Nş9 Coronation Street

Address: Nş9 Coronation Street
Phone number:
Current owners:Tyrone Dobbs

Actual location: Granada Studios outdoor set

Ivan Cheveski April 60 - Dec 61

Linda Cheveski April 61 - Dec 61

Paul Cheveski June 61 - Dec 61

Kenneth Barlow Aug 62 - June 68

Valerie Barlow Aug 62 - June 68

Dave Robbins Dec 63 - Jan 64

David Barlow Dec 64 - Jan 65

Susan Barlow April 65 - June 68

Peter Barlow April 65 - June 68

Len Fairclough June 68 - Aug 82

Ray Langton July 68 - Sept 75

Marjorie Griffin Dec 68 - Jan 69

Janice Langton Feb 69 - March 69

Jerry Booth Oct 71 - Nov 75

Alison Wright June 74

Jonathon Wright June 74

Eddie Yeats July 75 - Sept 75

Rita Fairclough April 77 - Feb 80, March 80 - Aug 82

April 1980: Len Fairclough finishes renovating the kitchen and installing a central heating system

August 1981: John Spencer is fostered to the Faircloughs for a month whilst his mother goes into hospital for an operation. He turns up at No9 again after his mother has a row with her latest boyfriend, Bill Sutton. He accuses the Faircloughs of 'enticement' and forbids John to ever come to No9 again.

March 1982: Tomboy Sharon Gaskell is brought round for fostering by the Faircloughs. Despite Len's initial reservations, they get on very well together working in Len's yard.

July 1982: Acting on Sharon's advice, Chalkie Whitely puts in an offer of £10,000 for No9 after finding No7 too expensive. Rita agrees Len firmly says No9 isn't for sale - he needs the profits from No7, but after finding no buyer, Rita goes to see Chalkie and agrees a sale. In the meantime, Len fins a buyer willing to offer £13,750 for No7 and Chalkie is let down again. Len's buyer for No7 can't get a mortgage, and he is forced to offer No9 to Chalkie for the third time, and a sale of £10,000 is finally agreed !

August 1982: The Fairclough's organise a "goodbye No9" party, hoping to spare the decoration in No7, but after a moaning Chalkie complains of food in his carpets, the party turns into a "hello No7" party. Chalkie and his grandson Craig finally move into No9; Craig soon annoys all the neighbours with his drum playing.

November 1982: Bob Whitely, Chalkie's son re-appears and emigrates to Australia with Craig, leaving Chalkie all alone.

July 1983: Chalkie wins £3,543.73 on a five-horse accumulator bet, with the last horse being 'Funny Phyllis'. He decides to retire and emigrate to Australia to join his family. He puts No9 on the market for £10,000.

August 1983: Jack and Vera Duckworth make an offer to rent No9, but Chalkie isn't interested. Next month, to the horror of the other street residents, they manage to scrape together £1,000 deposit, get a mortgage and pay £10,000 for No9. They move in with son Terry, complete with mini-bar and Spanish bullfighting poster and throw a 'Spanish Evening' as a housewarming party.

Amy Burton Nov 87 - March 88

Curly Watts May 89 - March 91

Joss Shackleton Feb 91

Lisa Duckworth May 92 - Dec 92

Cliff Duckworth Dec 94 - Jan 95

June 1995: Jack & Vera are shocked to hear that Cliff and Elsie have been killed in a car crash whilst on holiday in Spain. After the funeral, they leave Cliff's house with a few trinkets and Cliff's camelhair coat, but next month are suspicious when Cliff's solicitor gets in touch - he has left Jack £30,000 in his will ! In the August they look at buying the Corner Shop, but Reg Holdsworth turns down their offer and Vera realises it would be too much hard work. They then set their sights on No6, Des Barnes' house, agree a price and in Septmeber 1995 a For Sale sign goes up outside No9 - Vera is disappointed that it is only valued at £25,000.

October 1995: A young couple, Judy & Gary Mallett, come to view No9 and are very interested - especially with the Duckworth's bar ! They agree £24,000 - but then Des Barnes pulls out of the chain. In the meantime, the brewery put the Rovers up for sale and Bet Gilroy cannot afford to buy it. The Duckworth's end up in a straight fight with Liz & Jim McDonald for the pub, but drop the price of No9 by £1,000 to ensure a sale, and by the end of the month the Rovers is their's. In November 1995 the Duckworths move out and the Malletts are the new owners of No9.

December 1998: Judy gives birth to twins William and Rebecca

September 1999: Vera Duckworth gives Judy a lift in her new car, and has a small accident. Unbeknown to everyone, she develops a thrombosis, which travels to her lungs and within a week she collapses and dies in the yard of No9. A devastated Gary continues living at No9 with the twins.

July 2000: Gary and the twins go on holiday to Blackpool and he meets up with single mum Paula Shipley. They fall in love and the next month Gary decides to sell up and move to Blackpool. Fortutitously, at the same time, Eunice Gee decides to sell her B&B which the Duckworths are now running. Jack makes an offer, and although Gary tries to knock a bit off the asking price, Jack knows he will need all his money - so they agree to buy No9 for £28,500 - as long as Gary leaves the now-famous bar! In October 2000, Gary and the twins move out and Jack and Vera Duckworth once again own No9 Coronation Street. Permanent lodger and second son Tyrone Dobbs and his dog Monica join them.

December 2000: After her overcoming her enforced hospital stay when she donated one of her kidneys to grandson Paul Clayton, Vera comes home to find a new fitted kitchen. (No9 has also mysteriously gained about 10 sq feet of kitchen extension - but no one seems to notice !)

May 2001: As a result of a misunderstanding, Tyrone's girlfriend Maria Sutherland moves into No9 permanently - not just for the odd night as Vera & Jack had intended. Maria and Tyrone eventually break up and Maria moves out.

August 2002: In an attempt to outdo the Jones (or in this case, Doreen Heavey), Vera renames No9 "The Old Rectory". Thinking it's Vera who is defacing No4's nameplate, Doreen changes No9's plate to read "The Old Wreck". Vera paints over it and Number 9 is once again named the Old Rectory

2008: Vera and Jack decide to retire to Blackpool. They arrange to sell the house to Tyrone and Molly but Vera dies. Jack continues the sale and lodges there.

2010: Molly Dobbs dies in the tram crash.

2017: Tyrone Dobbs. Fiz Stape and Hope Stape. Ruby Dobbs.

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