Sunday 1 October

Where do the weeks go - well in my case to Carcassonne where I have beenfor a few days rest, wine, food (cassoulet mainly) and some sunshine.Great place to go - very interesting and before you ask (everyone elsehas) I have not read Labyrinth yet.

Violet is still trying to prove that Jamie is gay. And she wants Seanto prove it. Eventually Sean says he will give it a go. Sean popsalong to the Baldwin household and invites Jamie out for the evening -he is keen to go. Sean is clearly not happy with the prospects. Jamieobserves it is rare for a straight to be such good friends with a gay -Violet opines he must be relaxed about his sexuality (secretly believinghe is gay) and Frankie wonders if there is something Jamie is nottelling them! Later Sean asks Eileen's advice over what he should wear- what makes him look good - but as Eileen observes - he is going for aquiet drink, not a date - so why is going to so much trouble? Heprotests far too much and Eileen reckons that he is overdoing it!!

In the bar Bev wants to show off her intended makeup for the wedding.She has rather overdone it - Fred compares it to a panda but Michelledefuses the situation by suggesting that less is more! Bev is a littledrunk and when Rita and Audrey arrive decides there is a need for morealcohol - champagne particularly! Rita asks Audrey how she is feeling -Fred replies she is fine but R'Audreh is rather quiet and it all looksrather like hard work. Violet gets a bottle of wine and smilesbenevolently at Jamie with the factory girls. He returns the smile butdoes not talk to her. Sean arrives and after some banter they departpassing Violet whom Jamie tells not to wait up for him!

Tracy and Deirdre meet in the Street. Mum tries to encourage herdaughter to come home and have her family around her - but Tracy saysshe still loves Charlie despite it all. How pathetic is that?

Elsewhere Charlie is with Maria!

Sean and Jamie find a bar and the former starts downing the drinks.Jamie asks if there is anything wrong - he was quiet on the bus - butSean is saying nothing at the moment. Later another guy is staring atthem and Sean wonders who he is looking at - Jamie says that it thehandsome hunk in front of him. Sean reckons that most people will thinkthey are together - and Sean lays it down - he wants to kiss Jamie -wants to hold his hand, go to bed with him (no more thanks). Jamietreats him with more respect than some of the guys he has lived with andthreatens to throw himself in the cut if Jamie does not respond. Jamietells him

to stop being daft. Sean asks Jamie not to look at him likethat.

Charlie decides to return home and finds it darkened with Tracywaiting. She tells him she has been hurt and she is going somewhereneutral (her mother's!!). Charlie says he does not want her to go - andeven after she departs he is still hoping to see her again {Why - itmakes no sense to me at all - explanations welcomed, preferably writtenon £50 notes as things are a bit tight just at the moment?}. Arrivingat the Barlows the usual fatted calf is killed as Tracyluv returns home- and how long will she be staying - has she really left Charlie etcetc.

Bev spends hours going on about her wonderful wedding, wonderful man andplanned wonderful life with Fred - Audrey excuses herself to the loo.The others discuss Audrey and why she is being so quiet. In the toiletAudrey is crying her heart out. When she returns Fred asks if she canspare some time tomorrow to help him buy some jewelry for Bev. Audreyinitially says no, but then decides that spending some time with Fredbefore his departure would be a good thing. (She must have been readingthe tabloids as well).

Jamie tells Sean that he is sorry - but he is not in men. He is intoSean as a mate but nothing more. Sean offers to have a sex change - butobserves that Jamie said he had feelings for someone else and assumes itwas himself. Sean says that he has said nothing to Violet - but tellsJamie that she believes that Jamie is gay simply because of the timethey spend together. She is definitely jealous of their closeness.Jamie responds that he knows what it is like to love the wrong person.And then realises he has overstepped the mark. So says Sean you are notgay - but there is someone else? Jamie denies it - but he would likethere to be someone else. Sean says who? Jamie - just think of the oneperson that if I were with them would mess up everything - absolutelyeverything and when Sean does not get it Jamie adds "And I live withthem!". "Frankie - you love Frankie" Sean screams. Jamie points outthat she is not really his mother. Sean accepts that Jamie has won andis far freakier than he is! He stands and departs.

Jamie catches Sean in the road outside. Jamie swears him to secrecy (asif - this is a soap - go and write it in big letters on the arches) -they hug - but the relationship has changed.

See you all next week.

K Richard W

Monday 2 October

First part of the usual two episodes tonight

This first episode is written by Peter Whalley and directed by Kay Patrick.Produced by Steve Frost. Coronation Street is copyright of ITV Productions.

We open tonight in the street. Frankie just comes out the Corner shop andsees Sean across the road. Frankie says she sees he's up and asks if it wasa good night. Sean looking a bit worried says he can't remember. Frankielaughs and says that it must have been a good night if he can't remember andcontinues on to her house.

At number six Frankie just comes in and Violet is reading the newspaper. Shesees Frankie with the milk and says, "I would of got that" Frankie says itwas no trouble and asks what time she is leaving. She replies saying two.Frankie has to go back out but says she will try get back to see them off.Just then Jamie comes down the stairs. She looks at him and says it musthave been a good night at the state of him. She tells him see saw Sean andhe said it was good. Jamie tells her it was good as she goes out the door.Jamie drinks the milk from the carton and Violet says she was going to waitup for him. He tells her it would not of matted at he was out of it. Shesays they have packing to do but he replies saying he need to do otherthings first and asks if he can go in the bathroom first. She tells him hecan go first.

Over at the Platt's Gail is on the phone saying half ten is fine. She comesoff and David asks if that with Smithy. "Mrs Smith, yes" She tells him. Shesays Mr Griffon is unavailable. David asks what is the point. Gail says tosee what she found out and so he can go back to school. He tells his mum sheis going to say what every teacher has. He says "And what if she doesn'tbelieve me? She'll say are you sure you're telling the truth David, I'll sayyes Mrs, she'll say I don't believe you and I'll say tough. She says shewill still stand by him as she has done. She says he has to put on washingthen they will go.

Out in the street on Maxine's bench Jamie is siting. Sean comes over and saysthat he is going to get him into trouble. Jamie asks what he said and hereplies dental appointment. They both head off to the cafe. Bev comes out ofthe Rovers with a cloth and a bucket of water to wash the glass. She seesFred coming out of his house. He shouts over saying he has some business todo but he will meet her later. She says she is working all day and Fredreplies someone has too. She says she loves him and he said the same as hegets into his car and drives off. David and Gail are walking along to go tothe school. David says he's not saying she's lying if she says he hasn'tbeen bullied but its what every other teacher has said and what she willsay. Gail tells him she's only interested in what he has to say and tellshim to come on.

Over at the Cafe Sean and Jamie are talking. Jamie asks him to forget whathe said last night. Sean says, "So you do really want me" Jamie repliessaying not the bit. Sean says he is heartbroken again and tells him to goon. Jamie says about what he said about Frankie. He says he was drunk lastnight and didn't mean what he said. Sean says it still sounds a bit of thetruth. Jamie says that is his mum, as good as. Sean says ok as his mobilegoes off. He says what a surprise.

