Sunday 1 January

Hi, and first of all may I wish you all a very Happy New Year - 2018 !!! (you are probably fed up with HNY for 2017 already!). Anyway, this is the first episode of the new year.

We start the year off with a crowd of the regulars in the Rovers joining hands to sing 'Auld Lang Syne', however Roy and Cathy are glaring at each other. In the back yard, Norris and Mary are looking up at the sky at the fireworks. Mary thinks they make a fitting backdrop to her Weatherfield departure. Norris is not so keen on them. They say they will miss each other. Mary's son comes out to join them, but Norris leaves them. He says he doesn't want to pressurise her, but she thinks it is a new chapter in her life.

Back inside, Billy and Todd are talking about new year resolutions. Billy confesses he used to smoke. Steph is watching Luke and Tracy snogging! She asks if they know where Andy is, they don't. Sean brings in Shona. He says he found her on the doorstep.

Over at the Barlows, Peter confesses and apologises to Simon that he and Toyah are a couple. When Simon asks why he didn't mention it before, he says that they wanted to tell everybody together. Peter says that he didn't want to upset Simon's mother. However, Simon threatens to tell Leanne when she returns from Janice's. Peter tells him that she hasn't been at Janice's, but been in hospital. Simon accuses him of telling more lies. He says it is nothing serious, but she could do without stress at the moment. Then Leanne comes in with Nick. Nick is surprised to see them there, but Peter explains Simon wanted to come home, but didn't want to leave him on his own.

Kevin is attending Johnny's car breakdown. Johnny thinks it is time he went for a change of pace.

There is another party, at Johnny's flat where Jenny is. Rita comes in and Jenny rushes over to wish her a Happy New Year. She tells Rita the news that she is moving in with Johnny. They celebrate with a drink. Jenny then introduces her to Hilary, the wife of a client. She says that every year they go to the Bahamas on their yacht, and they invite their favourite clients to join them. Eva looks on jealously.

Steph is in the street looking for Andy. She sees Phelan and asks him if he has seen Andy. He says he hasn't but wishes him a HNY. Phelan then spots Jack, Kevin's lad wandering the street on his own. He says he shouldn't be on his own, but he says he is looking for his Daddy. Phelan offers to take him own, but Jack explains that Anna has hurt herself. They go round to Anna's place.

Steph goes home to find Andy inside. He has packed a bag and is leaving. Steph is annoyed that he hadn't told him. They argue.

Back with the Barlows, Simon asks Leanne how Janice was. She says there is something she needs to tell him. Leanne is about to explain when Toyah butts in that his mother has been in hospital. She says she is fine, just a few pregnancy problems. She apologises to him, and he says it is okay and glad to have her back.

At Anna's as Phelan can't get a reply at the door, he kicks it open. He finds her on the floor, and asks if she is okay, but she just groans. He picks her up and walks with her to the couch. They both suggest that Jack should go upstairs. She then says she wants him to leave. He says he should stay to look after her. He also says he will have to repair the door. Anna says Kevin will sort it out, but Phelan says he can't have Kevin coming home to that.

Steph is arguing with Andy. She says she used to have lads chasing after her, but now she has a boyfriend that wants to run away. She tells him to decide what he wants as she is not spending the rest of her life wondering whether he is going to do another midnight flit. She realises something is going on, and wants him to explain what. All he says is that he thinks she would be better off on her own. He then apologises and says he doesn't know what he was thinking, he didn't want to hurt her. He needs her. They cuddle!

Norris is leaving the Rovers. Liz is surprised that he is leaving so early, and that he is not going to see Mary to her taxi. He doesn't think it will make any difference leaving now or in 5 minutes. He says goodbye to Mary with a cuddle and she reminds him that she is a phone call or a game of on-line scrabble away. The others joke with her about moving to S Africa. Roy says he will perhaps visit one days as he has always wanted to ride the Umgeni steam railway. Her son comes in to say the taxi is outside. Mary tearfully says goodbye to everyone. The regulars move out to the street to see the taxi off. Erica then leads a chorus of "We'll meet again". Mary sobs to herself as she gets into the taxi. Norris is sitting on his staircase, whimpering.

Peter and Toyah return home. She is hoping that Simon will keep their secret. She says that she will tell Leanne the news in a few months time.

Johnny arrives at his party, disheveled and dirty. Aidan gets him a drink, and Jenny says she is going to take him to put some clean clothes on him.

Kevin returns home to find Anna on the couch. Then Phelan appears. Kevin asks why he is there, and he explains there has been a bit of an accident. She explains she fell down the stairs, Phelan says that she ought to be checked out at the hospital, but she has refused. He says he will finish fixing the door and then go. Kevin says he will fix it, but Phelan says he doesn't like leaving a job half-started. Jack then calls, from upstairs, to his dad.

Johnny is clean and tidy and chatting to Rita. She says that it is a long time since she saw Jenny smile the way she is. Rita tells him that Jenny has told her the news. He says he really cares for her. Rita says if he can get happiness into his life he should grab it with both hands.

Billy returns to Eileen's with Shona on his shoulder. Billy tells her to remember the 'house rules'. She says she doesn't do rules and now he should take her to bed. She says that she doesn't expect that he has had an offer like that before! When they go up, Todd looks into her jacket and finds a wallet in there with Kylie's photograph inside.

At Johnny's party, he taps the glass to make an announcement. Jenny didn't think he would make so much fuss. He then announces he has decided to retire. Jenny's face falls. He says he is leaving Aidan to run the business. Eva is pleased but Jenny looks quite upset.

Phelan is finishing off the door. Kevin tells Anna that he tow-truck is on its last legs and he is going to get a new one. The paperwork is in his jacket. Jack calls out again. He says he will take Anna upstairs as well. Phelan says he has finished, and will put his tools away and then go. Kevin asks how much he needs to pay. Phelan says to call it a late Christmas present. As Phelan goes he puts the door onto the catch. When Kevin and Anna go upstairs Phelan slips in again and takes the order out of Kevin's jacket and makes a photo of it with his phone. Put it back into the jacket and leaves.

A knock on Norris' door, and he comes downstairs. He opens it, and it is Mary on the doorstep, saying she couldn't go through with it. Norris asks about her son, and she says he has gone back without her. She says this is her home, everybody she loves is here, how could she leave. Tears of Joy on Norris' face as they hug.

Is this a new future for Norris and Mary? What is Phelan up to with the photographs? Will Simon keep the secret? All will be revealed in the next episodes.

Martin Rosen

Monday 2 January

Written by Jonathan Harvey Directed by Judith Dine

Shona brings the milk but jumps back inside when she sees David come out across the street.

Aidan is sulking and brushing cat fur off his top. Eva is unsympathetic. He plans to go into the factory for a bit to keep an eye on the workers doing overtime. He has big plans for the factory now that his dad is retiring. Eva gets him to confirm that he's still going to the prison with her later to visit Maria, after she does a bit of shopping. She feels guilty and a bit nervous of being in a prison so he says he'll go.

Kevin and Anna come outside. He's still not quite over the shock of seeing Phelan in his house and Anna hurt the night before. She's not bad today, just a bit stiff. He reveals that Sophie's medical bills are twice what he thought they would be and he's taken some money out of the tax account for the garage. Tyrone won't be happy.

Phelan is on the phone to the company that sold Kevin the truck, pretending to be Kevin. He gives them a new mobile number, clearly a new pay as you go phone, and he also changes the delivery address. They want him to confirm by email.

In the cafe, Jenny tells Johnny that Gemma will be moving into the spare room when she moves out and she's excited. Johnny asks Roy about the sale of the cafe. There is some interest, Roy allows. Johnny suggests he and Roy could play some golf. Jenny then tries to be subtle and divert Johnny from the idea of retiring, quoting a magazine article that says it can shorten your life expectancy. Johnny is confident of Aidan's ability, he's proving his father wrong.

Shona packs up her things to leave. Todd confronts her about nicking David's wallet. He lays it on thick, mentioning Kylie's murder and David a single father trying to struggle to get on. Todd has nothing but contempt for Shona who has the grace to look somewhat ashamed. Billy is a bit shocked when Todd accuses her of targeting his family like he targeted David. Todd is all for calling the police. Billy ushers her out, intent on helping her find a place to stay.

Johnny and Jenny leave the cafe, Johnny on the lookout for golf clubs in the sales. Brian arrives as they head out the door. He scolds Simon for not being in school and is reminded it's bank holiday. Roy tells Brian someone is going to come for a viewing. Brian unhappy that Roy is selling up and decides he has to do something about it, apparently because he seems to get an idea and turns around to leave again.

Outside, he sees Cathy walking along and tries to get her to convince Roy not to move away. She wants nothing to do with it. Roy has made his mind up and it's too soon for her to get involved.

Aidan is waiting at the front gates of the prison (which is actually the front gates of the ITV studios, apparently!) waiting for Eva. He's called to find out where she is. She tells him she got stuck in traffic and then the bus she was on broke down. She's on foot but isn't going to get there in time. He tries to get out of the visit but she insists he go in anyway. Well, that didn't work.

Peter comes into the cafe. Toyah is in there as well an they exchange a glance before he goes over to talk to Simon and Nick. Nick is planning a Caribbean holiday for them once the baby is old enough to fly. Simon seems thrilled but Peter feels like the lesser man. He goes to the counter to get his coffee and says a passing hello to Toyah.

Anna and Kevin are in the pub. Kevin has told Tyrone about the money and he's not happy. Phelan comes in and joins them, asking how Anna is. Neither of them is warm and fuzzy at his concern. Kevin gives Phelan money for fixing the back door and insists he take it. Phelan does and he also scoops up Kevin's phone which has slipped out of his pocket onto the bench seat between them.

After the break, Aidan is in the visiting room. Maria comes and asks where Eva is. She lays right into him about not coming to court for her. She reminds him that the last time they saw each other, he was proclaiming his undying love for her. She's cynical and bitter. He tries to divert her by telling her they gave Liam a good Christmas. He does apologize for hurting her. She's hurt because she loved him and believed him. More fool she. He does admit he loves her.

Back in the cafe, Brian is keeping Roy company. Cathy arrives for a cheese and pickle roll. Things are a bit awkward between them. She tells him that Alex has moved into an assisted living flat and is very happy. He had to move out because there really wasn't room with Yasmeen. Cathy has not been successful as yet finding a job but has high hopes. She sits herself down to wait for her sarnie. A short older balding man comes in looking for Roy. Giles Gove. He's the potential cash buyer and wants to look around. Brian is charged with keeping an eye on things.

Billy has brought Shona to a hostel or drop in centre. He establishes with the supervisor that Shona needs a place. She checks and says there's a bed in Crumpsall which is a bit far out, Billy indicates. They argue a bit and we see Shona lurking and then snatching a handbag from a desk. Oy! It's the supervisor's! Billy runs after her but she's vanished.

Toyah asks Liz if there are any shifts going. We find out she was a drugs councilor in Liverpool (I had no idea she'd left for good, just left her husband. Surely she could commute? It's not that far.) Liz says she's fully staffed but will keep her in mind. She asks after Leanne and is told everything is ok at the moment. Peter comes in to join Adam. He nods and says hello to Toyah. Adam's card is declined so Peter hands over some cash to pay for the drinks. (For a solicitor, Adam seems to be awfully short of money) He and Peter talk about Nick and the fancy schmancy holiday he's rubbing Peter's nose in. Toyah defends Nick as "not so bad", much to Peter's amusement. Adam brings up the fact that Peter once owned 50% of Underworld. Peter explains he gave it back to Carla as a good will gesture. Adam is amazed at Peter's stupidity, not getting a penny for it. (he didn't spend a penny for it in the first place, it was Carla's wedding gift)

In the bistro, Steph tells Andy that she's meeting with Robert to ask for her job back. Phelan comes in, Steph greets him cheerfully and then leaves. Phelan hands Andy Kevin's phone. He tells Andy he has another job for him.

The overtime workers are talking about cooking. Sinead suggests Jenny cook Johnny a signature dish like Beth's, tomato soup, tuna, peas which you can serve in versatile ways. Eva comes in and picks up Aidan's laptop from the office for him. Jenny objects but Eva reminds her that after Johnny retires, Aidan will be in charge. Thus the news is out and Sally takes great pleasure in knowing Jenny won't get special privileges anymore, probably the reason Jenny was trying to talk him out of it! Jenny is embarrassed and angry and storms off into the ladies' loos.

Aidan is still at the prison and asks Maria if she'd have told Eva about their relationship had Eva come today. |Seems like she wouldn't He admits he loves them both. She calls him weak. He wants her to tell him what to do. She figures it's simple. She's in prison, Eva's not and already has Aidan in her bed. He suggests he take Maria and Liam on a holiday when she gets out. (he really is clueless, isn't he?) She knows he's trying to buy her off and makes vague threats. She might not keep quiet forever.

Phelan tells Andy he used Kevin's phone to confirm delivery and change the delivery date and place to next week. Andy will pretend to be Kevin and take delivery of the truck. Andy says he's not scared of Phelan but is assured he should be. He makes no impact. Phelan threatens Steph to persuade him. Steph returns just then and says she's got her job back.

Sally comes into the cafe to talk to Roy. She tells him that Mr. Gove is bad news for the cafe. She tells him this man rips people off, might turn the cafe into a gambling arcade, he's all kinds of phobic and Sally wants to make sure Roy knows what kind of man he's dealing with. Behind her, Brian looks as if he's running down the same list of tick boxes in his head as she lists them, probably in the order he's coached her!

Kevin and Anna come out of the pub. Kevin has notices his phone missing. Peter and Adam clap eyes on Johnny and his new golf clubs across the road. It's all right for some! Adam tells Peter he will make sure Peter gets some cash. He's got a plan. Andy comes running up to Kevin and gives him the phone, says he found it by the doorstep. Kevin is pleased. Shona comes around the corner with a wallet. She's putting cash into it and then shoves it through David's letterbox. Inside, David hears the flap and sees his wallet on the floor. Kylie's picture is still inside and there's a 20 pound note in it. He goes outside but doesn't see anyone.

Johnny locks up the office door. Adam and Peter have come in for a word. Adam tells Johnny the factory is rightfully theirs and they're suing for it.


Written by Jonathan Harvey and directed by Judith Dine

Johnny doesn't take too kindly to Adam's assertion that he and Peter were coerced out of their shares in Underworld. Adam says he would be happy to consider a settlement but Johnny says he'll see him in court. As they walk away Adam tells Peter not to worry, it won't get that far, he just wanted to put the wind up Johnny.

Todd bumps into Billy and finds out his worst fears about Shona have been realised. Billy admits she stole the purse of the woman running the hostel and now she's done a runner.

In the Rovers Toyah is propping up the bar and sneaking sideways glances at Peter while making polite conversation with Eva. Eva mentions visiting someone in prison. When Toyah realises she's talking about Maria she tells Eva that she's the "poisonous munchkin" who gave her the reason to leave Weatherfield in the first place. She explains that Maria stole her boyfriend, got pregnant by him then had an abortion. In case Eva's still in doubt Toyah says she wouldn't trust Maria as far as she could throw her. Eva insists Maria's her mate and calls Toyah a bitch but Toyah reminds Eva that she's got a boyfriend and if she was in her shoes she'd watch her back ...

Over at one of the tables Peter is trying to talk some sense into Adam. He doesn't think his get-rich-quick scheme is going to work, especially since the Connors had nothing to do with Underworld at the time Adam was forced to give up his shares.

Jenny is not at all happy at the prospect of Johnny taking retirement. She decides to tackle Aidan to persuade his father to change his mind. But Aidan isn't in the mood and he accuses Jenny of being a gold-digger. She shouts back that Aidan is the one who can't wait to get his hands on Daddy's bank balance.

Phelan goes into the Bistro to see Andy. He asks whether he gave Kevin his phone back then deliberately winds Andy up by referring to "the fragrant Stephanie". Andy tells him to stay away from her but, as we all know, Phelan never does as he's told ...

Sarah is in the cafe with the children when David comes in and throws his wallet down onto the table. Not only has it been returned complete with Kylie's photo he tells her but now there's a £20 note in it whereas before it only contained £10. Billy listens in with interest when he hears that David went back to the bar and saw Shona in there again.

Back in the Rovers Aidan is having a drink with Eva. He tells her that Maria's not in a good place. Toyah can't resist a bitchy comment as she walks past. Eva tells Aidan what Toyah said to her about Maria sleeping with her ex. Aidan is keen to tell Eva that he thinks Maria's losing the plot and says she keeps coming out with the weirdest things. He gets a message from his Dad which reminds Eva to apologise that she let slip to the girls about him taking over the factory.

Across town Billy is on the hunt for Shona and turns up at the bar where he discovers her reputation goes before her. The new barman is on his first shift and he's already been warned about her and tells Billy she's been barred.

Brian goes into the Rovers and starts to talk to Roy about the estate agent who Sally claimed to know really well. Unfortunately she and Brian didn't have time to get their story straight. Sally gets confused, she can't even get the man's name right, and Roy realises he's been duped by the pair of them.

Aidan's gone to the factory to see Johnny and is furious when he hears what Adam is claiming about his shares. But Johnny is more interested in knowing where Aidan was when Adam was throwing his weight around. Aidan admits he went to see Maria and he's worried she's going to tell Eva the truth.

Johnny can't believe how stupid Aidan is being. He's got a lovely girlfriend and is about to take over the business and now he's playing with fire. Aidan insists he'll be able to sort out Adam so Johnny issues him with an ultimatum – if he deals with that problem then he'll believe Aidan is mature enough to take over running the factory. As Jenny peers through the door to see what's going on, Johnny gives Aidan a lecture and tells him to stop sniffing around other girls.

Back in the Rovers Roy confronts Sally and Brian over their lying and he tells Brian he's fed up with him interfering with his life, first the wedding and now this. As a result, Cathy is living with Yasmeen, Alex has had to move into assisted housing and now Roy feels he has to leave as he's ruined everything.

Aidan is in a foul temper and he decides to tackle Adam on the doorstep of Ken's house. Adam tells him he's a good mind to add intimidation to his list of claims against him.

Meanwhile, Phelan is still winding up Andy in the Bistro by casually playing with one of Steph's bracelets. Andy angrily wants to know where he got it from. Phelan toys with him some more and casually wonders what it could be worth. Steph comes in and Phelan swiftly hides the bracelet in his pocket before turning his charm on her.

Billy is on the point of leaving the bar when Shona walks in. She spots Billy and dashes to the ladies but he follows her in and asks why she keeps running away from him.

Back on the street Aidan has gone into the Rovers to calm down. He joins Alya and tells her they might have a problem with the factory and explains about Adam and Peter's claim. She suggests he speaks to a solicitor – she's sure they don't have a leg to stand on. Aidan raises his drink and tells Alya he knew they always see eye to eye.

Billy's talking to Shona and trying to understand why she would steal from one person in order to give money to someone else. She explains she felt sorry for David when she heard his story. Billy decides there must be something good about Shona and, hearing she has nowhere else to go, tells her she can go home with hi

Simon is round at Ken's with Peter who thanks him for not saying anything about Toyah. Simon shrugs and then offers to show Peter the website of where Nick is taking them on holiday. Peter tells Simon he might be coming in to some money soon. He'll be able to buy a big screen telly for the flat and he'll also be able to take him on a nice holiday.

