bullying at school as well. As she got a bit older, not quite a teen, she decided she wanted to be a pop star so Sally enrolled her in a school to develop her singing and dancing abilities. Her initial debut wasn't too successful and it seemed like she might only now be in it because Sally wants her to be a success at it. Sally insisted that Rosie would enroll at the Northern Drama Academy but in the end, on the day of the audition, Rosie refused to go through with it and after a huge row with her mother, her show business career was at an end.

Soon her mother found a new quest. It seemed Rosie was very good at maths and Sally started a crusade to send her to the exclusive Oak Hill. Rosie was miserable at first but made friends eventually. Unfortunately, she discovered that her mother had an affair with the father of one of her new Oakhill friends and though she didn't say anything to her father, it increased the tension between the two.

She had a crush on David Platt when she was younger and also Craig Harris and later started dating Craig. They decided to become "Goths" and dyed their hair black and started listening to Goth music. They discussed whether they would have sex and Rosie even stole a condom she found in Sally's bag (not realizing at the time that Sally had it because of her affair) but in the end the two decided they weren't ready. Rosie figured out that her mother was having an affair with Ian Davenport, her boss but instead of telling her father, she held it over her mother's head.

After the death of Craig's father, Tommy, Rosie supported Craig but Craig was not really in a place where he could handle having a girlfriend. Rosie said the wrong thing and was summarily dumped. It didn't last long, however, and they finally started a relationship under the watchful eyes of his grandad and Sally and Kevin. They managed to sleep together but when Sally found out, she marched the teenage Rosie down the street to the clinic in front of everyone. Eventually, however, they were accepted as a couple. The Websters took the family to Paris for Sally and Kevin's 20th wedding anniversary and included Craig who was, by this time, pretty much on his own and he and Rosie made plans to run away to Berlin. At the last minute, Rosie got cold feet and didn't get on the train after all.

Rosie did not go to college after her GCSEs and started at Underworld as the PA in the office. She flirted with Liam Connor, making his girlfriend Maria angry. He knocked her back time and again. Then she seduced teacher John Stape who was tutoring Sally for an English A level. She lured him into an ongoing affair even while he was living with Fiz. The affair came out at Christmas when John got the presents mixed up and Fiz opened up a package of very small, very sexy lingerie and Rosie opened up a gift of flannel pyjamas. Kevin was so outraged that he assaulted John who had him arrested. Kevin actually spent a few months in prison as a result.

Rosie's next escapade involved her discovery that her boss Carla was having an affair with Liam, who was married to Maria by this time. She made sure Carla knew and used it to keep her position in the factory secure. She allowed Tony, the other boss, to use her to find out financial information about her father's garage since Tony wanted to buy out the building. She attempted to seduce Tony who wasn't having it but who was very interested when Rosie showed him the video on her phone of Carla and Liam. He was about to marry Carla and soon made plans to have Liam killed!

John Stape returned to try to woo back Fiz but kidnapped Rosie and kept her in his grandmother's house, which he'd inherited because he blamed her for his life going to pot and for losing Fiz. By the time Fiz finally decided to forgive him, she also discovered Rosie in the house. Everyone had thought Rosie had run away and were worried sick. This caused Sally and Kevin to turn on Fiz as well as John who was arrested and jailed.

Rosie lost her job at the factory after revealing to a grieving Maria that Liam was unfaithful (via Sally who had known and had got drunk at Carla and Tony's wedding). She decided she wanted to be a model and ended up in various unflattering photos at times but she pursued her dream and eventually snagged a part in a reality show in London. She left the Street for the big City where she's still hoping to become a celeb.








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