At the Baldwin household Violet is on her mobile to Sean. She says his whathe found out last night. She says, "Oh, you're at work" She tells him she isgoing on holiday today and says it will have to be about twelve thirty inthe Rovers.

Back to the Cafe Sean says that was his beloved on the phone. Jamie asks ifhe is going to tell her about Frankie. Sean says why would he when he saysit's not true. Jamie says it will never be true or come true. Maria is atthe counter getting something. She asks Frankie if Charlie has been in, shereplies saying no. Maria then says it noes not matter and goes. Frankiecomes over to Jamie and fills up his cup saying he soon will be of on hisholls. She ruffles his hair and goes. Sean gives a smile.

At the Yard Maria pops her head in to look for Charlie but seeing that he'snot there she goes. Charlie just appears and watches.

Out in the street Maria passed Tracy, they say hi while walking. Charliecomes over to Tracy who says, "I know it was a bad idea coming this way"Charlie says he wants to talk. "I know what you think of me and what I'vedone," he says. Tracy says there is nothing to talk about then. She asks himto get out of her way so she cant take Amy to nursery. He does not move soshe steps aside and starts to walk on. Charlie says Shelley is a winner asshe gets her own back and they lose everything they even had. Tracy does notlook back or say any thing but carries on.

At Audrey's house Fred has come to take her to the Jewelers so he can getsomething for Bev. Audrey asks Fred if he has told Bev she is coming. Hesays no and asks if he should have. She tells him no as what ever he getsBev should think he got it him self. Audrey then asks if every thing isshaping up for the wedding. Fred says everything but Shelly not going to bethere. Audrey looks shocked and goes to ask why. Fred says he should not besaying anything. Audrey then says if it's to do with him and Bev is muststay that way. She then says they should be going. She grabs her jacket andthey head out.

At the Barlow household and Deirdre is ironing and saying to Ken they shouldnot gloat that Tracy is back. Ken agrees as Deirdre says she can go back tohis as fast as she left him. She then says they should act normal. Blanchcomes in the room and tells Ken to change her book for her. Ken looks andsays you are leaving it up to me. She tells him to get her something modernand in big print. Deirdre says to Blanche, they should not over do it withTracy. Blanche asks why they have fallen out. Deirdre says they had a fallingout, why she says she does not know what about, Blanche says she does know.Ken goes. Blanche asks what is she supposed to do it she bumps into Charlie.Deirdre says for her to say nothing. She then asks why she'd want to talk toCharlie. Blanche replies saying she might get more out of him that she canthem.

At the jewelers Audrey and Fred say they are looking for something for aweeding gift from the groom to the bride. Fred says he is the groom and theman says congratulations to him. Fred then says he thought about thewatches, Audrey says yes. The guy tells them to sit down and he will bringthem over so they can have a better look. Fred replies, "Champion"

At the School the teacher Mrs Smith says the allegations have beeninvestigated. They have questioned anyone that could have been involved.They have talked to teachers and everyone in his year. She can't find anyevidence that David was ever bullied. David's mind is else where. Gail askswhat he has to say and he replies saying that they are not going to admitit. Mrs Smith says he took some days off school and when he got caught hepanicked and has made up this story to cover his tracks. David says hehasn't. Gail says she needs to talk to David and asks if she can phone. MrsSmith says any time. Gail thanks her for all her efforts and everyone elseby the sound of it. She then tells David to come on.

Back over at the jewelers they are looking at the watches. Fred says itsbetween two and he likes one of them as its delicate. He asks Audrey to tryit on. She says she can't. The man says it would suit her as she has smallwrists. Fred says he is not married her. The guy apologies. Fred jokinglysays he has asked her lots of times but she has said no every time so hewent out and find someone else. He then tells the guy that Audrey is sitingthere thinking she had a luckily escape. Fred asks Audrey to pick and shesays she can't choose.

After the break we come back to the Jewelers. The man asks if he would likethe watch gift-wrapped. He says yes please. Fred asks Audrey to getsomething for helping him, for her friendship and advice over the years. Shesays no she can't and that they are hear to get something for Bev his wifeto be and he should not be thinking out her. He then says for her to comeout for a meal as she can't say no to that. Audrey says she can but says ifits what he wants she won't say no. He then again asks her to get jewelry aswell. But then quickly goes no you don't want to and says he understands.

Outside in the street Gail and David are walking along. They start arguing.David tells her that is what the teacher was going to say. Gail says maybeso. David then says that she does not believe him. Gail says she will alwaysbelieve him and be on his side as she is his mum. She opens the door to herhouse and goes in.

In the Platt household Gail starts shouting saying she will always believehim no matter what he says as she wants to believe him and does not care ifit gets her in trouble with the police and school. "I'll believe you if youtell me black's white, or day is night, or that it wasn't you sending cardsfrom Richard or that it wasn't you playing truant because David, I 'want' tobe on your side. That's the most important thing so you can tell me'anything' and I'll believe it" David shouts back saying so she thinks he islying. David says he is lying and there is no bullies. He then says for herto go phone the head teacher and tell her. David then goes upstairs. Gailjust has a look on her face.

At the Barlow household again and Blanche asks Tracy how long she's stayingfor. Tracy asks if this is a hotel and she has to say how long she wants aroom for. Deirdre says for her to ignore Blanch. Just then Ken comes in witha book. Blanche says his wife has given orders for everyone to ignore her andthen says she has read this book. Ken says its only been in for a week.Blanche then asks if Amy likes all this moving. Tracy being sarcastic saysshe loves it. Blanche says if she wasn't hungry she'd leave this table. Tracysays she would too. Deirdre says, if she hadn't cook the tea she'd leave.Ken being sarcastic then says he'd be on his own and would not like that.

At number six Violet and Jamie are packing. Violet says she needs to go tothe Rovers and check her shifts. Jamie says he could do with a pint andoffers to go with her but she says no as she will only be a minute. Shetells him she'd rather had a drink at the airport as its more romantic. Shethen says they have not book a taxi and asks him to do that while she ischecking her shifts.

At a restaurant Fred says, "What it is about Shelley" She stops him and saysthat between you and Bev. He says he is going to tell her and says about howShelley is pregnant with Charlie's baby. Audrey looks shocked. Fred thengoes on to say Bev don't not see speak about it. He then says she neverspeak about her first husband and says that ever odd and asks what shethinks. Audrey says he can't be asking her that as she still has feelings ofher own to deal with. Just then the meal comes.

At the Rovers Violet says she is waiting for Sean when Bev asks if she wantsa drink. Gail is getting a drink and asks if she does tranquilize and willhave some of them as well. Sean comes in and Violet says she just has aminute. She asks if he came on to Jamie and what he did. Sean says he didand Jamie is a straight as the hills. Violet asks if he is sure. He saysyes. Violet says she does not know what is up with Jamie but he has untilthe end of the trip to start loving her or is over. Maria just comes in andGail gets her drink. She tells Maria she could off done with her thismorning as what she got out of David in 3 hours he would of told Maria in 3minutes. Maria asks if he has been a bad boy. Gail says he is driving her toany early grave.