Back in the Bistro Phelan points out to Andy that Eileen is their landlady so he has access to Steph's stuff whenever he wants. Phelan says that if Andy keeps him sweet, he'll make sure his irritating girlfriend stays safe.

Round at Eileen's Billy has arrived home with Shona. He's in the process of finding her something to eat when Todd comes in and can't believe his eyes. It isn't even his house, he says, it's his mum's. Shona knows when she's not wanted and heads out the door, swiftly followed by Billy who seems determined that Shona is vulnerable and needs his help. Todd shakes his head in despair.

Jenny and Johnny arrive in the Rovers. While Rita goes to find them a table, Jenny spots Aidan looking very cosy with Alya. She tells Johnny how rude Aidan was to her earlier when he called her a desperate gold-digger. She adds that perhaps he was out of sorts and reveals that she overheard what Johnny said to him earlier in the factory. Jenny is keen to know exactly who Aidan's been unfaithful with and says there'll be plenty of time for Johnny to tell her all about it when she moves in ...

Jenny goes over to join Rita at the table and notices once again how cosy Aidan and Alya are looking. It seems she may have drawn her own conclusions as to who he's been seeing. Rita has no idea what's going on but she knows what Jenny's like and warns her not to play with fire.


Wednesday 4 January

Jenny and Johnny are walking to work, and she's all excited about moving in with him. Johnny sees Aidan and goes over to talk about 'those two clowns over the road'. Aidan reckons if they call Adam's bluff he'll back off. "I hope you're right," says Johnny, "or we could be in serious trouble."

Eva goes into the bistro where Leanne is chatting with Toyah. She tells them about Adam and Peter's threat to sue Aidan and Johnny over the shares in the factory. Leanne says she would believe anything of Peter. Toyah tries not to look interested.

Over at the Barlow residence, Daniel unwraps a birthday present from Ken, it's an e-reader. It seems to be the only present he's got, the others all make excuses. Peter takes Adam aside and asks if he's heard anything from Aidan, Adam tells him how it all got a bit physical.

Back in the office at Underworld, Aidan is calling his solicitor, asking for advice. Then he goes out onto the factory floor and talks to Alya, a move which doesn't go unnoticed by Jenny. Alya wants to talk about the Vintage range, but Aidan has left the relevant paperwork at home, so he tells her to stop by after work and they can go through it then. Jenny listens to all this with interest.

Robert goes into the pub where Michelle tells Steve and Liz that as they both need stuff from town she's going to give him a lift. She hardly looks at Steve as she walks past, giving a non-committal answer when he asks what time she'll be back. When she's gone, Liz asks him what he's done now, and he tells her they can't agree on a name for the baby. Just then Amy comes in and Steve asks her what he can do to cheer Michelle up, so she suggests a baby shower.

Outside, Sean and Eva are walking down the Street, and they're also talking about a baby shower for Leanne. They meet up with Simon and he thinks it's a good idea too.

Billy comes along the Street and tells Todd that he spent the night in a bus shelter with Shona as he couldn't get her into a hostel. He goes indoors to get a shower and says he'll then try and find her somewhere to stay. When Todd asks what will happen if he can't, he says he'll have to spend another night on the streets with her. Todd isn't happy to hear this and says he'll have a word with Eileen, and Billy hugs him.

Eva has arrived for work behind the bar in the pub, and Liz asks her if she'll ring Toyah to see if she'd like to do a trial shift. Eva doesn't look too happy but agrees. Just then Jenny comes into to the pub and tells Eva that Aidan and Alya are having an affair! Eva is sure Aidan wouldn't do that to her, but Jenny tells her they're at the flat now, so she rushes off, leaving Jenny smirking.

Alya has arrived at the flat for her meeting with Aidan, feeling a little uncomfortable as it used to be her dad's flat. He says he's going to have a wash and goes off to the bathroom, after telling her about Eva's cat. She goes off to the bedroom to look for it, just as Eva comes through the door, crying. Alya comes out of the bedroom just then. "Oh, Eva, hi," she smiles, but Eva isn't happy and lunges at her, just as Aidan comes out of the bathroom with his shirt undone. He tells her that whatever she thinks is going on, she's wrong. "Just let me explain," he says. She tells him it better be good.

Cathy is in the cafe, and asks Roy if the sale is still going ahead, and he tells her it is. Then he spots a coat that someone has left behind and, asking her to keep an eye on things for a few moments, rushes outside. Just then the phone rings, so she answers it.

Back at the flat, Aidan and Alya are explaining how they're going over the contract for the Vintage range, and Aidan tells her that Ben, the solicitor is coming over to sort the problem with Adam Barlow. He didn't want Johnny to know, so he didn't mention it. "Well where is he?" Eva demands to know. "Who?" asks Aidan. "Ben – who do you think!" she snaps. Just then the doorbell rings, it's Ben! Aidan puts him off, and Eva is suitably contrite and apologises. They want to know why she thought they were having an affair and Eva tells them it was down to Jenny.

Todd and Billy have taken Eileen to the bistro to talk to her about letting Shona stay. They assure her it will only be temporary, until she's back on her feet. Eileen eventually agrees and they hug her.

Back at the Barlow's, Daniel tells Ken that he's thinking of applying for an MA, although not sure he can afford it. While Ken hints at helping him, Tracy snaps that he could just get a job, like everyone else. In the kitchen, Peter reads a text from Toyah, asking him to meet her at the flat, so he tells Simon to tell everyone else that he's got to go and help Steve with something, but won't be long.

Aidan, followed by Eva, marches into the factory office and demands to know why Jenny tried to split him and Eva up. She says she only told her the truth. Eva tells her they were having a meeting, and Aidan tells Johnny that Jenny is poisonous. Just then the police arrive, they've had a complaint about a threat to Adam Barlow.

Peter has arrived at the flat to see Toyah. As he kisses her she leans back against the wall and gets covered in wet paint. Laughing, they go off to the shower.

Billy is in the cafe talking to Shona, but she's worried about David. He tells her that David has other things on his mind right now, and this has to be better than sleeping on the streets. As they leave the cafe, Cathy comes back, she wants to talk to Roy alone. She then tells him that it was Sylvia on the phone when he was out, and she told Cathy that he's going to go and stay with her when he sells the business. "So you'd rather be miserable with her than stay here?" she asks him. He tells her that he thinks him staying would be unfair on her and Alex. She tells him that he never showed them anything but kindness, and Alex loves where he's living now, and she knows she'll get a job soon, if he gives her a good reference. She tells him if he's moving because of them, then please don't, she would rather have him in her life as a friend, than not at all.

The police leave Underworld, and Johnny tells Aidan he's a muppet. Aidan says he's not in the mood right now, he's already had to convince Eva he's not having an affair with Alya, all because of Jenny. Johnny tells him she wasn't far off the mark though, she just got the wrong girl. Johnny then tells him he's not going to retire after all.

Outside the cafe, Roy has had the for sale boards taken down, and tells Brian he's not selling after all. He invites Roy and Cathy to the pub, but Roy declines and goes inside. Brian asks if Cathy had anything to do with it, and she tells him she just wants what is best for Roy.

Leanne is trying to get Toyah on the phone, when she arrives back with wet hair, saying she got caught in the rain. Leanne suspects something is going on, so Simon then tells her that Toyah was trying to organise a baby shower as a surprise.

Michelle arrives back at the pub and Liz tells her that they are going to throw her a baby shower on Monday.

Johnny comes in and finds Jenny and tells her that he and Aidan are angry. He asks why she did it, she says she felt sorry for Jenny. He tells her to drop the act, he knows she just wanted to get one over on Aidan. He's cross because he told her what he did in confidence, not for her to use against Aidan. "He's still my son, if someone hurts him do you think I'm just going to sit back and let that happen?" She apologises, but he says right now he doesn't want to be around her, and thinks she should move out.

Anne Logan

Friday 6 January

Jenny is upset and in the Kabin talking about things with Rita. Rita tells her not to blame herself - she thought she was doing the right thing for Eva and she should speak to Johnny.

Gemma comes in after being out all night, asking for some headache tablets. She got lucky, though she can't remember his name. She does remember he had a market stall selling knock-off grundies. She starts to rib Jenny about this but all she does is upset Jenny. Rita says Jenny's moving back in and so Gemma's back on the sofa. Gemma runs off at the mouth and Jenny stomps out, leaving Rita to say she's fond of Gemma but "you make it very hard, sometimes." She tells Gemma that Jenny's been through more in her life than Gemma will ever know, so she doesn't need Gemma making it worse.

The factory staff are out in the cold, which Fiz tells her local councilor has to be a breach of their human rights. Jenny arrives and she and Alya glare at each other. Jenny tries to apologise but Alya tells her to drop it. Johnny arrives in a foul mood and tells them to get to work. Oh, and whatever they've heard about his retirement they can forget. Jenny tells him she'll fetch all her things from his flat on her break. Aidan wants a word but Johnny tells him it'll have to be later.

Rana is busy staving off Zeedan's suggestion about getting jiggy later. She's very grumpy because she can't find the coffee. Yasmeen comes in and tells her she got decaf - she's heard that caffeine doesn't help conception. Rana snaps that that's not proven and stomps off to work.

Michelle tells Liz she's organising a baby shower, not the cup final. Sarah comes in and they mention "baby shower" to her - Sarah says she already knows. She got a text from Toyah. There's a bit of confusion and Sarah says she's talking about Leanne's baby shower on Monday night. Liz is furious. It's the same night as hers. . .er. . . Michelle's. Michelle says they can always postpone it.

Billy sees Rita and Jenny in the street and offers to help carrying things but they've got the last of Jenny's stuff. Jenny goes to see Johnny outside the factory and tries to apologise. He rages at her, all of which Gemma sees from the doorway to Rita's flat. Jenny's in tears when Johnny goes and spots Gemma, telling her, "Go on, have a good laugh."

In the Bistro, Steph suggests to Robert that he should go and have a drink with the customer who fancies him. He doesn't think it's a good idea.

Toyah and Leanne are there, discussing the baby shower arrangements with Nick. Eva comes in and finds out what's going on. She's furious because a baby shower was her idea and she's been talking to Sean about the arrangements. Toyah is unapologetic. She says she didn't mention it because it was a secret. Leanne says maybe they can do it together.

Gemma rings Johnny in a fake voice to offer him a business opportunity.

In the factory, Sally asks Aidan if the other Mr Connor is all right. He suggests Jenny might be the reason Johnny is grumpy and Sally smirks. Aidan goes into the office and asks Johnny what his position is now that Johnny's changed his mind about retiring. They argue and Aidan says he's going to set up his own company in opposition, making Underworld look like the tatty, back-street operation it is. He says Johnny is past it and walks out.

Leanne had a message from Eva and goes to see her in the Rovers. Eva says they need to sort out the baby shower arrangements - who's coming, food, drink, party games. Leanne and Toyah exchange glances. Liz comes out and has a go at Toyah for arranging a baby shower for the same night as Michelle's and says she supposes she did that when she was supposed to be working a trial shift at the Rovers. Toyah says she didn't even know about the trial shift. Liz says she told Eva to tell her. Toyah says she didn't.

Johnny goes into the Bistro. He doesn't want to sit with Aidan, who's at another table working on his own business plan, because he says he's meeting a new client. Michelle comes in to return Robert's organ donor card which she found in the car after giving him a lift. "So, which organ are you thinking of donating?" she asks in a flirty voice.

Sally asks Fiz and then Alya whether they know anything about Johnny changing his mind. She's also got her eye on moving into the office. Gemma comes in to see Jenny and tells her to get over to the Bistro, pronto. She tells her about the fake client. "Why would you do something like that?" Jenny demands. Gemma says the idea is that Jenny should rock up, sit down, they'd make up. . . Jenny tells Gemma to stay out of her business.

Billy goes to Eileen's and finds Shona rootling through the drawers. She's looking for a fuse because the vacuum's died (personally, I don't know anyone who would change a fuse in a vacuum cleaner). She realises Billy thought she was looking for something to steal. He suggests she try for a job at the cafe but she's reluctant to leave the house in case she sees David. Billy says she's got to be pragmatic.

Back at the Bistro, Michelle and Robert are definitely having a flirty conversation and Zeedan notices, but Steph tells him they can't be - Michelle's pregnant. Michelle and Robert talk about the baby shower and the arguments and he says they should have the showers together. Behind them, Johnny looks at his watch. Steph comes over tells Robert he should really be on a date with the customer and Michelle tells him to go.

Jenny comes in and goes to Johnny's table. She tells him she really did think she was doing the right thing telling Eva. "For who?" he asks. "For Eva or yourself?" He says he doesn't have time to hear her out because she's meeting someone, so Jenny tells him the client is fake. It was a trick to get him there. Now he's REALLY angry and she doesn't get a chance to explain that it was Gemma's trick. He tells her he doesn't want her anywhere near him and she should clean out her locker. He'll pay her till the end of the month. Jenny leaves and Aidan comes over. "So much for your big client." Johnny says the worst thing is that he really loved Jenny. Aidan opens his folder to show blank pages where he draft business plan should be. "Fancy a beer?" Johnny nods.

When Leanne's left the pub, Toyah confronts Eva about the trial shift and Eva gasps and says she forgot. "Don't give me that, you lying cow," says Toyah. Leanne comes back in time to see this and tells them off. "I really don't need this and so much for the doctor saying I should avoid unnecessary stress!" She flees, close to tears.

Yasmeen meets Rana in the street and hands over an ovulation kit she's bought for her.

Johnny and Aidan walk out of the Bistro together. Aidan feels he needs to move on so Johnny makes him an offer. Things stay as they are and if Aidan proves he's up to it, then Johnny will be step down, leaving the business to Aidan. Gemma comes out to see Johnny and asks whether Jenny came to see him. Johnny realises it was Gemma who made the fake phone call. She apologises and says, "Jenny's gutted that you binned her. I was just trying to make it right." Johnny looks contrite.

In the cafe, Alya bumps into Rana, who drops stuff on the floor. Leanne's in another corner raging at Nick about the baby shower stuff, Toyah, Liz, Michelle, Eva. . . Nick says she should just leave Toyah and Eva to it. They'll be mates in a couple of weeks. Michelle comes in and Leanne suggests to her they could have a joint baby shower. "It seems a bit daft to keep avoiding each other."

Rana tells Alya she's not ready for a family but it's all Zeedan talks about.

Johnny goes to talk to Jenny as she clears her locker. He tells her he just saw Gemma and asks why Jenny didn't tell him it was Gemma's doing. Jenny points out it's clear Johnny doesn't trust her. He tells her to put her stuff back. In the background, Sally watches. Jenny says she can't keep working here because whatever he might think, she did love him. "Same," he says. Jenny drops something and he gets down to pick it up. Then, as Aidan comes out of the office, Johnny says: "Seeing as I'm down here, Jenny Bradley, will you marry me?"


The end.
Margaret Carr

I bring you this update on behalf of Richard who, all being well, is currently enjoying a rest and a lot more sunshine than we have in the UK right now. So, without further ado, here is what has been happening on the cobbles.

Tonight's second episode was written by Damon Alexis-Rochefort and directed by Judith Dine

Johnny waits on bended knee for a response from Jenny. She's in total shock at this sudden turn of events but she soon recovers, flings her arms round Johnny and says of course she'll marry him. Everyone apart from Aidan seems delighted but that's probably because Johnny has given Fiz a fifty pound note to go and buy Champagne. Aidan pulls his dad into the office for a word. Johnny tells him that he still plans to retire once he feels Aidan's up to the job but he doesn't want to be on his own when he does.

Billy goes into the cafe with Shona to ask Roy about the job vacancy. Leanne and Michelle are rekindling their friendship at one the tables. Michelle persuades Leanne that they should have a joint baby shower. Since neither of them can drink, at least they can enjoy the entertainment of watching Liz, Toyah and Eva fighting it out over the arrangements laughs Michelle. At another table Alya is advising Rana that she needs to talk to Zee. She tells her friend that he may want babies but he wants them with her and she should tell him how she feels.

Meanwhile in the Rovers Eva and Toyah are already arguing about Leanne's baby shower. Sarah suggests that what would make Leanne happiest is if the two of them could try to get on. They reluctantly agree to call a truce although there's clearly no love lost between them as far as Eva's concerned.

Todd returns home after a fruitless search for a job but Eileen's having none of it. He needs to pay his way and, like it or not, he has to do something. There's a job going at Roy's and she tells him to go straight round to the cafe.

With Leanne and Nick out shopping and Si at football, Peter decides to grab the opportunity to go round to see Toyah. They waste no time in making the most of being alone and start kissing passionately just inside the front door.

Steph's friend Peggy arrives in the Bistro for her date with Robert although Steph seems a lot more excited about the prospect than he does.

Over in the Bistro the factory girls are celebrating Jenny and Johnny's engagement, along with Gemma and Rita. Gemma declares she played putrid. "Cupid," corrects Rita. Eva mutters she was right the first time. Rita marks Johnny's card and tells him that if he messes Jenny around he'll have her to answer to.

Eva can't believe it, one minute Johnny's dumped Jenny and the next he's marrying her. She looks even more askance when Jenny comes over and asks Aidan if they can bury the hatchet. He shakes her hand and gives Eva a resigned shrug.

In the cafe Roy is giving Shona a run down on the various ways to cook eggs. Todd comes in and Billy asks if he wants to go and have a drink to celebrate Shona's new job. Todd declines – he has to go and start sending out his cv.

Simon arrives back from football practice to find Toyah and Peter in Nick's flat. He's really upset that he's going to have to keep lying to cover up their dirty secret. He tells his dad to leave and refuses to talk to Toyah.

In the Bistro Andy and Steph are watching Robert and Peggy from behind the bar. The date seems to be going well and Robert agrees to Peggy's suggestion that they should go on somewhere else. Rana comes in for a word with Zee. He asks her to wait for half an hour but adds that she looks beautiful, as always.

Nick and Leanne arrive home from their shopping trip. Si tells them that he came home early from football practice as one of the floodlights blew up. As he sits down, Simon spots Peter's cigarette packet lying on the table. He tries to slip it in his pocket but not before Nick notices. He taps Simon on the shoulder and insists he shows him what he's hiding. "Are those yours?" asks Leanne.

Toyah tries to claim the cigarettes are hers but Leanne isn't having any of it. She tells Simon he's grounded for a week and she's confiscating his drone. Si shoots a filthy look at Toyah.

As Peggy and Robert leave the Bistro she spots the Rovers and suggests they could go on there. Robert's reluctant to go somewhere quite so close to home. Peggy suggests going into town instead and goes to kiss Robert. He stops her and admits the problem is that there's someone else. Not that anything's happened yet, he explains. Peggy realises she's wasting her time and leaves.

