Flick Khan

Full name: Felicity Khan




Played by: Rita Wolf
14 February - 1 August 1990

Flick Khan was a fellow student and close friend of Jenny Bradley. She moved in with Jenny at No7 to share the house and rent, while Rita moved to the flat over the Kabin. Flick had a brief relationship with Mark Casey, who worked with Kevin Webster at MVB Motors. It was more a one-sided affair which ended when Jenny and Flick discovered that a gold chain given to Flick by Mark turn out to be the one lost by a cabbie who had just had his cab repaired by Mark and Kevin. Kevin pressured Mark to return the chain to it rightful owner. Unfortunately for him, Flick had given the chain to a charity shop. Mark had to buy back the chain with money he had borrowed from Sally Webster.

During the summer, Flick's younger sister Joanne arrived at No7 unexpectedly, just as Jenny and Flick were preparing to travel to France on vacation. Their grandmother had fallen ill and their parents had gone to be with her. Before long, Joanne fell for Steve MacDonald from No11. Flick didn't trust Steve and told Joanne she was not to see him. But Joanne had a mind of her own and the pair drove off on Jim McDonald's motorcycle to the Lake District.

Joanne finally came to her senses, left Steve and returned to Weatherfield. As Joanne returned home with her father, Flick and Jenny finally got to leave on their much anticipated holiday to France. While away, Flick fell in love and decided not to return to England. Jenny returned home alone and it wasn't too long before Angie Freeman, a fashion student, moved in to take Flick's place at No7.

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