At the Restaurant again Fred asks Audrey, "What you said earlier, aboutstill having feelings, what did you mean?" She says, "Did I say that? When?"He tells her just before the food came. She tells him it was just beinghungry what she doesn't have any more and says it was a lonely meal. Fredagrees. He says, "I just wondered if you, perhaps, felt that Beverly wastaking your place?" Audrey says, "just remember you are never to tell herthat I helped you choose that watch" He tells it will be they're secret andalways will be. Fred thinks she is keeping something from him. Audrey justsays only from the Salon and says she has to get back to it and if he gotthe check.

Out in the street Charlie crosses the road and meets Maria. She tells him hehas not been round to do any jobs in the flat. He tells her he has had a fewproblems to take care off. She tells him not to leave it to long before hecomes round, he nods. She goes and he continues and knocks on number 1.Jamie tells the taxi person he wont be a minute.

Back to the Barlow household Ken lets him in. He goes through and tellsTracy that Charlie is here to see her. Tracy goes to see him. Deirdre askswhy he let him in and he replies saying he didn't want them shouting in thestreet. Tracy says she does not want to talk to him but he just want her tohear him out. She says she will come to number six because she does not wantthem to hear. She tells him she will be over in a minute. Charlie goes andTracy gets her jacket.

Outside Violet and Jamie are just putting their cases in the taxi. Seancomes out of the Rovers and watches them. Jamie says buy to Frankie. Shetells him she wants him back in one piece. They get in the taxi and go.

At the Garage as Sally is going to work Kevin stops her and says he has beentalking to his dad and the surprise anniversary present is a trip to Paris.Sally is gob smacked and says they will tell the girl when they are havingdinner.

Out in the street Tracy comes out of her house and heads towards number six.Audrey and Fred pull up in the car. Fred says he thinks they have unfinishedbusiness. Audrey says the only unfinished business is between him and Bev.She gets out the car


And that's all for this episode. The next part will be along soon.

Amanda Souter

While tonight's programme was being broadcast I was sat in an airportlounge in Dublin, Ireland trying to watch and listen while the PA systemkept calling for missing passengers. Thank goodness for the VCR!

So we rejoin the programme with Fred returning to The Rovers lookingvery glum.

Charlie tires to apologise to Tracy, he realises he was stupid. Howevershe is not interested in his apology (sensible girl). He says he gotlegless, she said you mean "trouserless". Charlie tries to explain thatShelley came onto him. However Tracy doesn't believe him as he was theperson that Shelley most hated in the world. Anyway, she says "you liedto me". Charlie explains that he was frightened of losing her. Tracyreminds him that he let her stand up in the pub and call Shelley a liar.

Ken brings in a book from the library for Blanche. She thinks she hasalready the book, but Ken tells her that the library only got the bookin last week.

Tracy returns to the Barlow household. Almost simultaneously there is aknock on the door. Ken, presuming it is Charlie asks Tracy if she wantsto see him. She says no. Ken answers the door, to Charlie and tellshim that she doesn't want to talk to him, but at that point Tracy comesout. He says that he wants to explain what happened at the Rovers. Hesuggests they go to The Rovers now. She initially says no, and when hesays that they will talk on the doorstep, she says she will come alongbut won't have a drink.

Fred comes home and tells Bev that he has been shopping for a surprise.She tells him to keep the receipts of the surprise! Fred thenremembers he is supposed to be babysitting for Ashley so he can go andsee Claire.

In the Rovers Charlie tells Tracy that he would have told the truth, butcouldn't risk losing her. He didn't expect Shelley to return pregnant."Do you expect me to feel sorry for you?" asks Tracy. He tells her thathe is "something special" and he doesn't know how to make things rightbetween us. "If I do come back", says Tracy (weakening), she wonders ifit will be a case of Charlie winning again. He tells her that he willfeel the luckiest guy in the world (oh yuk!).

At the hospital, Claire says she feels better. Ashley says he ismissing her. She says she *will* be at Fred and Bev's wedding.

At Audrey's hairdressing salon-to-only-Coronation Street-regulars it isLiz's turn to have her hair "done". She tells Maria that Bev is veryexcited about the wedding, however she doesn't feel so interested.After all, she is only one in a long line of women that have been withFred (why, I ask!). Audrey overhears the conversation and feigns aheadache.

Tracy explains to Ken and Deirdre that she is going back to Charlie(silly girl). They, of course, disapprove, but realise there is nothingthey can do. Blanche complains she doesn't know why they split up, orwhy she wants to go back.

Back at the hospital, Claire wonders how she will be without drugs.Ashley assures her she will be fine.

Fred is singing a lullaby to the baby when the phone rings. Audrey isringing to thank him for lunch. She says it maybe our last timetogether (she has next week's script, then). He tells her "no", butdecides to go round to see her.

Deirdre helps Tracy to move her stuff back over to Charlie's. Tracytells her mother that everyone will thinks she is stupid (correct!).She reminds Deirdre that she split from Ken and they got back togetheragain. Deirdre replies that her dad isn't Charlie Stubbs.

Sally goes to the garage and suggests to Kev that they pay for Craig tocome on holiday with Rosie and the rest of the family, otherwise shewill be obstinate and not come.

Fred is just about to go out when he is spotted by Bev. She thought hewas babysitting. Fred tells her that Ashley is back and he is off to aSquare Dealers committee meeting.

The Webster family and Craig are gathering around the table. Sophiewants to know what the surprise is. Sally tells her that she will betold when everybody is ready.

Over at Audrey's house Fred has arrived. She says she feels guiltyabout inviting him over. He wants to know what is bothering her. Heknows there is something wrong. She explains that she has never felt onher own when Fred was around. He tells her that she will find somebodynew. Audrey says that she will be on her own for the rest of her life.

Sally is now ready to announce to the family the surprise to celebrateher and Kev's 20 years of marriage. She tells them they are going toParis. There is silence! Sally asks why the silence, Rosie says shehas been before. Sally is amazed that nobody seems to be interested.Sophie says she wants to go.

Charlie tells Tracy that he is lonely without her. However he tells herthat he has some paperwork to finish off at the yard before dinner.

Fred reminds Audrey that she had first choice of him. "But, think aboutwhat Bev will have to put up with", he tells her that she will think shehad a lucky escape this time next week. (She will be thinking more thanthat!).

Charlie lets himself into Maria's flat. She quickly discards her yellowrubber gloves and welcomes him. He tells her that he thinks Tracy willbe leave him soon, and they could be together. He says it will work out.

Audrey, tells Fred to forget anything she said earlier. "How can Iforget?" he asks. What is he to do? How can he choose?

Poor old Fred - a troubled man
Stupid Tracy - a brainless child
Rosie - the potential snob

Martin Rosen

Wednesday 4 October

Audrey and Maria are on the doorstep of the salon, as Audrey fumblesfor her key. Fred walks past without speaking.

At the bus stop, Rosie and Craig are discussing Sally and Kevin'sforthcoming trip to Paris. With typical the typical teenage delusion thatthey know it all, they are scoffing at the idea of 'Poxy Paris' as Rosiecalls it. (One could, perhaps, understand her attitude if theinvitation was for a trip to Torremolinos or somewhere equally commercialised (butParis?) Craig comments that whilst her parents are away they get the house tothemselves.