We go back to Leanne and Simon. She's giving him a lecture about the dangers of smoking. He swears he was only looking after the cigarettes for a lad from school and he'll never ever smoke again. Simon is so upset by what's happened that Leanne is convinced that he's genuinely sorry and relents. She tells him that he can go and have a kick around outside, seeing as football practice was canceled.

Todd's bemoaning the fact that he missed out on the job at Roy's when Billy comes home with some good news – he's been given back his old parish. Todd can't see what's good about it, he'll never be allowed to live at the vicarage. No problem says Billy, the bishop says he can live out. So it looks like Eileen has a houseful for the foreseeable future.

Zee finally gets time out of the kitchen to have a chat with Rana. He mentions that Andy has randomly decided to do a stock take later. But Rana has much more important matters to discuss. She comes clean and admits that she doesn't want to start a family straight away and wants time to enjoy just being married first. Zee says he's a bit disappointed but he quite understands. He thanks Rana for being honest and gives her a big hug. She tells Zee it's Alya he should be thanking as she was the one who persuaded Rana to talk to him.

Back in the Rovers the engagement celebrations are continuing and the factory girls are making the most of the free Champagne. Peggy has gone in for a drink with Steph and is telling her about the date with Robert. Steph's intrigued and asks Michelle if she knows whether Robert is seeing someone. Michelle looks slightly alarmed when Peggy explains that Robert didn't actually say that, he just said he had feelings for someone.

Aidan proposes a toast to Johnny and Jenny. Eva can't understand why Aidan couldn't stand Jenny yesterday whereas today he's practically calling her mummy. Aidan reminds Eva of the saying - keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Toyah finds Simon playing with his football out in the street. She tries to say sorry for what happened but Simon is really upset. He tells her that just as things were finally getting better between him and Leanne she now thinks Simon's been lying to her. Toyah promises to try and explain to Leanne but Simon continues to be furious with her. Eva watches from across the street and hears Simon shout that Toyah is a liar and to keep away from him. Simon runs off in the direction of the ginnel and Eva goes to find him. At first he won't say what's wrong but Eva persists and Simon eventually tells her about Peter's cigarettes and the fact that he and Toyah have been seeing each other for months.


Monday 9 January

Written by Damon Alexis-Rochefort Directed by Tony Prescott

Andy has to pick up the tow truck tomorrow (Wednesday). He tries to get out of it but Phelan isn't having any of it. Andy lurks around the garage hoping to get his hands on a pair of overalls. Steph notices that Andy is in a stroppy mood.

Dev's bills are mounting up due to Sharif losing gym money to Phelan's scam. Zeedan and Rana promise to pay it back but it won't be soon enough and Dev's stress levels are high. Rana offers her and Zee's services to work some shifts at the gym to help out. Dev accepts graciously. Zee is still blanking Alya, however. Zeedan later asks Robert if he can get some time off to work at the gym when they aren't busy in the restaurant and is given permission after Robert does a credible impression of the Godfather! "A man should always pay his grandad's debts!" A little later, Zeedan sees Alya on the street and does go and speak to her, to thank her for intervening with Rana and encouraging her to tell him the truth about not starting a family straight away. Things are still a bit awkward but perhaps there's a thaw? He heads out and Alya and Rana go to the Bistro for a drink.

Beth is off nursing her mother who fell down an escalator. She broke quite a few bones but it would have been worse if she hadn't been all padded up by clothes she'd shoplifted! Kirk is feeling down because it's their sort of anniversary, the anniversary of the day she committed bigamy anyway. He then tells Ches and Sinead that he and Beth would play a game where they'd go into town and pretend not to know each other in a bar. Kirk would chat up Beth though they would use different names, but it never worked very well because he'd then feel guilty about cheating on Beth! Sinead offers that they should take Kirk out tonight, maybe out to the Northern Quarter. It looks like the last thing Chesney wants to do. Dev later tells Chesney and Gemma that takings at the kebab shop are up. Gemma tells Chesney about the baby shower invite and he snaps up the opportunity to swap shifts with her. Now he doesn't have to go out on the town with Sinead and Kirk! Gemma goes off, happy as Larry just as Sinead comes in and finds out her date has dumped her. She's disappointed but Chesney urges her to go out anyway and have a good time. He looks like he's had a reprieve from the guillotine.

The garage lads are worried about their jobs due to Kevin taking money from the tax account. Tyrone makes out that it isn't a big deal. Tyrone has come up with an idea to bring in some extra cash, custom valeting. They do the valeting but only when they service a motor but maybe they could offer the service for a fee independently. Luke and Freddie think it's a good idea. Will Kevin? Andy pops round on his way to the laundry with the restaurant aprons. He jokes that he can take their overalls. He doesn't get far and leaves again. Phelan comes out of the shop and gives him the eye across the road.

Aidan offers to have a word with Simon about smoking. Leanne reckons she was stern enough with him. Eva's face is in a knot. We know why but Leanne doesn't. She's looking forward to the baby shower later, and Eva's not happy to hear her say how hard Toyah has been working on it. Later we hear Liz say that neither Eva nor Toyah has been all that helpful. Everyone is looking forward to the shower in the pub! Eva sees Toyah deliberately not take one of her calls and follows her into the corner shop where she's talking about shower games with Gemma. Leanne shows up and invites Gemma along as well. Gemma looks well chuffed. Eva and Toyah are going over more plans with Liz including milky white cocktails they can drink out of baby bottles. Eva and Toyah bicker, with Eva warning Toyah off but not telling her why. Sounds like the sort-of sibling battle lines have been drawn.

Robert's date with Steph's friend did not go well, you may recall. He tells Steph they just weren't compatible. He also has a tray of canape samples for the shower and decides to take them to the pub himself for Michelle to approve rather than send someone else. Michelle approves. She then grills him about the date, having seen Peggy and Steph in the pub after. He tells Michelle Peggy was too "up for it" and he's not really up for a drunken "bunk up". This kind of throws Michelle off. So it sounds like he really does have eyes for someone else. He realizes how it sounded and makes excuses to go back to sort out the food for the shower, leaving Michelle wondering. Later, Eva arrives to pick up the food rather than giving Robert another opportunity to deliver it.

The boozy shower gets under way. Rules are, you have to down a shot every time you say the word "baby". Audrey gets tricked into it straight away. Gemma comes in, still smelling of onions. Audrey tactfully sprays herself with perfume with a judicious squirt over her shoulder in Gemma's direction. Spirits are high and people are having fun already. Robert ducks in to have a word with Michelle who looks uncomfortable. They go into the back room. He has come on the excuse that she seemed a bit off with him earlier. She lists all the things she had on her plate that day but then asks him to sit down. She broaches the subject. Does he have feelings for her? She's put two and two together, she heard Peggy tell Steph that Robert fancied someone that was just a mate and the two of them had been spending time together lately, so is it her? Guess what? He actually admits it. He has fallen in love with her but knows nothing can happen. He's feeling a bit embarrassed and realizes it's impossible. He'll get over it. He backs out, but hopes they can still be mates.

In the pub, Eva loses a drinking game out of the baby bottles against Toyah, complaining that the drink is far too strong, accusing her of spiking it. Audrey is well into her cups, saying "baby" on purpose now and downing shots. Michelle makes an excuse to Leanne for why Robert was there and then looks uncomfortable all of a sudden. But just then, a man comes jumping out from the back. It's a stripper, dressed as a baby. Amy is sent up to her bedroom. Leanne notices Michelle looking a bit odd but Michelle says it's nothing. A bit nearer the end of the stripper's act, Eva follows Toyah to the ladies'. Leanne is about to follow them, anticipating trouble when she sees Michelle in obvious distress. Michelle thinks something's wrong. Leanne takes her into the back, telling Sean to cover for them as Michelle isn't feeling great.

In the loo, Eva is waiting for Toyah to emerge from a cubicle. She accuses Toyah of getting Simon to lie for her and then reveals she knows about Toyah and Peter. She threatens to tell everyone if Toyah doesn't admit it.

Michelle is shaking. She tells Leanne there's fluid leaking so Leanne offers to take her to the hospital. She doesn't want Steve to know because it'll worry him but she's terrified she's losing the baby.


Written by Susan Oudot and directed by Tony Prescott

If it's to be judged on the level of inebriation, the baby shower has been a huge success. So much so that it takes everyone some while to realise Michelle and Leanne haven't returned. Sean has a quiet word with Liz who hurries off to call Steve, leaving Sean in charge of the drinks.

Out in the Ladies' Eva is confronting Toyah about her affair with Peter. Toyah tries to explain the need for secrecy and not wanting to upset Leanne before the baby's born but Eva's more concerned about the way Toyah has betrayed her own sister. Toyah warns Eva that if she cares about Leanne at all she should keep it to herself. Eva retorts that would make her just as bad as Toyah.

Leanne and Michelle wait anxiously in the hospital. The nurse tells Michelle they'll run some tests and take her for a scan. Leanne tries to reassure her that everything will be fine but their faces both tell a different story.

Eva returns to the bar and asks where Leanne is. Fiz says she's gone to the Bistro and adds she knows the service there is really slow but … Steph glowers at her. Liz tells everyone what's really happened and Audrey says they all hope that mum and baby are doing well. In an aside to Eva, Toyah says mum and baby will do just fine so long as nobody does anything to upset them.

Round at the garage Tyrone has erected a homemade sign offering to do valet services. Kev is seriously unimpressed. Ty tells him that at least he had an idea but Kevin is in a foul mood.

We return to the hospital where Michelle is getting steadily more upset. She doesn't think she can feel the baby moving. Leanne tries to calm her down and tells her to breathe. Michelle is wheeled off for her scan. Leanne calls Nick in tears to tell him what's happened. Steve arrives and Leanne points him in the direction of Michelle.

Back in the Rovers the baby shower is finally over and Gemma is giving Sean a lesson on how to hide bottles of vodka down a pair of 'fat pants' so you can have a "bangin' night out" on a shoestring. Sean serves Chesney who's come in for some change just as Sinead and Kirk arrive. Sinead's eyes light up – she changed her mind about going out but she'll change it back again if he can join them. Sorry, says Ches, he's working and he heads back to the kebab shop.

Aidan's consulting his solicitor over a drink. He's being advised that fighting Peter and Adam's claim will cost him a small fortune, even if it's successful. The two men in question come into the Rovers. The solicitor tells Aidan he didn't do himself any favours by threatening Adam and he thinks his best bet may be to pay him off.

Sinead and Kirk have joined Gemma for a drink. Sinead says she wishes Ches was with them. Bless him, says Gemma, Ches is a keeper and adds that not many people would do what he did by taking her shift so she could go out for the night. Sinead looks thunderous as she realises what Ches has done.

Michelle can't bear to look at the screen as the radiographer scans her tummy. "Come on little man'" urges Steve as he grasps Michelle's hand. Suddenly we hear the distinctive sound of a baby's heartbeat and Michelle sobs with relief. She asks what will happen now. The radiographer explains that Michelle has lost a small amount of amniotic fluid so there's a risk of infection. They'll keep her in for 48 hours on antibiotics and keep an eye on things. "See, everything's going to be alright," reassures Steve.

At the garage they're finishing work for the night. Freddie and Luke ask Ty if everything's OK as they're worried about their jobs and Kevin seems very distracted. Ty tells them Kevin's just worried about Sophie. We see Andy peering out from around the corner. In the office Kevin is giving short shrift to a customer who is late paying an invoice. Ty comes in and confronts Kevin. He wants to know what the score is as he's having to lie to Freddie and Luke. Kevin admits he's had to take out £14,000 to pay Sophie's medical bills. Ty can't believe it – why are they investing in a new truck in that case? Kevin explains they can't run the business without it. They start to row and Kevin reminds Ty how he dipped into the petty cash to help his kids last year. "I wouldn't mind but Hope isn't even yours," he adds and then instantly regrets it. Ty retorts it isn't the first time he's raised a kid that isn't his. He throws his keys onto the floor and tells Kevin to lock up. While the two men are distracted Andy sneaks in and takes the bag of overalls. He makes a call to Phelan and tells him it's all sorted - game on.

Adam and Peter come out of the Rovers in high spirits. Peter is so convinced their scheme to get money out of Aidan is going to work that when he spots Nick and Si on the other side of the street he hurries across to tell Si that he's going to put a deposit on the holiday he promised him.

Audrey and Sarah are in the Bistro discussing Michelle. Nick appears very distracted when they ask whether Leanne is back from the hospital yet and Robert seems to be taking particular interest in Michelle's welfare.

Gemma comes waddling into the Rovers. This is on account of the fact she's loaded up her 'fat pants' with bottles of vodka ready for her night out. Sinead is drowning her sorrows in a bottle of white wine. Kirk suggests a game of darts which isn't exactly the way Sinead planned to spend her anniversary.

Aidan is also trying to drink away his problems. He tells Eva how he's about to have to pay so much money over to the Barlow Bully Boys that he may end up losing the factory, along with everyone's jobs. Eva says there must be something he can do. Aidan tells her to let him know if she thinks of anything.

Nick arrives home to find Leanne lost in thought and close to tears. He asks after Michelle then wants to know whether Steve said anything. Nick asks what will happen if Michelle loses the baby. Leanne says they should hope for her sake that she doesn't as she collapses into Nick's arms and the floodgates open.

Chesney is in the middle of serving Daniel a kebab when Sinead staggers in, more than a little worse for wear. As Daniel stands by awkwardly, Sinead gives it to Chesney with both barrels. He tells her he doesn't like going out with her when she drinks as it's embarrassing. "No, this is embarrassing," replies Sinead, picking up a bottle of ketchup and squirting it liberally all over Chesney. Daniel smirks to himself.

Liz has been waiting by the phone for news and is relieved when Steve rings to tell her that everything's OK and that they're just keeping Michelle in for 48 hours to make sure. But when Steve goes back to check on Michelle she's lying on her side, staring at the wall. She clearly doesn't share the doctors' confidence.

Back on the street, Eva decides to pay Peter a visit. She tells him that she knows all about his affair with Toyah and says that if he doesn't withdraw his claim against Aidan, she will share the news with Leanne. Peter can't believe she'd risk upsetting Leanne, knowing how this could affect the baby. He tells Eva that Leanne would never forgive her but Eva retorts that he and Toyah are the people she'd never forgive.

We return to the hospital where Peter is lying on the bed with Michelle and comforting her. She tells him how great Leanne was with her today. Steve changes the subject and says how happy the three of them will be – him, Michelle and little Ruairi. "But you said …," begins Michelle, remembering Steve hated the name. But Steve wants to do anything to make Michelle happy right now and tells her that in four months time, when the baby's born, if he looks more like a Henry they can have a rethink. Steve tells Michelle that no matter what little Ruairi turns out like, they're going to love him to bits. He says that from now on he's not going to let Michelle lift a finger and to prove a point, goes off to fetch them a brew. The moment she's on her own, Michelle rubs her tummy protectively. "Please just hang on there," she cries.


Wednesday 11 January

Steve and Liz are in the back room of the pub, trying to sort out a work rota that doesn't involve Michelle. Leanne comes in, asking, rather awkwardly, if Michelle and the baby are ok. Steve thanks her for looking after Michelle.

Sinead sees Daniel in the cafe and apologises for her behaviour the night before. He says it's fine.

Andy is sitting with Phelan, and he agrees, reluctantly, to take delivery of the new truck. Phelan gives him a driving licence in Kevin's name, with his own photo on. Andy tells him that Kevin is a decent bloke, and asks what he's done to prompt Pat to do this to him. Phelan replies that he doesn't like being disrespected.

Over at the gym, the bailiffs are removing the goods and chattels, despite Dev's protests. Zeedan and Rana come along, and Zeedan tells the men that he'll go and get some money, he tells Dev not to let them leave, and rushes off.

Over in the hospital, Michelle is suddenly doubled over in pain. She sits on her bed, clutching her tummy and gasping.

Peter and Toyah are in the ginnel, he tells her that Eva is threatening to tell Leanne about them unless he and Adam withdraw their claim on the factory. Peter reckons she's bluffing, he really needs the money, but Toyah says she would never forgive herself if anything happened to Leanne and the baby, and she has to come first. In the end he agrees.

Steve is just about to leave to visit Michelle when she rings him, sobbing that her waters have broken, it's too early and she's scared. He puts down the flowers he was going to take and rushes off.

Zeedan marches into the factory, he wants the machine that Alya bought with money that Sharif took from the gym. Eva and the other girls stop him, and Alya takes him into the office to talk. Once inside, she gets angry and says he's embarrassed her in front of everyone. He can't believe that's all she's worried about, after what she's done. She says she lies awake at night thinking about all that's happened, and he tells her that's what comes from betraying people. She asks when he'll ever forgive her, and he tells her he can't believe he ever thought he could. "We're family!" she wails, but he tells her she's not his family, and marches out.

In the hospital, Steve is at Michelle's bedside when the doctor comes in and tells her she's in labour. Michelle is only 23 weeks pregnant and it's too early. "You can stop it?" she begs the doctor, but is told it's not possible. She is also told that it's hospital policy not to intervene if the baby doesn't breathe when he's born. Michelle is distraught, and Steve asks what happens if he does breathe. He's told that they will do all they can for him.

Dev goes over to the kebab shop and hands Chesney his car keys. "If anyone asks they're yours, ok?" he says, and walks away again leaving Chesney looking mystified. Just then Daniel comes in, looking for his book, he says. Then Sinead walks in behind him, so he decides to order some chips and stands listening when Sinead apologises to Chesney, and tells him she shouldn't drink, she just makes a fool of herself. He tells her that he shouldn't have lied to her and gives her a quick hug, and then she leaves. Gemma then remarks that she's had more passion off her Auntie Vi. She tells him the only good thing about a row is the making up, but Chesney reminds her they're in the middle of a kebab shop. "Anyway," says Chesney, "me and Sinead have been together far too long for all that."

Back in the maternity ward, with the sound of crying babies in her ears, Michelle is weeping, saying she's a rubbish mum, she was supposed to take care of him. Steve wants her to be moved, but is told they can't move her now. "We'll see about that," he says.

Andy is waiting for the delivery of Kevin's truck when Steph phones him. She says that Pat is there with her, saying there's a problem with the radiators. She puts him on the phone and in a very veiled way Pat threatens him with an 'accident' to Steph. After he's hung up, the truck arrives and the driver asks if he's Kevin Webster. Andy just nods and signs the paperwork.

Steve finds the doctor and asks why Michelle is being kept in a ward full of newborn babies, it's upsetting and cruel. The doctor says that is the best place for her, as they need to keep an eye on her.

Andy has driven the truck to a place where he hands the keys over to a guy and gets a bag of money in return.

Peter finds Aidan in the pub and tells him he's dropping his claim, but doesn't know about Adam. Just then Adam comes in and gets very angry when he realises what Peter has done.

Liz sees Leanne in the Street and tells her how Michelle's waters have broken. Leanne is shocked. "She's not far enough along, is she?" she asks. Liz agrees that she's not.

Simon starts talking to Peter about the new tv and the foreign holiday they've been talking about. Peter tells him that he's not going to get the money he thought was coming his way. Simon remembers a really good holiday they had a Portsmouth and says they should go there again.

