Phil Jennings

Full name: Philip Smith





Played by: Tommy Boyle
1990 - 29 July 1991

After a spell in jail, Phil Smith changed his name to Jennings, and started to 'legitimise' his business empire.

Jennings ran into Dierdre Barlow when as a councillor, she campaigned against his amusement arcades. He charmed Dierdre and they became lovers - taking her to Paris for New Year 1991, and breaking Ken Barlow's heart in the process. Jennings decided to expand his empire, and stole Alec Gilroy's idea of re-opening the Graffitti Club - initally selling the idea to Bet and Alec as the 'Alphibet Club' (ALec + PHIl + BET).

He then persuaded Dierdre to work as his secretary, and she invested in his business - only to realise that she had been conned. She went to confront Jennings, but he had already fled the country with his wife. The aftermath revealed a small-time crook who had big ideas - his wife lived in a council flat and his flash car was only rented.

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