Gail is waiting for David to get off to school and is horrified when hecomes down dressed in t-shirt and jeans, obviously with no intention ofgoing in. 'Look Mum,' he drawls, "this whole school thing just doesn'tdo it for me. All right? End of!" He grabs the tv remote control as Gailstands there speechless.

Tracy comes back from dropping Amy at nursery, to find Charliecleaning up the house. She tells him he really hurt her, and pushes him away as hetries to put his hands on her. She tells him she keeps waking up at night imagining him with 'the fat bridesmaid' as she calls Shelley, and she's upset at the thought that he kissed her.

Over at the Platt's, Gail is still trying to get David to go toschool. He tells her he's a school refuser and he's not going. She shouts andtells him to go upstairs and put his uniform on. David gets up and walks outof the front door. "You're doing my head in," he tells her, and walks off up the Street. She shouts after him, to no avail.

Sally is in the Kabin talking to Rita about Paris. She tells Rita that Rosie isn't coming, it's not 'happening' enough. Rita says that Rosie can stay with her while Sally and Kevin are gone, and Sally accepts gratefully. David comes in then. "No school?" asks Norris. David tells them he's skiving and Gail is really stressed about it. Rita is shocked. "Poor Gail!" she says.

Deirdre meets Ken in the pub. They discuss Tracy and he thinks that if shelooks happy and says she's happy, then she must be happy. Deirdre wonders how long this 'honeymoon period' will last. Ken gets up and goes to the bar, and Deirdre catches sight of Bev. They glare at each other.

Bev goes up to Fred and comments on the state of his rough hands. He tells her he's a butcher and they're scrubbed clean umpteen times a day. Michelle laughs and suggests he goes for a manicure. Fred considers this.

Ken and Deirdre are still discussing Tracy. They are sure that Charlie doesn't really care about Tracy and that sooner or later she will leave him.

In the cafe, Gail is moaning to Audrey about David when Roy brings their drinks over. Gail comments that Roy seems to have licked Craig into shape, but Roy says that comparisons aren't helpful. Audrey says Gail must be more tactical. No more pocket money, computer games or tv in the bedroom. She tells Gail she must say what she means and mean what she says!

In the back alley way, David crouches down among the dustbins eating chips from the paper. He doesn't look at all happy with his situation, despite seemingly having got what he wants.

Ashley and Claire's mum go to visit her. Claire tells them she's coming home tomorrow. She says they've told her she not to expect too much when she sees Thomas, but she thinks it will come. Her mum says she'll babysit if they want a night out, but Claire's face clouds over and she says she doesn't want to go out until she's got the hang of this motherhood thing. She tells Ashley he'll have to be patient with her.

Fred goes to the salon to book his manicure and tidy up before his big day. Maria laughs and says he's gone all 'new man', whereas Audrey looks extremely uncomfortable and says they're full up, there's a couple of appointments she's forgotten to put in the book. Maria tells Fred to come back at half past four, and tells Audrey, "We're deader than a dodo!"

Sophie is reading out facts and French phrases from a book. Sally smiles indulgently at her and tells her she loves her enthusiasm for life. Rosie looks scornful. Sally tells them both that Jarvis Cocker from Pulp lives in Paris. "Big wow!" says Rosie, decidedly unimpressed. Sally says she's sure Rita will take good care of Rosie while they're away, she thinks she has a trip to the cash and carry planned.

In the salon, Maria is tidying up Tracy's fringe, trying to resist the temptation to stab her in the eye with the scissors. Fred is just hanging up his coat so Maria goes and asks Audrey if she'd swap and let her do Fred. Audrey however, will not.

As she starts to trim his hair, Fred murmurs to her that he hasn't slept. Audrey says she should have kept her mouth shut. "Genie's out'a bottle now," says Fred. Audrey reminds him that in a few days he's going to be a married man. Fred says he can't pretend she never said it, despite Audrey begging him to forget it.

Maria has finished Tracy's hair, and is taking the money. "Don't you just love it when men are on the back foot," smirks Tracy. Maria says that Charlie never struck her as being that type. "Oh believe me, I'm making him work for it at the moment," says Tracy. Just then Bev comes rushing in to show Fred some fancy shoes she's just bought. "Perfect for rainy days in Peaks," says Fred, sarcastically. Bev tells him he's a misery-guts and now will have to wait for the honeymoon to see the rest. She kisses him goodbye, telling Audrey not to forget his ears. "Rather you than me," she says.

David comes downstairs demanding to know where his tv and playstation are. David is adamant that taking his stuff is not going to make him go back to school. Gail tells him that he's obliged to go to school and she is obliged to send him. She tells him if he does a whole week at school he can have his tv back. "What kind of deal is that!" exclaims David. Gail tells him it's the only deal he's going to get. "You've stolen my property!" he shouts. "It's no big deal," says Gail, echoing earlier conversations with him. "Take a chill pill. Get over it."

Back at the salon, Audrey tells Fred that if he wanted to see her he could have knocked at her door. He tells her this is a kind of holding hands. "Don't you trifle with me, Fred Elliot," says Audrey, and he tells her he's never trifled with anyone. Maria has seen her last customer out of the door so Audrey tells her she can go home. After she's gone, Audrey tells Fred she hates the awkwardness between them, and it's all her fault. She confesses that when he asked her years ago she thought she could do better. "I'm a stupid, shallow woman," she says. "I thought I could do better than you. What was I thinking?"

David is arguing his case for getting his stuff back. Gail shouts at him to go back to school. He retorts that she can confiscate what she likes, he is not going back ' ever! "What is wrong with you?" she asks him. "What is wrong with you?" he shouts back, "you need to get your ears checked out. I am NOT going back to school. Are you receiving me now?"

Ken and Deirdre are in the pub when Charlie and Tracy come in. Deirdre asks where Amy is, and Tracy tells her she's at nursery. Deirdre is horrified. "Poor little mite," she says, "you're not exactly a working mother, are you?" Tracy tells her she's working at her relationship.

At the bar, Michelle is talking to Maria about Tracy. "Life of Riley or what?" she says. "She doesn't lift a finger, has her kid for about an hour a week, and you never see her in the same outfit twice!" Maria thinks they don't look happy. Michelle says she's heard they're a marriage made in heaven. "Appearances can be deceptive," says Maria.

Ashley is in the pub, talking to Bev. He asks where Fred is and is amazed to hear he's across the road having a manicure. "It must be love", says Ashley.

Deirdre comes up to the bar. "What can I get you?" asks Bev, grimly. "A week at a health farm? A decent night's sleep?" says Deirdre. Bev points out that Deirdre's plan backfired, and Deirdre admits that both their daughters are stuffed. She orders drinks for 'the happy couple' and Bev suggest that Charlie won't mind a cracked glass, will he? Deirdre assures her that he won't, and if it's got a hair in it, so much the better. They smile conspiratorily at each other.

In the salon, Audrey is sniveling into her hankie. Fred asks what she would have said if he had asked her again to marry him. She tries to evade the question but he persists. "What would you have said, Audrey?" Eventually she says, "I would have said yes!"