Back in the hospital, Michelle is giving birth with much weeping and wailing. The baby is taken aside and Steve asks if he's breathing. "He's not, I'm so sorry," says a nurse. Then they hand him over to Michelle who holds him wailing that she's so sorry. It's heartbreaking.

Back in the pub, Liz lights a candle. Then we see Leanne in her flat, crying.

In the hospital, Michelle and Steve are looking at their baby, talking about their loss. She says her heart is actually breaking, and wonders what she'll say to people who ask how many kids she's got. She decides she can't pretend he never existed. "He's my son, he's my son," she says.

Anne Logan

Friday 13 January


Here we go with the first Friday episode, which is dedicated to everyone, everywhere who has ever lost a baby at whatever stage of life.

Michelle's just finding out what that's like as she sits on the hospital bed, clutching her belly and staring at an empty bassinet. Steve comes in and tells her they're bringing the baby in soon. Liz is at home. She's clearly been crying a lot but she starts to put on her make-up.

Sinead and Chesney talk outside their front door. They've arranged to meet for half an hour at dinner. He says it's worth it if it takes her mind off the Friday the 13th weirdoes.

Over at the garage there's a big row between Kevin and Tyrone because Ty has accidentally reversed a Fiesta over The Stapler. Fiz arrives at the end of it with Ty's butties just as Kevin stomps off. He tells Freddie that if the truck sales company calls about the tow-wagon he should get them to call his mobile. Then he gets in the car and drives off to the shops to get a new stapler. Yep, that's right. The car's parked outside the Kabin and he's driving somewhere to get a new stapler. I hope Norris doesn't find out.

Steve and Michelle have been told they can stay with Ruairi for as long as they want. They can have photos and footprints, Steve tells her. He goes to find out what happens next.

Bethany wants to change course and do an NVQ in beauty therapy rather than the A-levels she's got planned. Sarah is furious but Bethany says she just wants both of them to be miserable because she's still moping over Gary. Bethany stomps off and Todd sees Sarah and asks how things are going. Sarah snaps at him, too. "Don't feel the need to wish me a happy birthday or owt," he says.

Phelan pays over some cash to a bloke and Andy sees him and tells him not to start flashing the cash around when he's supposed to be out of pocket. Andy thinks he's done his bit and that's an end to it but Phelan tells him life's not like that. If Phelan needs more cash he'll be asking for help from Andy. Steph calls over to Andy and Phelan casually mentions what a nice girl she is and brings in the fact that he was alone in the flat with Steph. She's very trusting, he says. "You run along and I'll give you a call if I need it."

Andy confirms with Steph that she's got a day off and tells her he wants to go somewhere this afternoon. He'll call in sick.

Bethany's at the bus stop and Nathan From The Tanning Salon pulls up in his car. He asks her the name of the bloke who runs the newsagents. He's got some leaflets he'd like to put into their copies of the Gazette. Bethany says it's Norris but he should ask Rita instead: "She's less Mr Burns." She offers to sort it for him and he promises her a free tanning session if she manages to shift all the leaflets.

Steve talks to the doctor, who wants to know how they're coping, and asks what happens next. She says that when they're ready the baby will be taken to a chapel of rest. He asks about the birth certificate and the doctor breaks the news that they're not issued for babies born before 24 weeks. She sympathises and says that doesn't lessen what they're going through, but there will be no birth or death certificates. She offers to explain it to Michelle but Steve says he'll do it.

Yasmeen has called to see Anna to offer her some community centre information - she says maybe doing a class will help Anna get back into the world. Fiz comes by and Yasmeen hands her one and leaves. Fiz asks Anna if she wants anything from Roy's and Anna decides to get a couple of pies. She invites Fiz into the house while she gets the money.

Dev gives Chesney and Gemma what we'd call in New Zealand a rark up. He wants them to put their minds to thinking up new marketing ideas because he needs more income from the kebab shop to supplement the gym. Their jobs could depend on it.

Steve goes back into the room and tells Michelle about the Chapel of Rest. She doesn't like to think of Ruairi on his own. Steve breaks the news about the birth and death certificates and Michelle is furious. "He exists! This is our son. This is Ruairi! Did you ask them to make an exception - demand one? Did you do anything, Steve, or just sit there and shrug your shoulders?" She's going off to demand it herself and won't let Steve go because then Ruairi will be on his own.

Michelle's shouting in the ward office. She tells the midwife that a few days later and they might have at least tried to save Ruairi. "It's like you're all trying to pretend he didn't exist!" She wants to know why he died but the midwife can't answer that. "Even if there was a post mortem. . ." but Michelle interrupts that they're not cutting into her baby. The midwife says she understands how hard this is for Michelle. "How can you possibly know that?" Michelle snaps. But the midwife points out that this happened to her, too. Michelle weeps. She just wants her baby. Liz has arrived and comes into the office and holds Michelle.

In the pub, Kev has a new stapler and is stapling beer mats together. He tells Anna it's for him alone to use. Anna calls Fiz and Tyrone over and gets up to let Tyrone into the booth. Freddie says he's going to the cafe. Kevin wants to go with him but Anna and Fiz tell him and Tyrone that they're going to stay there and sort out this bickering. They give the men examples of when they've been there for each other in the past.

Chesney and Gemma discuss whether they should dress up as pita. Sinead comes in and Chesney apologises for forgetting they were meeting. "I thought you were dead," says Sinead. "Oh, my God! Over-reaction city!" says Gemma dramatically. She says they're in detention. Chesney explains about the need for marketing ideas. Sinead offers up some and Gemma flounces off, saying they don't have time to go through every idea twice. Chesney also dismisses her ideas and goes off to serve a customer.

Nathan, who appears to spend his days just cruising round in his car on the off chance of seeing her, tells him she's put 50 leaflets in the Gazette and the rest into the beauty magazines. She offers to take some to school and her says if she can get rid of the bundle he's got she can have free tans for a couple of mates, too. She says she doesn't have any mates and he says she can have the extra sessions herself. "Mates are overrated," he says. "It's their loss, they don't deserve you."

Ruairi's hand and foot prints have been taken and Liz is there with Steve and Michelle. Michelle thinks it's time to say goodbye and asks Liz if they can be alone. Steve tells Ruairi they had so many plans for him. He tells the baby they love him very much and kisses him. Michelle says she needs a bit of time for this and wants to be alone with the baby. Steve is puzzled but goes out.

In the booth in the pub, Tyrone's counted out exactly half the price of the stapler - well, almost. "I can't give you half a P," he says, adding that Kevin could have got a cheaper stapler. He apologises for running over the other one and they shake hands. Kevin gets a phone call and tells the caller he can't say how the new truck is because he doesn't have it yet. "I've not picked it up. I've not signed for it. I don't know what you're looking at there, pal, but I can promise you it's not my signature!"

At the bus stop, Andy and Steph talk to Yasmeen about going to Blackpool. It seems she has a passion for big dippers. Phelan overhears them and says if they'd said he would have come with them. He finds out they're just going on a day trip. "Oh, not a proper escape, then." He tells them to take care, saying he feels a sense of responsibility for his tenants - he wants to know where they are. "Safe journey, see you soon," and he waves them off, to Andy's clear worry.

Michelle weeps over the bassinet, telling Ruairi the world is cruel and hard and at least he'll never be hurt or sad or have his tiny heart broken. She tells him how much he was loved and tucks in with him a pendant she's wearing. "I love you. Sleep tight, my lovely boy." She hugs him and Steve watches through the window as she rocks with the baby in her arms. "She's doing this her own way," Liz tells him. "You've got to let her." Steve believes this is all his fault. He's being punished for all the lies. Liz tells him it's nobody's fault. "You both wanted this baby and whatever went wrong it's not because of anything you did. He asks why Michelle didn't want him in there and Liz says it's because she's grieving and not thinking straight. She says this is just the beginning of it. But Michelle will come back to him. "She will. Trust me."

The end
Margaret Carr

Hello, this is my first update on 2017 and I should like to thank my colleagues for keeping the ball rolling in my absence. Mexico since you ask and not my favourite holiday. Thomson cannot run a p***-up in a brewery if things go wrong and as they operate Boeing Dreamliners things can go wrong and you can be 30 hours late back without much customer care along the way or a proper explanation of the need for Thomson to compensate their customers for such delays.

Turning to the matter in hand this is episode 9078. For the record this is season 58, episode 11. It was written by Debbie Oates and directed by Tony Prescott . Copyright remains the property of ITV to whom many thanks.

We open at the hospital in the aftermath of some highly distressing scenes. Liz gives Steve a cuppa. She tells him it is all unfair. Even two weeks earlier or later with or without certificates nothing can make it easier (and remember Liz lost her last baby). Steve feels useless. Liz tells him that Michelle is feeling pain and nothing else. He must keep trying to support Michelle or they will grow apart. The midwife comes in and tells them that Michelle is ready now - first she wants a chat with Steve. Liz assures Steve that he is doing his best.

In the Bistro Sinead explains to Rob that she is working up a marketing idea for the kebab shop for Chesney. She is keen to prove she can contribute. Rob wishes her good luck. He walks behind the bar. Leanne is nervously rubbing her bump. Rob suggests that the Bistro send flowers from the staff (to Michelle). She says that is really thoughtful. Nick emerges from the kitchen and Leanne says she will get a card saying they are thinking of her. Nick is not so sure and Leanne is quite sharp in her response.

The midwife is advising Michelle that she can visit Ruairi in the Chapel of Rest. Michelle kisses the tiny body and hands it over to the midwife. The midwife hands over a paper containing information for her to read later. Michelle turns to leave. then turns back, crying throughout - she enters the bathroom and sits down on the toilet dissolving into more tears.

Steve still in he waiting room with Liz is constantly getting text messages. Liz says that if people know they will not have to explain when the return home. Steve just wants to get Michelle home and resting in bed. Then he realises that they have a nursery ready. The midwife comes out of the bereavement suite taking the body to the Chapel of Rest and Steve can go in. Liz wants to hold her grandson. She tells Steve to go to Michelle and she will ring Sean to see to the nursery. The midwife goes and Liz also dissolves into tears.

At the Rovers Freddie, Luke and Tyrone cannot understand the problem of the missing pick-up. Apparently Kev has signed for the vehicle and they sent him a photo of his signature! Phelan and Eileen come in and he hands over the keys of his van - it is at the garage and he is expecting it to be serviced. Tyrone is non-plussed but agrees to service it that afternoon. Kev and Anna arrive. The police say he requested an earlier delivery date and confirmed it be email - and that must have been using the laptop at the garage and therefore the suspicion falls on the other employees. And Kev's bag was nicked - again from the garage. Phelan overhears all of this. He gives no hint of satisfaction.

At the hospital Steve is packing things and Liz is sorting a cab. He suggests a visit to the Chapel of Rest before they go but Michelle demurs and tells Steve he does not understand. The baby spent his whole life inside her; Steve responds that he was the dad - waiting to for him. Steve says he does understand and that they are stronger together. He puts his arms around her and holds her. They leave the bereavement suite - but outside are instantly assaulted by the sounds of other babies crying.

At the garage it is an interim service for Pat's van. Freddie appears carrying a surveillance system from a retired friend. They just need to install it. The data gets downloaded to a nominated account - which they suggest is Kevin's. Luke starts on the installation.

Ken is having difficulty unlocking the door of Number One. Adam appears and helps him in - Daniel was inside but was wearing headphones and heard nothing. Daniel is working on his application for a Masters - but it is hard. Adam rightly observes that if he cannot fill out the form then he hardly deserves an MA. Ken offers to help once he gets back from the library.

At the tanning salon Bethany observes that A levels are not about getting a job. She is suddenly interested in being a nail technologist. Nathan is listening to all f this and tells her she has got good interpersonal skills, a stylish look and confidence. She would be conscientious in her work. He suggests she does his nails. He tells Bethany that she can learn such things at night school, or in a salon - but still do her A levels. It is not "either / or"!

As Steve, Michelle and Liz return to the Street in a black cab Leanne and Nick are walking along the Street - bump bigger than ever. Steve sees them cross the Street - but there is no avoiding a pained stare between Leanne and Michelle as the latter emerges from the cab near the front door - even though they are going in round the back.

After the break Kev and Anna are at home - he is talking to the insurers. Who are not being particularly helpful. The insurers want the result of the police investigation - I doubt if the police will even investigate. Apparently Anna thinks Kev has to prove his signature is forged. Kev of course needs either the pick up or the cash. Indeed when it becomes clear that he needs cash I suspect the insurers will accuse him of stealing the pick up. Ask the delivery driver for details of the man signing for the collection - but no-one thinks of this. Kev knows whoever did it got into his email. (He has forgotten losing his phone).

Apparently Daniel wants to study Literature, Culture and Modernity reads Adam over his shoulder and the two exchange comments. Clearly neither likes the other.

At the Bistro Robert puts his coat on - he will collect the flowers and drop them at the Rovers. He offers to take Nick and Leanne's card. She asks him to give Michelle their love. They all agree it is horrible. Leanne recalls the look Michelle gave her earlier and the way she moved away so quickly. Leanne says that on top of the actual loss there are all the ongoing secrets and lies. Nick reminds her that the secrets are not there - she has to be believe they are the truth. he asks her not to say something they will all regret.

At the Rovers Liz is clearing up after the baby shower, Michelle is in bed and Steve has just been to tell Amy - they were both crying. Liz does not know what to do with everything. Amy comes in. She has got a poem for Michelle for Ruairi from the internet. She tells Steve not to take her back next door - he must stay with Michelle and she sees herself out. She goes out into the bar and asks Ken - who is in deep discussion with Daniel - to take her home. Adam gets another jibe in at Daniel and goes with Ken and Amy. Sarah hands over the flowers and the card to Steve which Robert has just delivered. Sarah assures Steve they do care - but perhaps Leanne found it difficult to come in herself.

Todd escorts Bethany into the Rovers and she repeats more or less word for word Nathan's earlier comments. So Bethany is continuing with her studies but will also be learning nails and beauty as evening classes. She then tells Sarah to phone Gary so that the next time she is pleased with Bethany then she might actually manage a smile. Todd denies any responsibility and reckons that perhaps Bethany does listen to her mother.

At the garage the cctv is up and recording and Luke and Ty are dancing for the camera. Apparently they are dancing the Time Warp from Rocky Horror (I would have thought they were too young). Phelan arrives to collect his van, but before he does Todd wants to know how he can afford to treat Eileen to anything posh tonight. How come he is flush and how would the people who had been ripped off think about that? Todd observes the locals will soon start smelling rat. Pat reminds Todd that he is in up to his neck as well. Luke appears and Pat offers him cash for the service on the van. And Todd can do nothing.

Luke then explains the entire CCTV system to Pat. Both garages, direct to the laptop. Pat stares at the camera.

Tim has dropped off some wine and Steve is reading the brochure from the hospital. Liz assures Steve that everyone is trying to do their best. Michelle appears and asks what have they done to Ruairi's room!

In the bar Daniel does not have the money for a pint - Sarah takes pity and pulls a complete pint. Sinead comes in with her marketing plan - something about going with subliminal marketing through a kebab faces and captions with Instagram - no me neither - but when she forgets to pick it up Daniel sneaks a photo on his phone. Apparently Sarah does not know about kebab faces and Sinead made it all up and it is probably a load of nonsense. She just wants Chesney to listen to her. Daniel does think it looks good.

Pat thanks Luke for sorting his van. He claims to have lost some keys and manages to get even more information about the cctv system. Daniel and Sinead keep eyeing each other up. And if he had dropped them the CCTV would pick up the noise they made. Pat finds the keys in his inner lining. And you cannot record over the recording either.

Michelle is going through the black bags which Liz and Sean had put everything in. She says it is like no-one wants to have him here. Steve disagrees. She rants and raves at Steve. She could not keep her baby safe. Steve says he can get rid of the brochure if it is causing upset. But as would be the case everything he says is the wrong thing to Michelle. And so they are throwing Ruairi away. Then she tells him to get out. He leaves her crying into the baby clothes.

Roll credits.

For those unaware Kym Marsh lost a baby herself at 21 weeks (not 23) a few years ago. We were quite disturbed and upset this evening - a very powerful performance and we also recall that Liz lost a baby. I am really surprised that Ms Marsh wanted to go through it all again as part of the story and whilst we might sometimes criticise her acting this more than makes up for those.

To all the team that put this together may we lift our hats, bow deeply and thank you for such wonderful work on this storyline. I fear the worst is not yet over however.

Finally in the words of Mrs Dale I am still very worried about Emily Bishop or perhaps that should be Eileen Derbyshire.

See you next week.


Monday 16 January

Karen is away so I have written both parts today in an overall summary of the episode, rather than a scene by scene account of each of the two parts.

Both parts Written by Julie Jones Directed by Tim Dowd

Well that was different. We started off tonight's first episode with Andy's nightmare. Surrounded by Phelans on a street lined with leaning buildings. It was like a video game, with Andy whacking Phelans with a chunk of wood over and over again, but, like Weebles, they don't fall down, and another keeps replacing that smirking face. When he wakes with a cry, Steph worries that he shouldn't be going to work if he's not slept well but he gets dressed. Later, on a normally housed street, the couple meet Phelan coming out of the corner shop. He's all concerned that Andy looks peaky. Steph thinks he should go to the doctor but he just turns around and walks back towards home.

Phelan tried to get into the new garage where the cctv laptop is but just as he was jacking open the door, it opened on its own. Luke and Tracy were in there and it looks very much like she was there to give him a morning eye full of skin under that coat she was fastening up! She teases him that he's not able to keep up the pace with her when he turns down the quickie she had suggested. They cuddle a bit more before he goes back to work.

Phelan makes an excuse at the garage about wanting an invoice and comes back when Kevin's there, managing to knock the laptop off the table, hoping to break it but it's ok. Kevin gives Phelan an ear bashing for getting under his feet and in his face, ordering him out of the garage. Phelan, of course, makes out the injured party.

Andy gets up from a nap later and finds Phelan in his living room. He's come to get Andy to do another job for him. He has one last thing. (He's said that before!) He politely asks Andy to burn down the garage. Just like that! Andy refuses but of course Phelan insists and he's got Andy over a barrel, holding Steph's safety over Andy's head.

In the Bistro, Steph worries about Andy. Robert mentions a phone call she's had from Katy Armstrong who has told her about jobs in her boyfriend's bar. Robert suggests they go on a little holiday, not to stay of course but they could use a get away. Not a bad idea. Kevin's in the Bistro for a quiet pint but he doesn't get one because Phelan comes skulking around trying to "make peace" which doesn't make Kevin inclined to take him up on it. It doesn't put Pat off. He spikes Kevin's beer with vodka while Kevin's in the loo and Steph's back is turned to the bar. He continues to spike Kevin's beer until Kevin is barely able to stay upright so Phelan offers to help him home but where he leaves him is in a car inside the old garage with Kevin handily dropping his keys which Phelan then confiscates and gives to Andy.

Meanwhile, Tracy overhears the lads talking about the CCTV and realizes her little private show was probably caught on camera. She insists Luke goes to the garage and removes the footage even though he thinks she had her back to the camera. When they get there, Andy is inside (new garage) so he hides until Luke deletes the footage while she watches. Luke, Freddie and Tyrone find Kevin passed out in the car in the other garage.

