No. 7 Coronation Street

Address: No. 7 Coronation Street
Phone number: 0161 715 8832
Current owners: Maria Connor

Actual location: Granada Studios outdoor set

1960 – 1964 Harry and Lucille Hewitt


Harry Hewitt lived in No 7 all his life.

Harry Hewitt’s daughter, Lucille Hewitt ran away from the orphanage where she had stayed since her mother’s death in 1959. She turned up on the doorstep of No 7 and demanded to spend Christmas with her father, but Harry felt he couldn’t cope with her and Esther Hayes took Lucille in, and persuaded her to return to the orphanage.

1961 – 1964 Concepta Hewitt


Harry’s sister, Alice Burgess, moved in as housekeeper, and Harry’s daughter, Lucille, was now allowed to move from the orphanage and into No 7. After only 2 months, Alice had had enough of Lucille and she packed her bags and left.

Rovers Return barmaid Concepta Riley agreed to Harry’s proposal and they were married in October 1961. Concepta moved into No 7 and set about mothering Lucille.

Concepta hated that fact that she had to use the bed of her husband’s first wife, Lizzie, and was even more annoyed when Harry surprised her by buying new furniture but - couldn’t afford a bed!

1962 – 1964 Christopher Hewitt


Concepta ordered Harry to get rid of his 2 whippets, but he ended up swapping them for a greyhound called ‘Lucky Lolita’. He then spent the week’s housekeeping behind Concepta’s back by entering the dog in a competition and made a large profit when she came in first place. Gambling fever then ensued on the Street.

Later that year, Harry sold Lucky to buy a family saloon car, in an attempt to impress a pregnant Concepta. After a successful purchase, the first private vehicle on the Street stood parked outside No 7.


Life on Coronation Street was unhealthy: the houses were damp and the vast shadow cast from Elliston’s factory cut off most of the light. When Concepta and Harry’s son, Christopher, got a chesty cough, Concepta, who had been brought up in the Irish countryside, suggested that they sold No 7 and moved to Ireland. Lucille didn’t like the idea and Harry took her side. Concepta swore she would leave without them, but eventually agreed to stay.


Concepta’s nagging continued until 1964, when Harry finally gave in and decided to immigrate to Ireland, but the decision was made to leave Lucille in Weatherfield to finish her schooling and she moved into the Rovers as the Walker’s ward.


Lucille Hewitt was devastated when her former home, Number 7, collapsed when a faulty beam gave way. Landlord Wormold took the decision to demolish the house rather than rebuild it, and the council placed a bench in the space it had occupied.

November 1981: Landlord Wormold dies and the remaining freeholds to property in Coronation Street are put up for sale. Len Fairclough buys the freehold to No7 with the intention of building a new house as an investment property.

June 1982: Len finishes the house with some help from Sharon Gaskell and puts it on the market for £14,000. At the end of the month, young Nicky Tilsley manages to get himself locked inside No7 and sparks off a major search.

July 1982: Chalkie Whitely expresses an interest in buying No7, but it's too expensive. Sharon suggests he puts an offer in for No9, enabling Rita and Sharon to move to their dream house. Len refuses to sell No9 as he needs to make a profit from No7, but after a dearth of buyers takes it off the market. The Faircloughs agree to move into No7, and Rita re-offers No9 to Chalkie, just as Mr Slater offers Len £13,500 for No7; Len haggles and agrees £13,750. Mr Slater's building society value No7 at £12,250 and the sale falls through. Len is forced to offer No9 to Chalkie for the third time, and a sale of £10,000 is finally agreed ! Len stubbornly refuses to see any plems with the sale, saying of No7 "I built it, it's too good for anyone else !"

August 1982: The Fairclough's organise a "goodbye No9" party, hoping to spare the decoration in No7, but after a moaning Chalkie complains of food in his carpets, the party turns into a "hello No7" party. Rita, Len and Sharon finally move into No7.


July 1999: Kevin Webster moves out to live with girlfriend Alison Wakefield in the flat above the Rosamund Street bookies.

September 1999: After being thrown out of Aunty Em's No3, Spider Nugent and Toyah Battersby seek refuge with Curly until he gets fed up of them after a fortnight and they are forced to camp on the Red Rec !

September 2000: Emma Taylor moves in with Curly (married Christmas 2000)

December 2001: Ben Watts born to Curly and Emma.

September 1, 2003: Curly, Emma and Ben Watts move to Newcastle. House stays empty for about 6 months.

2004: Blanche Hunt buys Number 7 and moves in with her granddaughter Tracy Barlow (Preston) and Tracy's baby Amy. Later, Blanche rents number 7 to Mike Baldwin's nephew Danny and his wife Frankie, and their children, Jamie and Warren.

2005: Warren moves to Spain. Danny has an affair with Leanne Battersby and when this is discovered, Frankie throws him out.

2006: Frankie moves mechanic Nathan Harding in but he breaks up with her because he thinks she still loves Danny.

2006: Frankie nearly leaves town with step-son Jamie but ends up leaving alone. Jamie lodges in the house which is bought by Liam Connor.

2007: Liam leaves town with Violet and her baby, Dylan.

2008:Liam marries Maria Sutherland. Liam is murdered by Tony Gordon who arranges him to get hit by a car. Maria has just discovered she is pregnant at the time of the accident.

2009: Maria and baby Liam. Tony Gordon is staying with Maria "helping" her out with the pregnancy and then baby and the two of them are growing closer.

2017: Dev Alahan. Aadi and Asha Alahan. Mary Taylor. Erica Holyrod.

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