Anne Logan

Friday 6 October

As we arrive in Coronation Street this Friday night, Les is drivingYana and Cilla home, moaning the whole way about having to do thecooking and the shopping and the laundry while they were away. Cillais quick to point out that he didn't mention the cleaning, which meansthe place will be like a tip. "Hah! Too right it is!" says Les. Turnsout Cilla is grumpy because Yana swanned off with some man and Cilladidn't see her for most of the holiday.

Rosie and Craig arrive back from school. They meet David who tellsthem he's left school. "Told her straight," he says. Craig agreesthere is little David's mum can actually do about it. (In case you'reswitching back to Wednesday's update, I should point out that David'sversion of what he told Gail differs significantly from the way shesaw it). Further down the street, Rita stops Craig and Rosie so shecan say how much she's looking forward to having Rosie to stay.

In the back of the Rovers, Bev, Fred and Betty are discussing food forthe wedding and Bev's coming visit to Audrey to sort out her hair-do.It all seems a bit last-minute to me, because the wedding issupposedly on Monday!

In the salon, Audrey sees Fred come out of the Rovers and head downthe street. David comes in and asks if he can come round to his Gran'stonight. "Nice try," she says, "but the answer is no." He's a bittaken aback but Audrey explains: "David, you're not getting any ofyour stuff until you go back to school." He mutters that it will bethere a long time, then. "Fine. Carry on being bored," Audrey snapsback. Maria offers David a sympathetic ear. He's adamant he won't beblackmailed back to school. "But they're not robbing me stuff."

Fred has gone to Ashley's because Claire is coming home. Ashley'sworried that Claire will resent what he did and Fred tries to reassurehim.

Out in the street, Kirk arrives to pick up Fizz for a driving lessonand gets some comments about it from some naysayers. Fizz is veryannoyed and wonders why she's bothering if everyone thinks she'llfail. Sally runs across the road where Craig and Rosie tell herthey're going to the chippie. She can't understand why they'd ratherwaste their money on chips when they could eat at the Websters'. Rosieis very annoyed. When her mother goes inside she moans that she's gottwo more years of this. "Why can't they just leave me alone?" Shewants something other than working and living in the same street foryears.

Audrey meets Ashley and is thrilled to hear Claire will be cominghome. She says she might pop in and say hello to Fred if he's mindingthe kiddies. Bev comes out of the Rovers, narrowly avoiding being hitby a speeding car ("Sorry! Wrong pedal!" squeals Fizz). She goes overto talk to Ashley and Audrey, mentioning her hair appointment, whichAudrey briefly seems to have forgotten. It must be something in theair, Bev says. "Fred's all over the place, too."

Cilla and Yana are already back behind the fryers in the chippie andLes is in there having a go at Cilla about the bills that have mountedup in her absence. When he's gone, Craig and Rosie ask where they'vebeen and Cilla and Yana are appalled to hear the kids have never heardof Ayia Napa. When Craig hears it's in Cyprus, he comments that thereare load of Roman and Greek ruins there. Cilla and Yana look at eachother as if he's spoken in Swahili. "Dunno," says Yana. "There's loadsof clubs." Rosie asks about the local culture, but Yana doesn't doculture and Cilla explains: "We just want sun. We don't want anything. . . foreign." (I went to the Algarve once and that's what it waslike. No bacalhau or Portuguese coffee, but plenty of kippers orafternoon tea with scones). Cilla and Yana say it doesn't matter whereyou go, you have to come back and then it's as if you've never been away.

Fred is worrying about Claire, Bev thinks, while she shows Josh how tobreak eggs. "You're a wonderful woman, Beverly Unwin," Fred tells her."I do love you."

Rosie makes Craig promise her that they'll never be like Cilla andYana. "The second we leave school, we'll get away from here," Craigpromises her.

Fizz is driving very fast and is annoyed that Kirk keeps stamping hisfoot as if he's trying to brake. Kirk says there were people crossingthe road. Fizz insists she saw them (this has obviously been writtenby a family member who has tried to teach another family member todrive). "Indicate." "Oh, Kirk! Will you shut up!"

Craig and Rosie are back in the empty bakery shop and playing the"Where am I" game of trying to guess the city described in theEuropean guidebook. They start talking about Berlin. The music sceneis amazing, apparently. They discuss the possibility of living thereone day. "Why not now?" asks Craig. "Let's go and live in Berlin."

Rita's noticed the car has been round the block at least ten times. Inthe car, Fizz is fed up with it. She wants to go further - likeRosamund Street! She pulls the car to a halt and tells him he candrive round the block to his heart's content.

Craig and Rosie are getting more and more excited at the thought ofrunning away to Berlin. "There is so much going on and we're missingit all," she says. Rosie says they could go to Paris with her parentsand get a train to Berlin from there.

"It's like being in a car with a flipping Dalek!" Fizz moans in thepub. Indicate. Indicate. I'm a bag of nerves. "Sounds like Kirk is,too," comments Rita at the bar. "So are some of the pedestrians,"Norris agrees. "Heaven help them if she ever tries reversing." And therather strange acoustic qualities of the Rovers mean Fizz hears this.She looks to Janice for support. "I think he's a brave bloke," Janicesays, adding that being in the back of the car in Fresco's car parkwith Fizz driving was like being in a Dodgem car. "He doesn't have tohelp you, you know. It'd cost you a fortune from a driving school."Fizz goes to the bar and apologises to Kirky.

Claire is home. Fred hugs her, then Bev kisses her. Then Josh gets ahuge hug. And Claire goes to baby Thomas, who is asleep. "Hiya.Mummy's home," she tells him.

Craig and Rosie are in the street discussing budgeting for their tripbut shut up when David arrives. He gets the message and goes off.Craig plans they can stay with a pal's brother who lives in Berlin.

Audrey has forgotten to take Rita out from under the drier. Bevarrives for her consultation.

Ashley takes Thomas out of the bassinet and asks if Claire hates him.She doesn't. "I'm glad you could see it, 'cause I couldn't," she tellshim. "He doesn't deserve me." Ashley tells her nothing was her fault."I know he's mine. But it still doesn't feel like he's mine," shesays. Ashley hands her the baby, who is gorgeously alert and lookingaround. They both take him up to bed.

In the salon they're discussing hairdos. Audrey only wants to knowabout Fred. Bev says he's been very stressed but he hasn't talked ofcancelling the wedding. "At our age, life's too short to go puttinganything off," Bev says. Audrey thinks that's the best policy.

Craig and Rosie are set on their plans. They go into the house andtell her parents they've got something to tell them. You can seeSally's mind working: Pregnancy? Disease? But it's just that they'vechanged their mind and want to go to Paris. Sally is thrilled.

The end.
Margaret Carr

Sunday 8 October

As most of you will already know we are approaching the wedding of theyear with Bev and Fred getting hitched. Except there is a slight hitch- Audrey rather feels that Fred should have been hers and she has made amistake in not marrying him, I say not marrying him, when he asked her.Now there is no fool like an old fool - or in this case Fred, whopresented with Audrey on a plate did not run a mile. In fact come tothink of it what do these women see in Fred - slightly overweight,balding and yet he manages to pull Maureen, Audrey and Bev (and probablysome I have overlooked) and what I have managed? Alright I know I amoverweight and balding - but since when has that held anyone back?Perhaps I should take up drinking scotch and a threat. I reckon thatsome people just have charisma - I say some people have charisma.