Andy splashes gasoline around the garage and lights a rag with shaky hands. He's dropped the keys and the flames burst up around them very quickly. Brian has the Bistro evacuated because of course, it's the garage on the viaduct, only one empty unit away from the Bistro. The alarm bells are going off, Kevin is now out of the car and looking dazed. Tyrone wonders if Kevin went back into the other garage for something, implying that he could have caused the fire I suppose.

Anna's across the road, freaking out at the fire and Kevin's proximity to it and Sarah is the one that takes her inside and calls Gary home to be with his mum. There's still a chasm there between Sarah and Gary. Kevin can see from the ferocity of the fire that the garage will be gutted even as the fire fighters arrive. Phelan looks smug as he watches.

Back at the flat, Andy is tearing his smoky clothes off and stuffing them in the washing machine and we see he's taken Kevin's laptop. Does Andy know that there's incriminating footage of Phelan on it? I don't think so but it would likely have footage of him in the garage setting it on fire so he's nicked it, the one thing Phelan was hoping would be destroyed in the fire, of course. But he panics because the washing machine seems to be broken. He's had his shower but Steph comes in as he's bashing on the machine's buttons. She goes to put her jacket in the machine and finds Andy's smoky clothing. He immediately admits Phelan's blackmailing him and he had no choice (re the fire). He also admits to everything else. She's stunned that he could try to kill someone, start fires, and do all that stuff. Andy tries to convince her by telling her that Phelan is threatening Steph to make Andy do what he wanted but she runs out, devastated and confused. But the Phelan scares her when he finds her outside, passing on a message to Andy that he'll be keeping an eye on the pair of them to make sure they're "safe". She realizes everything Andy said is true. She goes back to the flat, shaken. She suggests they move to Portugal and take jobs at Katy's boyfriend's bar. It's the only way out.

Michelle gazes blankly out the bedroom window all day, gently stroking the card with the imprint of two tiny hands and feet. Steve brings in a cup of tea later, trying to help. She's in such bad shape that she can't even speak to her mother on the phone and admits to Steve she's scared. She can't imagine being a part of the world ever again, not one without her baby son. All Steve can do is hold her. Steve asks Liz to talk to Michelle because she knows what Michelle is going through but Liz doesn't know if Michelle is ready to talk yet. She suggests that Tim and Sally go through to the back for a drink with Steve, to help distract him. But it feels more to Michelle like Steve is having a little party, while she's grieving.

Earlier in the day, in the cafe, Nick wants to show Leanne some baby things he's bought but she would rather keep their happy anticipation private, not wanting to show joy when Steve and Michelle are grieving. Nick wants to know what happened to cause Michelle's late miscarriage because maybe it was genetic related which means her baby could be at risk too. Later in the Bistro, Nick tries to find out if Robert has heard anything from Michelle prior to the miscarriage but Robert shuts him down, feeling it's wrong to gossip about Michelle.

Steve has to go over to the cab office to sort something out. Eileen is comforting but Steve just wants to have a distraction. Everyone grieves in a different way. Steve is sad but functioning. Michelle is resentful when she finds out Steve went to Streetcars so Liz calls him back. On his way, he encounters Nick who can't contain himself and obtusely asks Steve if the miscarriage was caused by anything genetic. You understand why he's asking but it's really neither the time or the place for it and Steve answers him with a thumping to the face. The nation cheers. Michelle, who has seen it from the bedroom window, does not. She asks Steve how he hurt his hand. He lies but she calls him on it so he lies that Nick was banging on about the food delivery service.

Michelle tears a strip off Steve for trying to be normal, drinking with Sally and Tim, working and fighting in the street. She won't have any comfort from her husband and she tells him she wants him to leave. He strenuously objects, he points out that he's grieving too, and he's not going to roll over and wallow in self pity even if she's happy with locking herself away. That does it. She wants nothing to do with him and seeing that there is no meeting of the minds here, he turns his back and walks away. It's a tragic fact that the death of a child will often take a very heavy toll on a marriage. Steve ends up staying with Sally and Tim.

In other storylines, Gary arrives back from Germany to find out from Dev straight away that the gym is closed. Luke encourages Gary to talk to Sarah. Later on, at the Websters', they do talk. He wonders what he's going to do now he doesn't have a job. He could move to Germany, what's there to stay for? Faye doesn't need him now she's older and his mother has Kevin and he's lost her, too. He seems to have forgotten little Jake. Sarah tells him everyone will miss him and finally admits she will, too. The on and off and on and off again couple are back on again.

Chesney and Gemma are still trying to come up with marketing ideas. They've been at it all weekend. Sinead wants him to take the night off from work stuff. Gemma's suggestion of a grabber granny night at the Ritz is not to his taste. He speaks for both he and Sinead, saying they both like their home comforts. Sinead does not look as if she completely agrees. In fact, she goes out for some air later, and we find her sitting on Maxine's bench, not in a happy mood, where Daniel later finds her. He's quite impressed with her and her marketing ideas, one of which he's used with his MA application. He even tells her he thinks she's brilliant. Oh, you can see where this is heading, right? He invites her for a drink and she's happy to go.

Sally wants to go on holiday. Maybe a cruise with a 24/7 butler? That doesn't sound to Tim like the ideal holiday. She gets a bit irritated with him but he's got other things on his mind and they scarper out of the Bistro with a glint in their eyes. They end up in the pub later where he tells her she's the best "bird" he's ever had. Ever the romantic, is Tim. He likes that they argue and make up but she's then exasperated because he makes them sound like "farm animals" and he thinks she's just starting another argument so they can make up again. Not this time.

They don't stay at the pub long after that drink with Steve but when they get home, Sally brings up the previous subject again. She is concerned that they don't talk through their problems and only deal with them with bedroom shenanigans. Tim doesn't see anything wrong with that. Sally wants a meeting of minds so he is tasked with finding five topics of conversation. Somehow, I don't think Global Warming is up Tim's street when it comes to topics of interest but he bests her anyway, by reminding her what her past experiences riding the bus have been when she suggests they get rid of the van. Sally decides to impose a sex ban until they can have a grown up conversation. A bit drastic, that.

And finally, that curb crawling Nathan wheels past Bethany again. This time she's telling him she's just home from doing hair and makeup for a school friend, even though last week she told him she doesn't have any mates. He's flattering and encouraging her to do online tutorials. She can even use his camera! She is duly flattered and is up for the challenge.


Wednesday 18 January

We open with Kevin staring, stunned, at the blackened shell of his garage, taped off by the police and fire brigade, as an officer walks about taking photographs. He sees the bunch of keys on the floor and takes a photo of them before picking them up and putting them in a bag.

Over at their flat, Steph and Andy talk about getting a cheap flight to Portugal on Friday. He says he's sorry he's dragged her into all of this, but she tells him they just need to focus on getting as far away as possible. They know they need to come up with a cover story for Luke, as he's going to be left with all the rent to pay, but they know if Phelan gets wind of any of it, they're done for.

Phelan steps outside the door of Eileen's house, telling her to get into town and get something nice to wear for the wedding.

David, Sarah, Bethany and the children step outside of their house. Sarah tells Bethany there's something she needs to talk to her about at lunch time.

Shona arrives to work at the cafe where Roy tells her she's seven minutes late.

Tyrone and Fiz turn up to look at the state of the garage. Kevin thinks someone has a vendetta against him, or maybe he's just unlucky. He thinks they'll find the fire was started by an electrical fault. Tyrone says he could never understand why Kevin wanted to expand in the first place. Kevin tells him he wanted to compete with the big boys. Tyrone scoffs that he can't imagine Richard Branson passed out in the back of a car while his business went up in smoke. Kev reckons that when the insurance pays up, maybe they should cut their losses and sell the place. Then he asks Tyrone if he's got his keys, he can't find them. Tyrone asks him to tell him what he actually remembers, but Kevin says he can't remember anything, apart from feeling really drunk.

Sally is trying to talk to Tim about what has happened, but is getting little response. Eventually Tim tells her that if she's imposing a sex ban, then he's going the whole hog, going to live like a monk, and is imposing a talking ban. She then asks if that's why he came to bed so late, so he tells her he was trying to comfort Steve. Sally says she hopes that something like that would bring them closer. Steve comes downstairs at that moment and hears her. He says it could cause a massive rift between them that could never be healed.

Over in the pub, Michelle comes downstairs all dressed in black. Liz talks kindly to her and then asks where Steve is. Michelle doesn't know and she doesn't care, he's acting like nothing has happened. Liz says that everyone copes in different ways. "What? Drinking and laughing with your mates?" snaps Michelle, and then tells Liz that she saw him punch Nick. Then she says she's going to the chapel of rest, she doesn't know when she'll be back.

Sinead is in the kebab shop talking to Chesney when Daniel arrives with a present for her, to thank her. He leaves it and hurries away, and when she looks at it, she finds it's a plant, a Venus Fly Trap. She picks it up and runs after him, asking why he gave it to her. He tells her it's more original than flowers or chocolates, and it reminds him of her. (I just LOVE Daniel!) "A bug-eating plant?" she frowns. He says they're also different, exotic and they stand out from the crowd. She grins and tells him he's nuts, but she looks really pleased.

Liz finds Steve in the taxi office, she says she didn't even know that he and Michelle had had a row. He tells her it was brewing for days, he feels like he's walking on eggshells, every time he speaks he puts his foot in it, and she has put a massive wall between them. Liz tells him he needs to knock it down. She suggests he goes to the chapel of rest to find Michelle. "Has she asked for me to be there?" says Steve. "Does she have to?" asks Liz, and Steve replies that she does, otherwise he will grieve in his own way. Liz asks why he was fighting with Nick, and Steve tells her it was because Nick wanted to know if their own baby was a risk. Liz says that he shouldn't rattle Nick's cage, and points out that Nick could put an end to Steve's marriage in five seconds flat. Steve says he was thinking about coming clean anyway, but Liz tells him it's too late, this secret can never come out, not now. Steve picks up his jacket and leaves, saying he's going to go and get drunk, just as Peter comes in. When Steve has gone, Liz tells Peter she's worried sick about him.

Tyrone, Kevin, Luke and Charlie are in the other, unburnt garage, talking about the fire in the other one. Charlie reckons it was burglars, and they talk about when the insurance will pay out. Kevin tells them that he's been struggling financially anyway, and he might have to rob Peter to pay Paul. "Who's going to pay Luke?" asks Luke. Kevin tells him he's trying to stop the whole business going to the dogs – and Tyrone is shocked to hear this, it's news to him and they're supposed to be partners. Just then the fire officer calls them over and tells them he's handing it over to the police, he's pretty sure it was arson.

Steve is back at Sally and Tim's, downing scotch by himself, when Peter goes over to see him. He gently tries to tell Steve that drink is not the answer, but Steve shouts that he's lost his son and his wife, his marriage is rotten and it's him who has poisoned it, he's done terrible things and now this is pay-back. Then he tells Peter that he slept with Leanne, it's his baby she's carrying. Peter stares at him, shocked.

Steph and Andy are out in the Street, staring at the burnt out garage. She hustles him away, as he tells her he can't believe all the stuff he's done. "Put an act on," she says, "you're good at it."

Tyrone and Kevin are talking to the police. Tyrone suggests they look at the CCTV footage on the laptop. The police say there was no laptop, Kevin says that whoever broke in must have stolen it. The police say that there was no sign of the door being forced.

Steph and Andy are telling Luke that they're leaving on Friday. He's stunned, he can't afford the rent on his own.

Steve is still talking to Peter about Leanne getting pregnant, and how Nick knows about it and how they're going to bring the baby up as their own. Peter remarks that Nick is like some kind of 'super-step-dad'. Steve says he knows he shouldn't have told Peter any of it, and begs him not to tell anyone.

Bethany arrives at the cafe, where Sarah tells her that she and Gary are going to give it another go, and she hopes Bethany will be ok with it. Bethany says it's fine.

David sticks his head round the cafe door and asks Sarah if she'll pick the kids up from school. Shona sees him and dives out of the back door.

Sinead is reading up on Venus Fly Traps. Chesney thinks it's a weird present, and can't believe she's going to feed it flies.

Tyrone goes home and tells Fiz that the police think the fire was arson. He knows Kevin is in a bad way financially, he thinks Kevin may have started the fire.

Andy and Steph are talking to Luke in the pub. Luke can't believe they're going.

Eileen has come back from the shops with an outfit for her wedding and is in the pub with Todd. Todd thinks she should be having a hen-night, not just half a shandy with him.

Sally and Tim come into the pub, she tells him if he lifts his ban, she'll lift hers. Tim is all for rushing straight back home, but she points out that Steve is there.

Just then Kevin comes in, followed shortly after by Tyrone and Fiz. Kevin tells Sally that the police think it's arson, and that's when Tyrone tells him he thinks he did it so he could claim on the insurance. "You think I'd burn my own garage down?" says Kevin. Andy hears this and turns around, looking worried.

Eileen goes to see Liz in the back room, who tells her she's worried all this will set Steve's problems off again. Liz asks her to tell her something good that's happened, to get away from all the doom and gloom. Eileen tells her there's something good that's going to happen – she's getting married tomorrow!

Back in the bar, Kevin tells Tyrone he's had a few problems but he's not an arsonist. Just then the police come in and show him the keys that were found in the garage. Kevin tells them he's been looking for them. They then arrest him on suspicion of arson. "This is crazy, I didn't start the fire!" he says as they lead him away.

Anne Logan

Friday 20 January

Nick's running and Peter's smoking outside and they snipe at each other in passing. As Sinead goes off to work she calls goodbye to the Venus Flytrap.

Andy and Steph have both resigned and they walk away from the bistro. Anna's in the street - she's very distressed about Kevin. "Even Tyrone thinks he did it."

Kevin's at the police station being interviewed. They ask him about the missing laptop and about the keys found at the scene. "Have you never heard of theft? You need to go back to police school," he says. The police officers mention him checking on his insurance recently and he explains about someone fraudulently taking delivery of his new tow truck. "How much had you had to drink the night of the fire?" they ask.

Tim promises Sally a real bonding experience. It's something they can do together. "You're going to love it," he promises, arranging to meet her in the Rovers later. Steve comes into the room and Sally brightly asks him how he slept and turns the conversation to pillows.

At Eileen's they're talking about the wedding. She's going to Tile Street to get her hair done. Phelan comes down and says he's got to go out - some admin matters to see to. Billy says he's off to see Michelle and Steve soon. Todd mentions the garage fire but Eileen says they're not thinking about those tragedies - today is a celebration.

Steph's at the garage and tells Tyrone they must be gutted. He says it's the garage that's gutted - and Fiz, who thinks that if the business doesn't survive they'll be on their uppers. Steph asks why Kevin would burn down his own garage. And if he was sleep in the car and still asleep in the car later, surely he couldn't have done it. Luke comes over and Tyrone says, "You never told me your sister was clever."

Gemma thought Venus Flytraps were mythical things. Chesney talks about seeing its jaws snap shut and Gemma is very excited. She wants to see it. Can't Chesney go and get it? No, he can't. It's Sinead's pride and joy. All it takes if for Gemma to question his masculinity and he changes his mind.

Billy arrives at the pub, where Michelle is clearly still falling apart. He asks about Steve but Michelle says it's fine, she can tell him later. She's got the music all worked out and written down.

Tyrone's at the police station explaining about Kevin being asleep in the car and being still there later. The police suggest this might be part of Kevin's cunning plan but Tyrone says he's not that clever. He says his first thought on seeing the fire was that Kevin had done it, but now he thinks someone must have nicked his keys.

Michelle tells Billy what she wants to go in the coffin with the baby - a teddy which Ryan sent, a blanket that will smell of Michelle and her great-granny's handkerchief. Liz is at the door. "Where's Steve?" she asks.

Eileen's all dressed up and has a bouquet of roses. Good luck leaving the house without someone seeing that, I thought. She asks Todd if she's right doing it on the slight. Todd thinks being the centre of attention is over-rated. She says Sean's going to kill her, especially when he finds out Billy was there. Todd says she doesn't need the drama. Eileen asks if she's doing the right thing and he tells her that Phelan's not the man he would have picked for her but "I think he loves you and he'll look after you." He apologises for being a rubbish son and they hug, though Todd looks anything but happy.

Roy's cleaning the cafe stove and Shona asks him about the opera music playing (it's Donizetti). Nathan comes in and is shocked to see her there. She's defensive. He asks for an Americano coffee and says, "Try not to poison it."

The plant is now in the kebab shop and Gemma's looking at it with fascination. She asks if it would eat a piece of kebab. Without waiting for permission she grabs quite a large chunk and pops it into the "jaws" of the flytrap. It snaps shut. "It at it!" she squeals.

Kevin's out and at Tyrone's door asking him what changed his mind. Tyrone says he lied. He lied for his girls and for his family, to put food on the table. He still thinks Kevin was so drunk he didn't care about anyone else. "You never do." Anna asks how he can believe that after all these years. Tyrone agrees that Kevin would never burn down the garage, "just like he never slept with my wife!" He slams the door in their faces and Phelan walks past with a smirk on his face.

Bethany goes into the cafe to meet Nathan. Roy doesn't look too keen on him. Nathan has a professional-grade camera for her to use. He says the tanning salon is open this afternoon and she's welcome to use it as a studio.

Shona's outside and David spots her. She runs but he catches up and tells her she's the one who took his wallet. She denies but we all know it's true. He wants to know how she knew where to bring it back to and she says the address is on his driver licence. "It's been nice catching up," she says, before escaping. In the background we see Nathan and Bethany going to his car.

Andy catches up with Tyrone in the street and questions him about the fire and the CCTV and Kevin. He says he's just being neighbourly but Tyrone says he's being nosy.

In the pub, Tim presents Sally with an envelope. She's hoping for season tickets to the opera but it's season tickets to the Weatherfield County matches. He's switched his own season ticket away from the bad behaviour end of the ground and her seat is restricted view but she'll be able to see the goals. "Is this a joke?" she asks, telling him that Kevin tried this once and she's not falling for it now. She knows he's just trying to drag her down to the games to justify his own childish obsession. They should be enjoying something together and she hates football.

Steph and Andy have finished packing and Andy suggest she go to say Goodbye to her parents and he'll meet her at the airport later. She's surprised but he points to the laptop and says he hopes he can get a screenshot which shows Kevin could not have set the fire. He can send it anonymously to the police. He assures her he'll be at the airport in plenty of time. He wants to put this right.

A piece has dropped off the Venus Flytrap, much to Sinead's distress. Chesney, hardly containing his laughter, suggests something might have disagreed with it - like a piece of kebab. Sinead's horrified. He took the plant to the shop? Chesney says he'll buy her another one. He can't understand what the big deal is - chill. Sinead will not chill. She tells him the plant was a present and he had no right to take it out of the house. "It's not about the plant. It's about us!" she says.