Do you really want to know about Craig and Rosie - no nor do I - butjust so that you do not forget they are going to Paris and then they arerunning away to Berlin. God give me strength - those two have a hardlya brain cell between them (and when they do it is on loan from Sophie)and they expect to survive in Berlin - where there is a gig every night -heaven help us it is a capital city - there is gig every night inLondon! In front of simple Sally they keep up the deceit (and wear outthe brain cell). Sally trolls along to the Kabin and tells Rita that sheis off the hook - no vegetarian meals to prepare. Simple Sal turns upthe heat - she has been looking forward to this for years - when herdaughters are her friends, they can be adult together and howwonderfully well she and Rosie are getting on at present, and that Salno longer has to be an authority figure. I wonder if I will be able tosay that about them this time next week?

Audrey and Fred meet outside the salon as the Croppers crop up alongsidethem. The Croppers assure Fred that the state of Holy Matrimony isblissful and there is nothing better, the look on Fred's face is notre-assuring and this is not helped by the ever observant Blanchepointing out that it does not suit everyone - but given that he isgetting on a bit he is unlikely to have to endure the pain for verylong. She goes on to report that a recent radio programme described ahappy marriage as being caused by mental retardation - something ofwhich we could never accuse Blanche - insensitivity maybe?

In the Rovers the girls are decorating for the party. Fred snaps at Bevand stalks off into the back room. Bev follows and assures him it isjust the nerves. Fred says he will go - he is just getting in the way.But Bev is clearly put out but Liz comforts her - tomorrow will be agreat day.

Along at the Platt household Audrey offers to look after David whilstGail attends the hen party - Gail guesses there is an ulterior motive -but Audrey refuses to tell her and Gail says their attendance at theparty will put things right.

The fastest recovery in medical history from a mental breakdown(frimhfamb) (also known as Claire) cannot stand the way Ashley isfussing around her - it is not normal (nor to be honest was the speed ofher recovery). Fred marches in from t'Rovers and up the stairs. (Iassume he has forgotten his lines). Anyway later he sits down withAshley. Ashley thought all would be well and he is not sure thefrimhfamb is his frimhfamb. Really I mean a man should know his ownfrimhfamb shouldn't he? Fred tells him that frimhfamb needs the realAshley and not the one wandering around at present - if Ashley is normalthen frimhfamb will be normal (never in a million years - especially ifshe comes off the drugs). But says Ashley you are going away - nay ladI'll only be at the end of a phone if you need (never a truer word saidFred). And they forget to discuss Fred's problem.

Bev is sorting out frimhfamb's dress - anyway ass Bev notes having abreakdown is not a good reason for missing the wedding of the year.Ashley returns and tells frimhfamb that "in sickness and in Health Ilove you." Later frimhfamb says that she originally said she would goto the party but now she is not so sure. Ashley says that of coursethey can stay at home. So frimhfamb decides she is not scared and willface the big bad party (and just who is babysitting Joshua and Thomasplease?).

Finally some humour. Michelle rings a bell and asks non partyparticipants to leave. Les tells Cilla that those staying are going toget free food and drink. He reckons hiding out in the toilets for awhile, so he vanishes and then Sean tells Cilla that locals can join theparty - but does anyone tell Les? And does he laugh when he finds outabout two rounds later? No but Cilla is might amused!

Later Rita calls the party to order. "Right I'll not be making aspeech, I say I'll not be making a speech - cos someone else will." Shethen proposes a toast to Fred and Bev as Gail and Audrey arrive. Fredand Audrey exchange looks after when Fred drags Bev into the back room -Gail notices that Audrey has certainly had some impact! Fred cannotexplain what is going on - but he says to Bev he has been foolish andwill she marry him - she is lost but reminds him that they are marryingtomorrow. Fred does not make sense - some talk about second thoughts,not being sure - when Liz appears and says the guests are missing them.The moment is lost and Fred knows it.

frimhfamb and Ashley arrive in the Rovers and although frimhfambapologised to Hayley over the little contretemps there was never anapology for Roy. So frimhfamb delivers an apology to Roy who thinksthat frimhfamb should also say sorry to Hayley - but the earlier apologyis noted and Claire promises it was stress and it will never happenagain (I don't know - the whole recovery was far too rapid in my view).

Fred finally makes a speech. He is unaccountably nervous - meeting Bevand then her agreeing to marry him were unexpected - but as Les observesat the top of his voice it is about time that one of the proposeesaccepted!! Fred says that Bev is the one true love of his life andproposes a toast to her which Audrey echoes in a hollow fashion as theman she loves is now almost tied to his wife to be.

Fred slips out for some fresh air in the yard and he is joined by Ashleywho senses something is wrong. Ashley wants to thank him for theirearlier talk - he knows now that he and frimhfamb are going to bealright. Fred says he is not sure he can say the same. ReluctantlyFred tells Ashley about the chances that Audrey has had and how she hasindicated that if he were available she would give a different answernow. Bev appears but hears nothing - although she thinks that might bearguing she is told they are discussing their speeches. She returns tothe party and Fred spells it out for Ashley and watching public. under24 hours to the wedding, should be marry Bev or call it off and take upwith Audrey again?

The Monday evening episodes will resolve the situation one way oranother.

Stag and Hen party in the same bar I hear you say? Yes it does happen -I was working in a bar once and although they started off separatelyboth halves ended up in the bar. They were at opposite ends of the roomand (because it was on a housing estate) absolutely everyone kneweveryone else. As some of us probably already know this was actually aparty of another sort.

Kosmo Richard W

Monday 9 October

Part 1

(Rovers) Bev: Becoming Mrs Elliot will be the greatest day off my life.‘Fred Elliot has only ever wanted one thing'. (Outside back of Rovers)Ashley: Audrey's not right for you. (Audrey's) Fred: Who can I choose. ‘Tolove with all his heart, as if each day where his last'. (Church) Ashley:DAD. (Voice of Fred) "If I should never see you again, I'll never forgetyou" Devastation Street – Tv Advert for this episode.

This episode of Coronation Street is Written by Peter Whalley
Directed by Alan Wareing.
Produced by Steve Frost.
Copyright of ITV Productions.

Outside the Back of the Rovers Bev looks deep in thought. Just then Liz comes out and asks what she is doing. Bev tells her that life surprises you and she thought she was going to be one of those widows that no one wants to come and see, then Fred came along and all the colour and warmth has come back into her world. Then says she's happy. They both hug.

Outside the cab office Eileen asks Steve if she can have a lift to the wedding. He asks if she's invited and she tells him yes. Steve says that Fred has rented out all the cars so she can have a lift. Les who is washing as cab asks how old Fred is and what's the point of him marring. Eileen says for companionship and so show he loves her.

Out in the street Audrey gets out of her car. Just at the Rovers Bev is getting the mail from the mailman. She then says hi to Audrey saying its not long now and says she will see her at eleven. Audrey just says yes and turns to go. She has a look on her face.

In the Rovers and Liz says Bev has been none stop. She says she can't stay still. Liz tells her that Shelley is on the phone and asks if this means she will be coming to the wedding. Bev replies saying she does not think so as she's away on holiday. Bev goes to get the phone as Liz looks unconvinced that was the truth.

At the Peacocks house Fred says Josh looks a picture as he's in a suit. Fred then thanks Claire for making the effort. She says she had to. Just then Ashley says Thomas is dropped off and Yvonne knows about his feeds. Claire then says she's going to see how the bride is getting on and says her dress is over there so she'll get ready over there too. Claire goes and Ashley says he needs to have a work. He just sorta shouts back saying do we.

Salon as Gail says her mum looks terrible. Audrey says she didn't sleep last night. Eileen comes in asking if she can get her hair done for the wedding. Maria tells her about half ten as Eileen says that great as she might cop off at the wedding. Gail asks Audrey if the is going to the wedding and Audrey ask it will look bad if she doesn't.

At the Peacocks back garden Fred is having a smoke. Ashley comes up to him and asks if he is marring the right one. Fred says if he knew about Audrey before things might have been different but he didn't so they are not. Ashley says he should not go through with it, as he will look a full if it does not last. Fred says it will last. Ashley says not if he is looking at Bev and thinking of Audrey. He then tells him dad he has to ask him self if he is marring the right one.

Over at the Rovers Liz is telling Michelle what Bev said then Shelley phone. Michelle asks what type of a daughter does not go to her mothers wedding. Just then Bev comes. Michelle asks if she's going like, she replies Fred would be shocked. Claire says he'd still married her. She tells them that anyone that comes in can have Champagne and Betty has sausages and eggs on. She then goes to make a call.

Barlow's house and Blanch asks Ken if she look ok. He just says yes and Blanch says he didn't even look. Ken looks and says she looks fine and might be mistaken for the bride. Deirdre then says she's been invited to a Champagne breakfast. Ken says that's fine and looks like Bev wants to clear the air. Blanch asks if that was to do with the falling out with Tracy that's she's not allowed to know about. Ken tells her as its over there is now less reason for her to know.

At the Salon Audrey is looking a bit tearful. She mutters saying she can't. Maria asks what's she saying and Audrey says she will have to do Bev's hair. Maria says she can't as she is fully booked. Audrey says she will just have to cancel. Eileen comes in and is not amused that she can't get her hair done. She says she won't be coming here again. Maria asks if Audrey is ok and she says she's not.

At the Kabin Frankie is getting confetti. Gail says some churches don't allow that anymore. Rita tells her to bring it back if they don't. Norris asks what if she throws it and puts its back in the box. Frankie says that's a good idea. Rita says weddings bring out the worst in Norris and asks if he had confetti. He says Angela would have had anyone how throw it picking it up.

At the Rovers everyone is saying how nice Fred is. Maria comes in to do Bev's hair and Liz gives her a glass of Champagne. Frankie and Gail come in and Frankie offers some of her confetti to Deirdre as she says she hasn't got. Frankie asks if the bride has done a runner. Deirdre says she's loving every minute. Frankie says it's all down hill now. They say there won't be a dry eye when Bev says I do.

Back room of the Rovers Claire asks Bev is she wants a drink and she says Champagne. Maria says Audrey just seamed a bit stressed and maybe has a virus. She starts to get out stuff to do Bev's hair.

Audrey's place and she's on the phone and asks Ashley if she can talk to Fred.

Peacocks Ashley says Fred is not here and asks to take a message.

Audrey's place and she asks him to tell his dad that she's poorly and won't be able to make the wedding today.

Back at the Peacocks Ashley says he will pass the message on. Just then Fred asks who that was and Ashley says it was Claire's mum asking about feeds he left. Ashley then tells his dad to turn round. He says he looks really nice. Ashley asks him if is sure he wants to marry Bev. Fred says he is sure that is what he is going to do. Ashley says that not that he asked. Fred just tells him to get a scotch and threat.

At the Rovers that are talking about wedding photos. They laugh saying don't you wish the vicar put a stop to the wedding. Just then Claire says here's the bride. Bev says this is and they call cut her up finishing what she is going to say that it's the happiest day of her life. Not just because she's marring a good man but because she has friends to support her. Michelle adds and to drink her Champagne. Bev says for them to drink more as she not does not want to be the only one seeing double.

At the Peacocks again and Fred, Dev and Ashley have a toast. Fred says he feels he has got a new start on life and one that he does not deserve. Claire comes in and Fred says she looks nice. Dev says she has a nice dress but she does not agree. Claire says the bride looks really nice then they ask. Fred says, of course she would. She says she's come to get Josh. Ashley shouts for him and goes up to get him.

Outside the Rovers everyone is lined up and Bev is filling their glasses. Just then Ashley comes out and Bev hinds behind Deirdre and Ken. Fred comes and Ashley covers his eyes as he gets into the car. He shouts across saying he has not seen her. Bev to Deirdre says no one believes her about Shelley so tells a new story of her going on holiday, getting a bug and cant come back and asks her to tell that to everyone. Danny who's talking to Frankie and Eileen asks if he can give anyone a lift. Eileen says that's just for her but Frankie says he will give both of them a lift. Not what Danny had in mind but says yes. Just then a nice car comes for Bev and she's gobsmacked.

At the Church Fred meets the vicar who he knows. The vicar asks if there is any last minute problems. He says no there's not and says he's marring a wonderful woman and will never have any more problems. The vicar what about today and says is she going to turn up on time. Fred says she better as the car he got cost a lot.

At Audrey's place she sits alone looking tearful. She looks at her watch then mutters to her self that she only has her self to blame.

Outside the Church Fred greets everyone. Ashley asks if he's still going to see Audrey. Fred says not as he has been recently and he wont be round here. Ashley says there is still cars and phones. Fred says she will know he is married now, as she will be here. Ken wishes him luck as Blanch says he nearly seen the bride, Fred says his eyes was tight shut. Ashley tells him she phoned this morning and is not coming. Rita, Emily and Gail arrive. Rita says she would marry him as he so hansom. Fred asks Gail about Audrey who says she thinks she is a bit depressed. He thanks here and gives Ashley a look.

At the Rovers Bev says Claire and Josh will come with her. Everyone else goes out. Claire takes Josh to the toilet. Liz hugs Bev and says she will see her in church. Michelle says good luck. Bev looks around the bar.

Back at the Church Fred tells Ashley to tell the vicar that they are still here. He says he wants to have word with Dev as well. As Ashley goes he tells Dev he thinks he has left a present he got for Bev in his car. Dev says he will go and get it but Fred says its ok he will go. Dev gives him the keys. Fred has a wee smirk on his face.

Outside the Rovers Bev gets in the car as Does Claire and Josh. Bev says she will come back with a different name being Mrs Elliot. Claire tells Josh that Bev will be his granny. Bev tells the driver they are ready to go. The car drives off to the church.

At the Church again Ashley comes up to Dev and asks where hid dad is. Dev says he left something in his car and he is away to get it. Ashley asks if he gave him the keys. Dev says yes and Ashley runs to the door. Dev follows asking what is up.