Luke's loading the bags into the bag of his car when Phelan walks past. He asks Steph if she's going anywhere nice and Luke answers for her, despite her glares, explaining she's going to Portugal for good, and she's going with Andy but it's OK because Luke will find new roomies, oh, and Andy's not with her because he's still in the flat and will meet her at the airport later. Phelan tells Steph he wishes her all the luck in the world and walks away. "What's with all the evils?" Luke asks his sister. "Just go!" she tells him as they get in the car. Behind them, Phelan glares at the flat windows.

Liz questions Michelle about Billy's visit. Steve's suffering too, she reminds Michelle. Michelle says Steve didn't go through what she went through and she caught him laughing the other day - laughing! Liz suggests Steve might have something he'd like to put in with the baby. "He has been through this before, you know," says Liz. "So have I. I'd be lying if I said the pain would go away, but it does get easier." She hugs Michelle.

Any's looking at the footage. Unusually for CCTV, this system has very clear audio and he's able to hear Phelan and Todd talking about the building scam. There's a knock on the door and he opens it without looking - it's Phelan, who quickly spots the on-hold picture on the screen. "Is that me?" he demands. Andy swallows hard.

The End
Margaret Carr

Hello, following my holiday this was where I finally caught up again with Corrie, finishing this episode before Monday went out. And has it been cold since we returned - had to have the heating on overnight.

This is episode 9083. It was written by Simon Crowther and it was directed by Tim Dowd. Copyright remains the property of ITV to whom many thanks.

We open in the flat above the yard where Pat Phelan has discovered that Andy has stolen Kev's laptop from the garage and Pat explains in words of one syllable to Andy that the reason for burning down the garage was to ensure the laptop was destroyed along with the CCTV footage (which showed him in discussion with Todd over the flats) and that as the laptop and footage still exist then burning down the garage was all wasted effort - especially as it will have recorded Andy committing the crime. So Pat is not insignificantly annoyed. In the background Andy sets his phone to record the conversation whilst Pat is replaying his discussion with Todd. Andy asks what happened when Michael Rodwell died. Pat tells the story and Pat denies being there when he expired. Andy tells him to keep the laptop and attempts to depart. Pat charges up behind him and throws Andy against the door then pulls his jacket down over his arms so he cannot easily hit Pat. He finds the phone recording in the pocket and he reckons Andy looks even more scared than Michael did.

Sinead is telling Chesney that they never talk, they take each other for granted and it is ages since he bought her a present. He reckons their relationship is fine. He asks when she bought him a present - why should it only work one way? She says they did everything too fast. She should never have moved in. She says she is not paranoid about Gemma but if he fancies her then good luck. She is off to work and they will talk when she gets back.

In the Rovers back room Liz is talking to Michelle about how she felt when she lost her baby - and echoes Michelle's concerns as a mother that she was not strong enough to bring her baby into this world safely. The baby would be 25 now - she came at New Year. Liz still thinks about her and misses having her here. Michelle misses Ruairi (please note I used a different spelling last week as did the subtitlers - this is the version being used this week) already. He had the most perfect little face. Michelle just wishes she could turn the clock back so she could try and protect him.

Pat asks Andy if he knows why Pat has let him off lightly? Pat explains it is his wedding day - and Eileen thinks he is as good as gold and he would like to get hitched without a hitch and is running out of time. Pat says he can have the laptop and so long as he destroys the evidence it does not matter how. Andy agrees. Pat then looks at the photos on Andy's phone of Steph and recalls the nude photos he saw of her online last year. And then he laughs at a picture of Michael. Andy is so wound up he hits Pat over the back of his head with the laptop. Andy then goes to walk over the prone body but Pat catches his leg and drags him to the ground.

Michelle just looks at all of Ruairi's stuff upstairs and she cannot take it. And then she sees Steve drinking with his mates! Liz asks what Steve should be doing? Standing in the nursery crying too? Liz tells Michelle that she needs Steve and Steve needs her. She could not have got through without Jim and the boys. The physical things will fade - the love will stay with her and Steve is part of that.

At an airport Luke and Steph are approaching check in. Their Dad cried when Steph said she was going away and he will cry some more when Luke introduces him to Tracy. Luke says that will not been happening. No sign of Andy. Steph is going with or without Andy.

We cut to Pat giving Andy a real pasting. Throwing Andy back against a full length mirror (7 years bad luck Andy). Andy manages to turn round and do the same to Pat. Then they fall to the floor and Pat eventually gets on top before shouting to stop. He holds Andy down with the laptop whilst sitting astride him. He then lifts the laptop and smashes it down on Andy's face. The screen goes black.

After the break we are at Nathan's tanning studio and Bethany is being told a (pack of lies) story about how they filmed some tanning do's and don'ts once. [At this point I realised the sordid direction the story was taking; Bethany hasn't]. He tells her to take her coat off and he will turn the camera on when she is ready.

At the registry office Eileen is on the phone to Jason who wishes he was with her. She has not told Sean yet, so nothing on Facebook. Billy comes dashing through the door. They are waiting on Pat. When Billy popped back to the house Pat was dressed and ready. Todd says they are all early - but Eileen points out it is supposed to be the bride who is late. The previous wedding emerges - they will be on shortly.

Sinead returns home and Chesney comes downstairs. She admits she has felt like this for a while. She says she tried to come up with ideas for the shop for him. And he was so dismissive. He never listens to her. And he did not seem proud of her doing the modeling. She does not think they should be together any more. He tells her he loves her. He thinks they should still be together. He gets that he needs to make more of an effort. He asks for one more chance. He will stop taking her for granted. She agrees and will give themselves a chance. She says she will sleep on the sofa - they cannot keep brushing it under the carpet. He offers to sleep on the sofa - so long as they are not really splitting up. She says she is sorry. She goes upstairs and he shouts after her they he cannot believe they might split up over a plant.

Sal emerges from the factory to find Tim grinning at her in the middle of the Street standing in the old railway track in the cobbles which has been faithfully recreated on the new set. He thinks she dismissed the season tickets too hastily. He has another idea and she has to promise to give it a try. He dashes behind his van and brings out a tandem. He explains it is a bicycle made for two. Sally says "Have we met?". He honks the horn.

Pat is taking off his coat and throwing it in the back of his red van. We see no evidence of what he has done with Andy. He has Andy's phone and sends Steph a message. She reads "You're better off without me. Sorry xx" She shows the message to Luke. Steph had been expecting it since New Year's Eve; she does not tell Luke what she knows. She says she will be OK once she gets to Portugal. Kate will meet her at the airport. Luke offers to talk to Andy but Steph reckons he will have gone to Bristol - she knew a mate had said he could stay there for a while and Steph thought he would end up there. When he could have been in Portugal! She will let Luke know when she arrives. Before she goes she tells Luke she loves him. They hug. She goes.

Tim and Sally are at home. He has only bought second hand and wonders if that is why she is not interested. She rants - but it is not really because it is not new. He thinks she is being unreasonable - she thinks he is. He goes on that she sits there like royalty and expects to be impressed. {Interesting this is the same as Chesney and Sinead but a complete contrast - well done by the writer}. Tim can see why Kevin gave up. Sal says Kev never gave up. He ran off with his best friend's wife (Molly Dobbs? And there was Natalie - who still owns half the fire ravaged garage. And Alison whom he married. Not to mention Molly Hardcastle - I had to look her up!). Tim bought the bike because he thought it would be romantic. Tim is going for a lie down upstairs - Steve is already having a lie down. Tim suggests he will join Steve. There is a knock at the door. It is Michelle. She is looking for Steve.

In the tanning film studio Bethany is recording how to do a simple French plait tutorial - nothing to do with baking bread. She remains fully clothed. She and Nathan are watching the recording and he will add some music. He says she looks good brushing her hair. He calls her brilliant and she is going to make a mint. He tells her she is and not to be so naive when she disagrees. He tells her this is the future. People would kill to have what she has got. He says she has charm. They should shoot wider next time so that they can see more of that killer body. She smiles.

The registrar wants to know when they can start - but there is still no Pat. We have the usual plea to wait and general discussion with Eileen threatening that Pat will get no tea tonight. Billy is about to go outside to check, but Todd decides to tell Eileen that Pat is a waste of space and that she is doing the wrong thing. He reckons she has had a lucky escape. At which point a panting Pat pounds through the doorway at the end of a sprint to get there. Apparently the traffic was bad at the roundabout. He admits to leaving it too late. And he needed the toilet on the way. He agrees with the registrar to go fast - but not to rush it! It is the most important moment of his life. Eileen says "Mine too". The ceremony gets underway.

Michelle is saying sorry to Steve. He says he understands. He does not blame her for being a bit mean. And of course he is an expert as well - Tracy having lost his twins in a miscarriage. So Michelle feels even more alone as everyone has been through it already. He tries to re-assure her that they are both struggling. But they should not fall out. Michelle agrees; she tells him to come home when he is ready.

Tim and Sal are enjoying their tandem ride after all. We see an unhappy Sinead in the background. Tim keeps honking all the way down the Street. They say hi to David who does not look happy either. He says he thinks he is going to be sick! They wobble to a halt outside the house. Tim says not only is it good fun - but it also helps her green reputation. She admits he is right. And what made her change her mind - Michelle. She grabs Tim and they have a big snog. She agrees he did good - and so he tries the football again? She tells him not to push his luck. As they do this we see Michelle emerge to watch them enjoying each other's company. Neither can talk to the other.

Pat and Eileen are pronounced man and wife. They kiss. Billy is grinning in the background. Todd is not at all happy. Pat says he would not have missed it for the world. They hug and as they do the camera pans down to the floor to show Pat's left show covered in something - blood perhaps?

Roll credits.

Kate Oates feet are firmly under the table now and whilst I welcome back those who have returned I wish the tempo would slow a little. The Street should be about character and not action and we are getting too much action and losing sight of friendships and character development. A couple of examples - no real evidence of Sean since he moved into number 3 and his relationship with Norris and more recently Brian. When did Sal and Gail last have a cup of tea together? Mary gets a big story, almost leaves and then drops out of sight. After months of nothing but Platts no sight nor sound of Gail and the kids and how David might be managing without Kylie. And in other ways why are the flat buyers not circling Phelan (and Todd) on a daily basis. Stories are being used for impact - not to be told properly and with care; in this sense Oates is not improving on Blackburn. Slow it down and tell the whole story. To much drama and action, not enough care of the community.

On other topic - I hope the writers eventually remember that Chesney can be fun. I don't think he has been allowed comedy for about 10 years.

Bye Steph.

Finally in the words of Mrs Dale I am still very worried about Emily Bishop or perhaps that should be Eileen Derbyshire.

See you next week.


Monday 23 January

Written by Ellen Taylor Directed by David Kester

Michelle is having sleepless nights though Steve isn't, happy to be back in his own bed. Steve and Liz seem to be walking on eggshells around Michelle. You never know what kind of reaction you're going to get but it's guaranteed not to be a good one. Even a suggestion of lunch out is met with rage. The only person she wants to be with is her wee baby. Her grief is made worse by the betrayal of her body, her milk has come in and she's lactating. Steve and Liz chat about the funeral but Michelle comes in fully dressed and has decided she wants to go out for lunch after all. She's brittle and volatile and snaps at Steve when he gently asks if she's sure she wants to go out.

In the Bistro, Audrey and Freddie are having lunch together when Steve and Michelle come in. Robert is scurrying to get replacement staff and hangs up when they arrive. Michelle reacts defensively to Audrey who looks over at her sympathetically and she seems intent on drowning her sorrows in wine. Conversation does not flow very well, either. Michelle gets more and more aggressive the drunker she gets. Steve can't stop her drinking and doesn't want to shout at her for making a show of herself. She ends up shouting for more wine, shouting at the punters and shouting about her dead baby to all and sundry as a toast. The Bistro is quiet aside from the background music on the sound system as she tells them she's burying her baby tomorrow. Her toast ends with her spitting that there's no point without him. She runs out. Robert thinks Steve should give her a bit of space. I don't think Steve knows what to do for her but he doesn't go after her.

Later, he realizes she never came home and didn't have a coat. She's not answering her phone because it's on the table and he worries. Robert comes to the pub to find out what's going on. Steve is afraid she's going to do something stupid. Liz suggests a search party. Where is she? Sat on the top of a high bridge or viaduct over the canals.

Phelan seems to have had a restless night after he took care of Andy. Nightmares? It's the day after the wedding but Phelan isn't acting like a newlywed, too anxious to get out the door which is dismaying. Also dismaying is their plan to keep the marriage secret because of the angry neighbours who still suspect Phelan in the property scam. They'd be right, too, of course, but there's no proof anymore. Meanwhile, Luke and Tracy went away for the weekend but came back early because Luke was upset over Andy dumping his sister. Phelan isn't too pleased to see Luke who's on his way to the flat to see if Andy turned up. That's because the evidence is still to be dealt with. He pretends not to have heard about Steph and Andy puts Luke off by saying there's a flood in the flat and gets to work. He's on his hands and knees scrubbing the blood out of the carpet! It doesn't seem to be going too well and he has to make excuses to Eileen who was expecting him at lunch. He puts her off to finish working, thinks a minute then takes a wrench to the radiator to make the leak a reality.

Later we see him dragging the whole rolled up carpet out of the flat, something I thought he'd have done at the start rather than trying to scrub it.

Roy is hovering over Shona who's trying very hard at her new job. Norris has come in to complain about his room mate and the culprit happens to be Brian, not Sean. It's also interesting, Gemma thinks she recognizes Shona. This is a soap and things like that are not random in my experience so I wonder what that's about. Anyway, Cathy comes in and asks Gemma if there's a job going at the kebab shop. Gemma takes her initiative and gives her a trial go. Dev finds out and is not best pleased, due to his stunted cash flow and it seems that Cathy is out of a job before it's properly started.

Except, after what must have been a blistering conversation with Erica, he offers her part time work in both the kebab shop and the corner shop so Erica can spend more time with her mother.

Sean and Eileen are having lunch so that Eileen can tell him about the wedding. She does and he's crushed that she never told him before. Her explanations don't really soothe his hurt feelings but he congratulates her. Norris comes back to the cafe and assures Sean they will get their heads together to deal with Brian. He's in the room therefore to overhear Sean tell Eileen she married a wrong'un. Gossip central's prime set of ears and the news will be round the Street by teatime.

Adam is determined to get cash out of the Connors but now that Peter's had his cards marked, he's not interested. Adam justifies it but Peter thinks it isn't worth the aggravation. Daniel complains that Adam isn't doing his share of household chores and hands over his share of the rent. Why do I think Adam's just going to pocket the cash? Daniel is going to take Ken to the doctor, Ken turning down Adam's offer of a drive in favour of public transportation. He and Daniel seem to rub along quite well which leaves Adam feeling left out.

Later, Ken and Daniel get home from the doctor's office and they have said he's doing well. Daniel asks what he wanted to talk to the doctor about in private. Ken is reluctant to say but Adam and Tracy insist. Turns out he was discussing issuing a Do Not Resuscitate order in case he has another stroke. That means there will be no attempt at reviving him and that upsets all three of them. They don't like to think of him dying, of course they don't. Ken didn't want to tell them because he knew how they'd react. He insists that he doesn't want to live if he is incapacitated.

Peter's got his credentials and has started driving the cab. He ends up with Nick and Simon in the cab, Nick is taking Simon to a special celeb training day with Tommy Orpington. Peter is not happy that Simon's missing school but it's a lot more to do with the fact that it's Nick taking his son and not him. He and Nick get stuck in arguing while they wait for Simon. They almost come to blows and Peter insists Nick get out. They tussle over the seats and when Nick quickly shoves the door open, it crashes right into Simon's hand.


Good evening. Karen is having a little break and so I am repaying her covering my recent absence in Mexico. So as I am behind with update writing no comments and over to the mean Street in Weatherfield. This is episode 9085; it was written by Ellen Taylor and it was directed by David Kester. The copyright remains the property of ITV to whom many thanks.

We open in the back room at the Rovers; Robert, Liz, Steve, Tim, Johnny and Kate are all concerned about Michelle who has gone missing. She was not wearing a jacket and she did not take her bag or mobile phone, she was wearing black pants and a sparkly top. Johnny reckons she will try and find some shelter - bus station, cafe or something even with no money. Steve and Tim will do the local parks and Rob will walk along the canal.

We cut to 'Chelle sitting on a high wall looking down into the canal. Looks decidedly unsafe. As she breathes we can see it is cold as the breath is white against the dark.

At the hospital Nick and Peter are trying to explain how Simon was injured. They admit they were arguing. The receptionist will get the triage nurse to see Si next.

Cathy is serving kebabs under Gemma's watchful eye (the latter eating some chips. Dev comes in and hears Gemma congratulating Cathy on serving her first kebab. Gemma explains that Cathy has joined the Prima Doner family. Dev points out that Gemma's job does not extend to recruitment. Gemma reckons three times the staff, three times the profit (which is not how the accountant would see it). Dev apologises to Cathy - but there is no job. Gemma is warned not to argue. Cathy thanks Gemma because she knew she needed some help. She turns down cash from Dev saying she prefers to be paid only for work she does.

Pat is throwing his overall in the back of his van when Eileen appears out of the dark and complains that she has been Mrs Phelan one day and all he has done is ignore her. He explains there has been a crisis - it is a radiator tap gone and has been dripping all weekend. He has had to take up the living room carpet. Luke is away and Andy and Steph are doing a runner to Portugal. But apparently he has dumped Steph as well and disappeared off the face of the earth. (Where is the body please?). Eileen is only worried about the rent! She tells him that Sean was upset at the news and now Norris knows so it will spread rapidly. Can Pat take her home - she wants a hug and a glass of wine. He wants to take the carpet to the skip. She storms off as he does not want to be with her. He follows her to pacify her with a backward look at the van (is the body in the carpet in the van?).

Roy is listening to Bach whilst preparing his biscuits and cheese. His model railway now occupies a chunk of the living room. Shona knocks at the door and says it is time to lock up. She wants to know what he is doing. The cheese and biscuits make her want to cry. She knows what it is like to be lonely, driven everyone away. He replies he is happy living on his own.

Steve and Tim are looking for Michelle and Steve is saying that he knows that Michelle needs him and he should never have left. Tim assures him he can tell her when she is found. They look at the swings where she first felt Ruairi kicking. Steve will never forgive himself if something happens to 'Chelle. Tim reckons she will be drunk slumped on a bench with a kebab. He is angry with himself for not going after Michelle. Steve will never leave her side again.

In the kitchen at number three Sean pounces on Brian catching him red handed with Norris' ham. Apparently he did not buy the bread and milk he had said he would buy. Apparently he is not a good housemate. They both call him lazy. And he hogs the shower in the morning using all the hot water. Apparently Sean timed him taking 23 minutes. Norris (and Sean) have made a list of rules. If he wants to stay he must abide by them.

Rob is walking along the canal path in the dark when his phone rings. Liz - no news from anywhere yet. He ends the call and looks around and up - and then starts running. Rob then pounds up a lot of steps.

Si is complaining that he is missing the training session with Tommy Orpington. Apparently Si's finger is dislocated so he will have an injection and it will be reset. The anaesthetic will help numb it - but it will not be pleasant. He asks Dad not to leave him - and Peter responds. Nick is so disheartened that even after all this Si turned to Peter.

At home Eileen is asking Pat if he is having second thoughts about being married. She says it feels that since this morning he just wants to get away. He tries to explain it is timing - a bad leak, nothing more. Apparently Pat shouted "No" in his sleep last night! He tells her he loves the bones of her and calls her a silly woman - but she does not seem too reassured. He adds he knows he has a quick temper and he over reacts but deep down he thinks he is a good man, or at least he hopes he is (let us count - did not prevent Michael dying and killed Andy - yes seems good compared with some!). Eileen says he is good and he is her man! She tells him to take the carpet to the tip as it is bugging him. Once he is back he is hers all night! He hurries out.

Robert runs to where Michelle is sitting, he tells her she must be freezing and should take his coat. She tells him to stay away. He says that they are all really worried about her. They just want her to come home. She says there is nothing to go home for. She just wants to be with Ruairi (she said her son - has she forgotten the other two sons - the one she brought up and the other biological son?).

After the break we return to the same place. Michelle cannot bear to think of Ruairi being alone. Billy wanted to know what she wanted to put in the coffin and Michelle wanted to be there with him. She sobs. She cannot live without him being alive. Robert says she can keep Ruairi alive by being alive herself in her heart. He asks her to take his hand and she slowly reaches behind herself and turns round, takes his hand and then climbs away from the seated position over the canal.

Pat cannot get his van started when Luke knocks on the driving door window. Pat has been so busy he has not phoned Luke. There has been a bad flood and he has had to take up the entire carpet. Luke is going to have to find somewhere else to stay for a few days. And it looks like Andy has left him in the lurch as well. Luke is not sure how he misjudged Andy - but Pat tells him some people are very convincing. Pat says he is long gone and to let it be - no point in chasing ghosts. Pat pops the bonnet open so Luke can check the engine.

Cathy is having a drink in the Rovers as Dev comes in and order a scotch and soda from Sean. He tells her he feels bad about earlier. Erica needs to spend more time with her mother, so he needs some part time help in the shop. And a new face in the kebab shop might be a good thing as Gemma pointed out. So taken together it will be a full time job? Cathy says that would be brilliant. She heads off to the kebab shop to finish her training. Dev will see her in the shop at 8 in the morning.

Robert is on the phone to Steve saying he has found Michelle and will be looking after her - but she does not want to come home at the moment. Call finished he tells Michelle that Steve is desperately worried about her. She tells Robert that Steve does not understand anything that she is going through. She lies awake every night, all churned up whilst Steve is lying on his back sleeping. Robert says he wishes he could take away her pain. She moves to kiss him but he says no and moves back. He agrees he has feelings for her - but them getting together is not right for her. She is upset that everyone thinks they know what she wants, what she feels, what she needs, no-one understands. Not Steve, not Liz, not Robert, NO-ONE! He hugs her as she starts crying again.

Steve, Liz, Kate, Johnny and Tim are in the back room of the Rovers - they know Michelle is all right and Robert will bring her home. But not why she was on the viaduct. Steve reckons that she just does not want to see him. Tim reckons she is embarrassed with everyone looking for her - he would be. Probably needs some head space observes Liz. Liz offers everyone a drink. She has some special stuff on the shelf!

Robert and Michelle are walking - no doubt local experts can tell us precisely where they were from the array of lights behind them as they sit on a bench. Robert suggests calling a cab (Michelle is now wearing his jacket). She does not want to go anywhere. She knows Steve cares - she does not grasp how he can be normal on the surface - she cannot be around him and she knows that is not fair. He just keeps trying to make it better as if a cuddle will make it OK. She hates him for that. She admits she has said she hates him. He does not understand that every time she looks at him, what she sees is their son. Robert patiently sits beside her and listens. Aside from the grief she also feels guilty. She knows it is not really her fault but she feels like it is and she feels like a failure. Again Robert merely sits saying nothing, letting her feelings pour out. She realises she must look a complete mess. She asks how she will get through the funeral tomorrow. Robert speaks telling her not to wear any make-up. She shakes her head. And now she does know where she wants to go. To see Ruairi and she knows it is daft as the Chapel of Rest does not open for hours. She just feels she needs to be near him. She asks if they can walk there - she feels like she needs to walk. Robert agrees. Then she asks for his socks - she is still wearing some strappy sandals with high heels! He takes his shoes off.

Cathy is doing well serving a kebab with approval from Gemma. Brian agrees and attempts to pay a compliment to Cathy. He then tries to depart without paying. He is a little merry. Outside he meets Shona who tells him that Roy is not doing well at present. She says he is playing with his trains and listening to classical music. Shona observes that he must be lonely and really needs a mate. Brian looks up at the window to Roy's flat.

Si is complaining his finger hurts. Leanne wants to know what really happened. Nick admits he argued with Peter, Simon adds it was partly his fault. Leanne goes to ring Peter to give him a piece of her mind. Nick and Simon tell her not to and Nick admits it was his fault. And Peter was good with Simon at the hospital. Simon backs Peter as well. Simon goes to get changed. Nick tells Leanne that Simon turned to Peter when he was in pain. Peter is Simon's dad and Nick will be her son's father and she holds his hand on her bump. Nick is reassured.

As the sun rises Michelle and Robert reach the entrance to the Chapel of Rest. Her feet are OK but his socks are filthy - she is carrying her shoes. He tells her to keep the socks! She thanks him and not for the socks. He says he could not get a word in - but she is serious and thanks him for just listening. He is a good friend to her. She has been an idiot pushing Steve away and pretending she hates him; she knows he is grieving too but she would not let herself see it as she was busy being angry with him; if she had seen it she would have had to stop being angry and address her own sadness. And now she will face it. She wishes Steve was there, she wants him. Rob pulls out his phone and arranges it. Mentally better Michelle rests her head on Robert's shoulder.

Roll credits.

We know that it is always about Michelle and so it was this evening. I hope she really is prepared to work with Steve - he will be as lost as she is feeling.

Advance notice the Nick / Peter confrontations could get worse before they are resolved when one of them will leave the Street (to spend more time with his family apparently).

Finally in the words of Mrs Dale I am still very worried about Emily Bishop or perhaps that should be Eileen Derbyshire.

See you next week.


Wednesday 25 January

Steve has arrived at the chapel of rest. Robert meets him and tells him that Michelle is fine, she's sleeping. Steve walks quietly and tentatively into the room where Michelle is, indeed, fast asleep on a leather chesterfield, beside the small, white coffin. He looks down, and seems about to cry, when Michelle wakes up. He sits down beside her and she leans into him, saying she's sorry, but she just had to get away. She then goes out to take Robert his coat, and thanks him for being there, and also for calling Steve.

Back in Coronation Street, Norris (supported by Sean) is having a go at Brian, he uses too much hot water and keeps leaving his bike in the hall, although he's been asked to leave it in the yard. "Any more flouting of the rules, and you're out!" says Norris. Brian just blows him a raspberry in response, so Norris tells him that's it, he's evicted. Brian isn't sorry and tells Norris he owes him 2 weeks rent money, and then cycles off down the road.

Back in the chapel of rest, Michelle tearfully tells Steve she shouldn't have cut him out. She says she can't believe this is happening and she doesn't want to say goodbye to the baby, she never even got to say hello. She then tells him that she doesn't want anyone else at the funeral, just her, Steve and Ruairi. Steve starts to protest, but she begs him, and so he agrees. Sobbing, she kisses the baby goodbye, and all this is too much for Steve, who, close to tears himself, rushes out.

Adam Barlow goes into the office at Underworld. Aidan isn't pleased to see him and tells him to say what he wants and then get out. Adam says that he's sure there must be documentation somewhere about him selling his share of the factory. Aidan tells him he can think what he likes, they looked – there wasn't. End of story. Adam says in that case he'll take them to court. Aidan tells him it was 10 years ago, these things happen, he should get over it, but Adam reckons he's got a good case. Johnny comes in to the office then, and looks worried. "Your loss boys," says Adam, as he leaves. Alya, sitting at her desk, looks thoughtful.

Steve and Michelle arrive back at the Rovers where Liz is waiting, dressed in black, to go to the funeral. While Michelle goes to get ready, Steve tells his mother that he's sorry, but Michelle only wants it to be him and her at the funeral. Liz tells him it's fine, and not to worry. Steve then goes off to get changed, and there's a knock on the door, a parcel has arrived for Mrs MacDonald – it's a Moses basket!

Alya goes into the cafe and is seen by Adam who invites her to sit with him. She tells him to drop the case, he'll never win. He says he just needs to prove that his share was worth more than he was paid, he's sure there must be some documentation around somewhere. He goes on to say that if Alya should come across anything, it could be worth her while.

Steve is standing outside the Rovers when Leanne comes along. She tells him she's so sorry, and she's sure he wishes it were her, not Michelle, but he says he wouldn't wish it on anyone. Leanne goes on her way as the taxi pulls up. Michelle comes out looking grim. "Let's get this over with," she says.

Michelle and Steve arrive at the crematorium and sadly go inside.

Liz arrives at Leanne's flat with the Moses basket. She asks Leanne if she'd like it, explaining that she ordered it months ago and then forgot all about it, and it was delivered today of all days. She says she didn't want Steve and Michelle to see it, it would be too cruel. Leanne accepts it, she says she'd be honoured. She asks why Liz isn't on her way to the funeral, and Liz explains that they wanted to go on their own. Then she gets a little tearful, saying she really wanted to say goodbye to him and now she doesn't know what to do.

Steve and Michelle stand in front of Billy as he conducts the service for them to say goodbye to their baby.

Back at the flat, Nick arrives home carrying - yes, you've guessed it - a Moses basket just like the one Liz just brought round. He sees the one Liz left, but there's no one home.

Steve and Michelle come out of the crematorium and look up and see a rainbow in the sky.

In the back yard of the Rovers, Liz has just planted a rose tree in a large pot, watched by Leanne. She turns and tells Leanne that every time she looks at it she'll think of Ruairi, and she thanks her, it was a great idea. Leanne then invites her back to her flat for coffee, so that Michelle and Steve can have some space when they get back.

In the cafe, Roy is making plans to turn his spare room into a workshop to make a model railway, when Brian arrives with suitcases. "Oh Roy, you'll never guess what's happened...." he says.

Alya sees Aidan in the Street and rushes over to ask him if she can change her job title from 'Trainee Manager' to 'Deputy Manager'. Aidan isn't keen however, and tells her it's a bit soon and she hasn't had enough experience. Adam comes up behind them, and, hearing their conversation ducks out of sight but keeps on listening. Aidan tells Alya to give it time. "You need to prove yourself, that's all," he says, and gets into his car. When he's gone, Adam appears and tells Alya that she's too naοve for her own good, she should set up on her own and keep all the profit. Then he goes on to repeat what he said earlier, that if he had some proof he's sure the Connors would settle out of court. "All right," says Alya, "count me in, but if I find what you need I want 50%."

Liz and Leanne get back to the flat where Nick is sitting in front of the two Moses baskets. When he realises that Liz brought the other one he's furious. "Why would you buy something like this for us?" he asks. "You know don't you?" He turns to Leanne, "Did you tell her?" Liz quickly tells him that Steve did, and Leanne says that Liz isn't going to tell anybody. Nick then says that even if he hadn't bought one, he wouldn't have accepted the one from Liz, this is their baby and nothing to do with her. Without another word, Liz picks up the basket and heads for the door. Leanne tells her she's so sorry. "It's ok, honest," says Liz, and leaves. Leanne turns to Nick, upset and angry. "How could you do that? Today of all days?" she says.

Michelle and Steve are in the back yard of the Rovers, looking at the sky. She says how she thought the rainbow they saw earlier was like a sign, and now she was hoping for a clear night so that they might see one star shining brighter than the rest. Steve reminds her that when he was depressed, she told him that although you can't always see the stars, they are still there, and so is Ruairi. Then he kisses her and they look across at the new rose tree.

Anne Logan.

Friday 27 January

It's breakfast time and Nick and Leanne discuss how long he might stay in the doghouse. He refuses to apologise so she suggests he make himself comfortable in the doghouse. He's still angry because he thinks Liz will now turn her attention to her other grandchild-to-be. Leanne says she doesn't know who Nick is becoming.

It's Tracy's 40th birthday and Amy's given her a card saying 40 is the new Ancient. She also announces that Tracy's a cougar now. Daniel's bought her a wine appreciation course, Peter's given her a gift voucher and Adam says his gift is still in the post. The family is going to lunch at the bistro, though Peter says he can't be there because it's his first week in the new job. Tracy flounces off back to bed, underwhelmed by the celebrations. Peter talks to Ken about the DNR and says they should talk about it. Ken hasn't made up his mind about it yet and tells Peter it will be his decision and his alone. In the kitchen as they do the dishes, Daniel tells Adam he should up his game - he used the non-delivery excuse at Christmas.

Nick and Leanne continue to argue and Toyah arrives in the middle of it. She tells Nick he should apologise and he accuses her of having a Holier-Than-Thou attitude. He stomps off.

Michelle comes down to breakfast and she and Steve seem very comfortable with each other, thank goodness. Michelle thinks she'll do a shift at the bar but Steve doesn't think she's ready for it.

Leanne tells Toyah that Nick's just insecure about stuff, such as Peter's relationship with Simon. Toyah pushes for more information. She's worried about Leanne's blood pressure and worried things might escalate and Nick might hit her again. Leanne wants to change the subject but, this being a soap, it takes about six words for Toyah to persuade her to tell her darkest secret - that the baby isn't Nick's and the father is Steve McDonald.

In the cafe, Sinead's put together a doughnut-and-cream sandwich with a candle on top and is taking it to the factory as a birthday cake. Brian's finished his breakfast and Roy hands him the Gazette with places to rent already marked. He says if Brian needs a lift to see any of them, just to ask. Fiz asks if Brian's staying and tells Roy he was apparently a nightmare at Norris's, with endless showers and an inappropriate fondness for semi-nudity. Roy says Brian's been the perfect guest so far.

Alya's at a table with Adam and says everyone's going to be at the pub later for Izzy's birthday. There's no chance of anyone being in the factory. She gives him her spare keys and tells him the computer password is "password." He's got 45 minutes tops to get hold of the archived files he wants.

Toyah's struggling to picture Leanne with Steve and Leanne's struggling to understand why she told her sister. She asks Toyah to cut Nick some slack and not to say a word to anyone (Hah! The kiss of death to any secret in Soapland).

Tracy arrives at the garage in the Preston's Petals van and invites Luke to her birthday lunch.

There's a paper with circles adverts sitting on a coffee table, a pair of shoes on the same table and, oh, look, there's Brian sound asleep on Roy's sofa.

In the street, Nick spots Leanne and Steve talking. He probably can't hear what they're saying but they're talking about how Michelle is coping and Leanne says if it was her, she'd want to get as far away from the street as possible. "There are only so many sympathetic smiles you can take." She leaves Steve looking very thoughtful.

In the cafe, Ken asks Roy to sit down - he wonders if he can ask a personal question. He wants to know how Roy coped with Hayley's decision to end her life. He explains about the DNR and that the family isn't exactly supportive. Roy tells him he never really made sense of Hayley's decision, "but love doesn't allow objective rationalisation." He says the best Ken can hope for is that his family respects and trusts him to make the right choice for himself.

There's a new member of staff at the Bistro - Nancy. Nick arrives and seems quite hyper but he tells Robert he's not there to work. He sits at a table and gets out his laptop to search the internet for "Renting in Edinburgh."

Izzy and the other machinists head for the pub for a birthday celebration, pleased that management has agreed to let them go. Alya looks over and sees Adam letting himself into the factory.

Tracy's in the bistro with Luke and Daniel. Adam sends a text to say he's running late and Ken can't make it. Nancy catches Luke's eye, to his obvious dismay. Luke's gift to Tracy is a chocolate orange. "Since when have we got each other presents?" he asks defensively. Tracy says this birthday is worse than her 30th. Luke asks what happened then but she doesn't answer.

Adam's in the factory office trying failed password after failed password. The door opens to reveal Johnny and Aidan. Johnny suggests Adam tries the password "Gotcha."

Nick gets a phone call in the bistro.

Tracy's party isn't ready to order - they're still waiting for Adam. Daniel then says he has to go - he has reading to catch up on. Tracy says she's done flogging this dead horse. The lunch is over. She goes to the ladies' and Nancy nips over to ask Luke if he remembers her and is that the girlfriend he told her about. Luke says he's not exactly sure what Tracy is. Tracy comes back and Luke tells her he's not sure what she wants from their relationship.

At the pub, Alya tells the girls that Aidan's paying. She gets a text and smiles. They ask Steve how Michelle is and express their sympathy. Fiz says they can only take it one day at a time and it's not like Michelle isn't still young. Michelle appears behind Steve, who is now very angry. He demands to know what Fiz means. Their baby has only just been laid to rest and Fiz is suggesting Michelle can just pop another one out. "We've not just lost our baby, we've lost our future!" he shouts. "We can't just jump in the sack and replace that!" Fiz says she didn't mean any harm and Steve tells her she hasn't got a clue. Michelle drags him away, leaving a repentant Fiz.

Nancy keeps an eye on Luke and Tracy. Tracy tells him that now Peter, Adam and Daniel are back in Ken's life, it's as if she doesn't exist. Luke asks what happened on her 30th. Tracy says nothing happened. Her Mam and Dad came to visit but she spent most of the day locked in her room. "You make it sound as if you were in prison," he says. He realises that's where she was. "What for?" Tracy is appalled. Surely someone's told him. But nobody did. "I killed someone," she tells him. Luke is stunned.

Toyah comes in while Nick is on the phone. She apologises and while he's still on hold, Nick tries to get her to go. But she spots that he's been looking at a web page for Muir Park Academy - a school for boys in Edinburgh. At first she thinks he's planning to send Simon away, but realises he's thinking of moving there. That can't be right, or Leanne would have told her. She realises Leanne doesn't know and tells him to take a step back. Nick says a fresh start is what they need. "And does she get a say?" Toyah asks. "No, no, no, no," says Nick. "I've made up my mind. This is happening."

The end.
Margaret Carr

Good evening. My turn again apparently. Nice to see you all.

We move onto episode 9088. This was written by Mark Burt and directed by David Kester. The copyright remains the property of ITV to whom many thanks.

In the Bistro Nick and Toyah (hereinafter R'Toyota) are discussing his plan to remove himself and his family to Scotland. He reminds her Leanne was willing to move to Liverpool (which apparently is 20 miles down the road). And Nick has not even discussed it with Leanne yet. Nick knows she will need convincing - but she will see it as an amazing opportunity. After going completely mad first. R'Toyota does not think Nick is really that deluded. He tells her it will happen. So either be part of the problem or part of the solution - her choice. She departs hurriedly. Nick assures Robert that R'Toyota is fine as she almost mows him down as she leaves.

Johnny and Aidan have Adam bang to rights - attempted robbery, breaking and entering and he is a legal man. He denies breaking in as he had keys. Johnny is all for calling the cops. At which point Alya arrives and reckons that somebody has been a naughty boy! Adam realises she sold him down the river. Adam says he has found nothing. Adam asks Alya for the letter. It is a letter with Adam confirming no further interest in the business in exchange for £1 which Johnny gives him. Adam calls it daylight robbery, but to Johnny it is just business.

In the other corner of the Bistro Luke and Tracy are discussing her somewhat difficult entanglement with the legal profession ten years ago. She tells him she was in an abusive relationship and she acted in self defense - indeed it could happen to anyone! She served three years before she was cleared of all charges [hmm as I recall she was cleared because of problems with the forensic scientist and so charges were withdrawn ... after all we did see her clubbing the guy on the head]. She admits she is not proud of it. But there are good reasons for not sharing such information.

Alya follows Adam out of Underworld and he accuses her of setting him up. She did what she had to do. They argue and she admits she has her faults as she blackmailed her own grandfather. He tells her he will not forget this which Ken overhears as he emerges from the Kabin. Alya offers to tell Ken if Adam won't.

In the back room of the Rovers Steve and Michelle are resting following the former's outburst in the bar! He knows she was trying to be nice and is not sure what came over him - she managed to stay calm and he lost it! Michelle says she stayed calm because she is hollow inside, a poor cow who lost a baby. Steve says that staying at home is a non-starter and they should go to Ireland. Go and see her parents today. Steve will sort Liz and the pub. And they are not running away from Ruairi - he will always be with them.

Daniel ensures he gets Adam's story straight. He was played by a woman! Ken summarizes that Adam broke into the factory - which he also denies. Ken says it is still wrong even if a scheming cow did give him a key. Ken does not understand how Adam can be so stupid {because he is desperate for money}. Daniel tells Ken not to get too stressed. Adam reckons he is the injured party. He has signed away his birthright for £1! Ken tells him he acted out of greed - money is worthless unless it is earned. Adam is not impressed and Daniel can hardly suppress his amusement as the discussion continues.

In Roy's flat Brian is cooking up a storm. Roy arrives and acting as a waiter Brian asks him for his coat. Roy had expected Brian to be gone - but Brian lies saying he was engrossed in flat-hunting. So he has prepared Roy a home cooked meal before he goes. Non-alcoholic wine has been poured, the table laid and there are two candles. Brian's signature spag bol is served with the Packham Punch! Brian offers a toast to friendship and Roy agrees and they set to eating.

Nick returns home - Leanne has not seen R'Toyota since this morning. Nick has something he wants to discuss with Leanne. They both apologise after the earlier fall out. Leanne has heard from Michelle - the McDonalds are off to Ireland and they will not be back for a while - after Leanne has had her baby. Leanne is sure both Liz and Steve have bigger problems at the moment. Nick decides not to pursue his idea to move to Scotland at the moment.

Back in the Bistro Tracy wants to know what Luke is feeling. He says he needs 5 minutes to get his head round this. The new blonde waitress asks Tracy if she wants a glass of prosecco; Tracy thinks she needs a bottle.

R'Toyota arrives at Peter's flat. Ken told Peter he would speak to Peter in his own good time. But Peter did try. Peter is thinking of taking an Aikido course at the leisure centre. And with Simon - after he has made sure that Leanne is onside.

Dev is at Adam's door - apparently the rent payment has not reached Dev's account and Adam assures him it is a bank error and he will sort it in the morning. He promises payment in a few days. Dev is relaxed. Daniel arrives passing Dev on the stairs. Adam denies there are any problems. Daniel sums up Adam's day as taking a risk and it did not pay off - at least he had the guts to try. Adam is a little surprised by Daniel's approach. Pity Ken was not so understanding. Daniel points out it was an incredibly dumb plan. Daniel says Ken is worried about the DNR stuff. Adam needs to give Ken a break - who knows how much longer he will be around? They need to avoid stress - another stroke could well be catastrophic.

After the break we are back at Peter's flat and he is not having this. He is going to call Leanne. And then R'Toyota spills the beans about Nick wanting to move away. Now Peter wants to get his hands on Nick to stop him. She tries to calm him down - but it is not working. Peter says he has come back for Simon and now Nick wants to take him away.

Roy and Brian have finished their meal and Roy had not realised that Brian was such a good cook. Brian is ready to head off to a B&B but Roy invites him to stay; Brian demurs and Roy makes it clear that Brian can stay permanently. Rent is £80 per week (minus bills - it should be plus bills surely?). Brian calls it a bargain which will Roy will not regret. Brian is off for a shower which will take half an hour, or an hour.

The blonde waitress is pouring Tracy's prosecco. Tracy is saying she has always been resilient. She always bounces back higher than the point from which she fell. The waitress points out it is the big 4-0 and she is all alone. Tracy asks if she knows the waitress - no but apparently Luke does. In fact is he Tracy's boyfriend? They went on a date a month ago and Luke told her all about their open relationship. But the waitress is guessing it is closed now and for good - at which point Luke returns. He had to get something from the flat. Tracy stands and they stand very close either side of the waitress who cannot move. Tracy asks if she is being dumped for the blonde. The blonds gazes adoringly at Luke and he answers that he does not even like her. He admits Tracy's story freaked him out but then he realised she was simply being honest. She admits she is no saint and Luke accepts that. But there is no game playing with Tracy (Luke are you sure on that?). What you see is what you get and that is what he wants. The blonde keeps looking back and forth between Tracy and Luke. Luke tells Tracy he likes her and luckily Tracy likes him too. Tracy does not want to go out with anyone else. Luke concurs and the blonde just wants to throw up. She moves away and asks if Granny Tracy is having trouble seeing her? Perhaps she has cataracts! Luke says she is out of order and the blonde says that the girlfriend's chairlift is not working either! Tracy summons Robert and the blonde tells Luke his outfit when they went out was lame. Tracy has had enough. Her earlier wisecracks meant nothing but nobody is allowed to criticize her boyfriend's dress sense! She tells the blonde to apologise and fast. The blonde asks - or what - you going to zimmer frame me to death? Tracy tells Luke not to judge her and she runs screaming at the blonde. Robert emerges from the kitchen.

R'Toyota is back with Nick and Leanne when the doorbell goes. Leanne buzzes in Peter. Nick guesses that R'Toyota has ratted on him to Peter who arrives in angry frame of mind. Peter asks Nick what does he think he is doing?

Robert is sacking the blonde waitress who is complaining that Tracy attacked her. She tells Tracy it will never last. He then tells Luke to take Tracy home. Looking down the Street Robert sees Steve and Michelle getting into a cab.

Luke and Tracy stop in the Street and he pulls a present out of his pocket. She disses it reminding him of the chocolate orange he gave her earlier. He had to wrap it in a hurry so it looks a mess. Eventually she opens it - it is some jewelry she was eyeballing in a store in Llandudno and he noticed it. He went back the next day and got it for her. he did not give it to her earlier as he did not want to come on too heavy. She tells him it is beautiful. She thanks him for the best birthday ever. They snog.

Robert has walked to the Rovers and asks Michelle where she is going - off to Ireland. The plane leaves in 90 minutes and they have to get to the airport. Michelle and Steve have decided they need a change of scenery. Robert says he understands and Michelle acknowledges that he always does. Liz tells them to take as long as they need. Steve will ring when they arrive. Robert tells them to take care of themselves.

Ken is apologising to Adam for being tough. He wants Adam to realise his potential. Ken says there are no shortcuts in life and the path he takes now will shape his future. Adam agrees he has some big decisions to make. Ken also apologises for the DNR business but he is not considering it lightly. Adam accepts that it is Ken's decision and he will support the decision Ken takes. Adam wants to get his life in order - and to sort out Ken's will. They are agreed.

Going downstairs Nick says Scotland is only one option. Peter says he is not taking Simon anywhere. Leanne says any decision will be hers. She is having a baby and she is having it here! Toyah tells Peter to get lost and he agrees. Nick goes to see him out. Toyah tells Leanne to leave them to it. Leanne wants some answers as to why Leanne squealed to Peter and not her. She says she panicked and was concerned for Simon; she did not think Peter was going to kick off. She says she messed up and apologises. Leanne sympathizes as she was not to know what Peter can be like! Peter is telling Nick never to try pulling a stunt like that again. Peter will not let him take Simon away from him again. As opposed to being abandoned by you replies Nick. Peter calls it all a pathetic charade which ends now. He tells Nick that this is nothing to do with him and Simon but if he has a beef with Steve he needs to sort it out with him! Nick asks what this has to do with Steve - well as Peter points out he is the father of Leanne's baby. And Steve told him not Leanne. Nick has trouble processing this news. Peter points out that Steve is never particularly reliable! Anyway for Michelle's sake Peter will keep the secret. But if Nick ever does anything behind Peter's back again, all bets are off. Nick is not good at receiving threats, but Peter says it is a promise not a threat. Peter leaves.

Roll credits.

Liz, Leanne, Steve, Nick, Peter all know about the baby. Eva and Simon know about Peter and R'Toyota. Sometime soon the cauldron will explode. But with Steve and Michelle away the pressure will be off for a while.

Nice to see the Barlows back centrish stage; maybe not the best story - DNR and a will are hardly edge of the seat stuff - but just why does Adam have no money and no wish to return to Canada?

And for those who remember their history may recall Denise Osbourne (Daniel's mother) was played by Denise Black who has more recently been in another UK soap - Emmerdale where she has been in jail for a few weeks and on her release tonight she had a heart attack and died. So will she be returning to Corrie?

Finally in the words of Mrs Dale I am still very worried about Emily Bishop or perhaps that should be Eileen Derbyshire.

See you next week.


Monday 30 January

Part 1 and 2 together from me tonight as Karen is away.

Written by Julie Jones Directed by Mickey Jones

Leanne seems to have talked Nick out of his grand plans for the time being, impressing on him that they are the family. It's nothing to do with Steve. Later, Toyah chides him for dropping her in it when he confronted Nick and Leanne about taking Simon to Scotland. Peter did take great glee over Nick's reaction. She reminds Peter that the tension isn't good for Leanne's blood pressure so he promises to behave. Toyah's skeptical. Then she leads Peter into a casual discussion about having kids. He doesn't want anymore, citing both Leanne and Carla's miscarriages as case in point that it's a risky business. He think it's why they work so well together, a future with no ties, no responsibilities, they both want the same things, right? Toyah looks distressed and doesn't really answer him. I don't think she agrees. They talk in generalities about kids and divorce. Peter wonders sometimes if Simon's problems are down to his being a bad dad (Um....) and Toyah reminds him that he's back and determined to be a good father. Peter nips into the Bistro to pick up a takeaway order and apologizes later to Nick and promises to keep quiet about Steve being the baby's father.

Toyah's husband visits from Liverpool. She thinks it's to get the divorce started. But when he arrives, it's not that at all. The fertility clinic has told them that unless they're willing to pay more money, they can't keep on storing the embryos. He thinks they should destroy them if they aren't going to get back together. They chat about the toll it took on them. She's having a tough time signing the forms, thinking of each embryo as a little boy or girl. She wants him to sign them over to her and maybe she can go through more IVF on her own. But he rightly guesses her new bloke doesn't want kids. Toby asks if they could get back together and try for a baby again. He's working on her emotions, her desire for a baby. She even kisses him back when he leans in.

But then she pulls back and rejects him. She would be living a lie and she loves Peter. Oh, he really works on her but she signs the paper and tells him to leave. He's made it easier by telling her he only went through it all because she was so desperate to have a baby and calls her a sad excuse for a woman. He goes off with a great, big resentful knot on his face, probably gutted that he's lost her for good. She goes outside a bit later and he's sat at the bus stop. He gives her more grief and she snaps that he'll be hearing from her solicitor about the divorce.

Eva has a spa afternoon planned for she and Leanne and Toyah but Toyah tells her over the flat's intercom that she has to skip it. Eva thinks it's because Toyah's with Peter at the flat but pretends to Leanne that Toyah has gone out and they head to the spa together. Toyah joins them after Toby leaves. Leanne gets off for her massage (and yes, they can do a massage on a pregnant woman, they have special techniques and it's very good for the mum's aching back). When she gets back, Leanne can tell that Toyah is upset over Toby's visit. She admits that she really wants children, more than anything and now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. She tells them all about it.

Leanne is shocked that Toyah never told her. Toyah reminds her that they didn't see a lot of each other back when she was having the IVF treatments and it was difficult to talk about. Leanne is really sympathetic but tries to be encouraging. Toyah genuinely seems happy for Leanne's pregnancy and tells them that Toby does have a child but they never found out for sure if the problem was hers or not. When asked about the new fella, she says he has a child but doesn't want more. Leanne wonders if her fella will change his mind if he really loves her. Eva, of course, knows who that is and to her credit, doesn't let on at all, just suggests that the man might be struggling as a dad already. When she goes to the loo, Eva is sympathetic to Toyah's pain over losing the embryos and realizes she really does love Peter. Toyah admits she doesn't want to put pressure on Peter and won't say anything.

A bit later on again, Toby jumps into the back of Peter's cab. He must have been sitting on that bus stop bench a very long time unless he was drowning his sorrows in the pub. He makes a remark about his ex wife which makes Peter raise an eyebrow. When they get to the train station, Toby is still moaning about his ex but when Peter turns around, Toby recognizes him from seeing him flirt with Toyah back a few months and realizes Peter is Toyah's new man. Peter doesn't deny it. Toby takes the opportunity to tell him that Toyah wants a baby and they spent 30 grand on IVF, warns Peter she'll bleed him dry, too.

Tyrone and Kevin are taking shots at each other over the spanners until Freddie calls them to task. I don't think his admonitions are going to stop the acrimony between the two men. It's coming down to drawing up a work rota and everything. Later, Tyrone and Freddie see Phelan by the burned out garage. He suggests they fix it up and sell it and even offers to do the work, payment with the insurance payout. They all commiserate about how stupid it was to leave Kevin drunk in the car nearby. Tyrone decides it might be a good idea to take Phelan up on his offer. I don't think Kevin's going to agree. And sure enough, Kevin goes off on one at the idea of Phelan doing the work. Kevin and Ty start ripping at each other and Tyrone ends up getting a smack in the face from Kevin after an insult at Sophie's expense. Not sure why unless...was it her idea to expand in the first place, perhaps? Kevin seems shocked at what he did. Phelan looks on with glee as he gets in his car.

Kevin does apologize but even the staff think he was out of order and they're on Tyrone's side. It doesn't help Kevin's mood any when he gets a call from the insurance company telling them they won't pay out because they think he started the fire! (but if the police aren't charging him, can they actually do that?) Kevin's finances are officially in the toilet. He tells Anna and tells her he doesn't remember anything, he was too drunk and Tyrone's lies to the police only saved him from being arrested. He was grateful, of course he was. Anna offers to go back to work, and she thinks she's ready.

She wants to do her bit so she goes to see Roy later. He's pleased to have her back if she's sure she is ready. Because Kevin overheard Todd and Adam talking about injury cases being lucrative, he thinks Anna should sue David Platt for compensation for her injuries.

The factory workers are buzzing and jumping to the music on this bright Monday morning until the boss shows up with Jenny on his heels flashing a big, shiny, one carat diamond ring around. It is duly admired even if it costs more than most off them get paid all together. No date set yet, and a small but fabulous wedding will be planned. We are informed that Kate doesn't know about the engagement as they didn't want to tell her the day Michelle went missing and they were all on the search for her and Kate went to London the next day. She's back today so she'll have a surprise waiting, won't she? Will she be happy about it?

Johnny seems a bit nervous while waiting for Kate to show up. When she does, (she's been to London and then to Bali), Johnny hustles her right back out the door to the Bistro. Jenny rushes in to join them, not wanting Johnny to tell Kate the news on his own, which was exactly what he wanted to do but Jenny's excitement can't be contained and she spills the news instead. Kate is shocked but covers well enough. She's interested to overhear Nick tell Peter he needs staff. Back at the factory, Fiz and Jenny are drooling over wedding magazines but Johnny and Kate both look a bit disconcerted at the cost of the average wedding, 30 grand, that the magazine article espouses. Kate thinks Jenny is using Johnny as a sugar daddy, out to take him for as much as she can, just like his last girlfriend, she reminds her father.

Later, Johnny does gently caution Jenny on her over enthusiasm and suggests they find a middle ground between cheap and blowing all his cash which he needs to leave to his kids and for retirement. He says he'll sort out a budget and suggests they have a pre-nup agreement. I think that's knocked her down a bit. Kate admits Jenny's driving her mental.

Things are much quieter in the Barlow house. Ken has had a look over an essay that Daniel has written and he approves. Tracy and Luke have come out and admitted they are now proper boyfriend. She makes another derogatory remark about Ken's plans for the DNR order but the rest of them seem to have accepted it. The cutlery drawer falls apart when Adam opens it, spurring Ken to remark that the kitchen has needed a refit for years. He promises Adam he'll sit down and start working out a new will today, too. When they do, he lists some of the keepsakes he's going to pass on to various and sundry. Adam doesn't look impressed that his keepsake is a paperweight. He looks even less impressed when he hears that the grandchildren's share, of which he is one, will be one third of one quarter of the estate, the first three quarters going to his children (Peter, Daniel, Tracy). So really, bumping off the old man isn't going to be very profitable, is it?

Ken can see Adam's a bit disappointed but reminds him that his children are first in line. Todd walks by and makes a remark to Adam about the look on his face as Ken walks away so Adam follows him into the pub. The two of them sit and have a drink in the pub and talk legal things. Todd pretends that he came home for a family emergency and wasted all that training as a paralegal. Adam tells him he's going to take exams to transfer his qualifications from Canada and he's going to set up his own firm though he doesn't have the money yet to start up. Todd reckons personal injury claims are the way to make money these days and Adam agrees. Kevin is listening from the next booth.

Adam thinks Ken is punishing him because he's Mike Baldwin's son and reckons himself to be the black sheep of the family. (I think Tracy probably has that title nailed down though Peter's a strong contender, too) That is the name of the new firm. Black Sheep Solicitors. I wonder if Adam and Todd are at the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Brian has found a teddy bear that was Cathy's which was in his room and has given him nightmares! Later, we see that Roy has boxed up the rest of Cathy's things for her and she's come to get it. Brian makes a fool of himself playing with the bear, making it seem like something out of a horror movie. Cathy snaps that it's the only thing she has left to remind her of her mother who made it for her. He is duly chastened. Yasmeen doesn't have much of an opinion of Brian.

Cathy seems to be feeling down now that the last vestiges of her relationship with Roy are packed in a cardboard box. Yasmeen offers to let her take her spot at the salon to cheer her up. What a nice pair of friends they make. Later, when Audrey is working on Cathy's hair, Brian intrudes and wants to jump the queue. He is refused even though he apologizes to her about making fun of her things earlier. Audrey makes him wait his turn and while he waits, he witters on about cuddly toys, a snake his Nan made out of tights. His Nan seems to have been a great influence on him. He and Cathy seem to have made peace, reckons they're actually two of a kind.


Updates written by K Richard Whitbread, Martin Rosen, Ann Logan, Margaret Carr, Tvor, Karen Jankel.