Outside the Church Ashley comes running out shouting his dad. Fred is in the car ready to go. Ashley sees him and Fred looks at him and takes off. Dev watches as well as his car goes speeding down the road. Ashley and Dev just stand looking shocked.

Amanda Souter

Part 2

Folks, sadly I have some sad news to tell you tonight. I won't sayanymore at the moment but just let the story unfold.

(The second part credits open with a funeral car driving around.)

Fred turns up at Audrey's house. She is surprised to see him. He sayshe has come round to check that she is okay. He was concerned after hegot her message from Ashley.

At the church, Ashley is annoyed at Dev for giving Fred the keys tohis car.

The wedding car with Bev and Claire inside turns up. Ashley tells themto drive around for another five minutes as they are "not quite ready".

Audrey tells Fred that this is causing a problem. Fred says that she isthe only one that he ever wanted. Audrey says that if he asked againshe would definitely say yes. He says that he will always rememberher. So Audrey asks him whether he is completely certain he is doingthe right thing, is Bev the right one? Fred replies that Ashley askedthe same question. "People must think I am the doziest man on theplanet". He tells her that they will stick by each for years to come.Audrey says she is pleased for the both of them.

Ashley and Dev are outside the church and says he will ring Audrey. Devhas left his mobile in the car. Meanwhile inside the church speculationis mounting as to where Fred is. Dev comes in and asks to borrow amobile. Danny obliges. He gets back outside and neither of them knowAudrey's number. So Dev goes back into the church to get it from Gail.Blanche wants to know what is happening, and of course Norris' cage israttled and keeps asking "what did he say?"

Back outside, Claire gets out of the car and asks what is happening.Ashley decides to tell her, but she is not to tell Bev. He says thatFred has gone off in Dev's car, and they think he has gone to Audrey's.

The phone rings at Audrey's house while she is still talking with Fred.She refuses to answer the phone, as she would not know what to say.Audrey encourages him to go back to the church. He should just pretendhe has been wandering around for the last half hour, and must have losthis memory because he can't remember anything. His parting words to herare "I'll never forget you - be happy, I say be happy". As he goes toleave, there is a terrible crash in the hallway. Audrey goes out andFred is lying on the floor.

He is taken away in an ambulance. Audrey tells the policewoman who iscomforting her that he was on the way to a wedding, where everyone willbe at the church waiting.

Bev, now is getting very impatient and demands to know what ishappening. Ashley tells her that he drove off in Dev's car, but nobodyknows where.

In the church Danny asks Gail what Dev wanted from her. She refusesto say.

The police arrive at church with Audrey. Ashley immediately thinks sheis running off with Fred. She however tells Ashley "Your Dad is dead".

Michelle wonders if everyone is at the wrong church and that Bev andFred are elsewhere. This of course is dismissed.

Ashley comes into a hushed congregation. Keeping himself composed hegoes into the vestry to pass on the news. Standing there are Bev,Claire and the Vicar. He tells them that "he's died". He says all heknows is that he collapsed. Bev naturally doesn't want to believe it.

Speculation is rife in the church. Ashley comes out with the Vicar andtells everyone that his Dad is dead. Silence in the church turns toquiet mutterings. Emily feels there ought to be something that shecould do.

Bev wants to know where he was when it happened. In an effort to spareher feelings by saying it doesn't matter where he was. Bev speculateshe was found by a compete stranger and that there was nobody with himwhen he died.

Audrey wants to tell Bev how much he loved her. Bev goes into thechurch. She still wants to know how and when and where he died. Audreyand Gail come into the church. Bev says nobody will tell her anything,she feels everybody knows something but nobody is telling her. Audreysays that his last thoughts was for her. "He died at my house" saysAudrey. Ashley thinks Audrey tried to stop the wedding. Audrey saysthis is not true. He thinks that she is entirely to blame.

And so we say a fond farewell to Fred as he goes to the big butcher'sshop in the sky.

Martin Rosen

Wednesday 11 October

Claire puts a 'Closed Until Further Notice' notice up on the door of thebutchers' shop.

Across the street, Bev seems to have been lying on the sofa all night whenLiz comes in. "No wonder she couldn't do me 'air," she mutters, and Liztells her to stop torturing herself, Audrey has said it was all above board.Bev is not convinced.

Meanwhile, Audrey is at Gail's, she too has obviously had a sleepless night.She tells Gail there was nothing going on. "Right," says Gail, making itclear she doesn't believe a word of it. "He leaves the church on his weddingday to come and see you, and there was nothing going on?" she says, "I findthat hard to believe and I'm on your side." Audrey is infuriated and getsup and leaves.

In the factory, Sean is sealing up a card. "Yesterday confetti, todaycondolences, talk about life's rich tapestry," he says, licking theenvelope. Fizz wonders if Audrey will send a sympathy card. Sally looksround and says that Audrey and Fred were good mates, and Janice reckonsthat's what they were doing when he croaked it – mating! Sally protests thatit could have all been perfectly innocent, when Danny comes out of theoffice. "Stitch while you bitch, thank you!" he says as he walk past. Thelovely Liam comes up with news of a table reservation for two for Danny atDelphines, with Frankie. Danny is amazed too when Liam tells him that anorder is all boxed and ready to go. "The whole lot?" he asks, impressed."Yup," says Liam, "keep up old son!" he adds, in a terrible Cockney accent.Sean pipes up then and asks for time off to go to the funeral. Danny isn'tkeen, he said he had time off yesterday for the nuptials. Sean says he can'tnot go and pay his respects, so Danny relents, but he tells the rest of themthey can't have any time off. "If you weren't at the match, you ain't goingto the dispatch," he quips.

Across the Street, Rita has called in to see Ashley, who is sitting lookingdazed. Claire tells her Ashley's going to get the death certificate. Clairewonders if people will be gossiping, and Ashley says he doesn't care. "PoorBev," says Rita. "Poor Dad," says Ashley, "poor Joshua, poor Thomas." Ritaagrees they've been robbed of a wonderful grandfather, and says he was aboutto marry the woman he loved. "But we don't know that, do we?" says Claire,"what was he doing round at Audrey's?"

In the Battersby residence, a purple, glowing Cilla is under the sunbed asusual, when Les comes in looking for his Scotch egg that he left in thefridge. Cilla implies it must have been Kirk, and asks Les to post apackage for her. Les looks at the address and wants to know who theaddressee is. "A satisfied customer," smirks Cilla. Les assumes she'sselling more tat, and thinks he should have a share of the profits. "You'rejust the errand boy," she tells him, but promises him a few pints and avindaloo when she gets the money for the parcel he's posting.

Janice is in the Kabin, and Norris wants to know if there's any news on"Audreygate". Liz comes in and tells them that Bev is half-cut, and there'sspeculation on what Fred was doing there in the first place. Les, coming inwith his package to post, tells Janice it was a special delivery of sausage,and they fall about laughing. Rita is not amused and tells them that if theymust drag his name through the mud they can go and do it in someone else'sshop.

David has gone into the cafe, and for some reason that I can't quite fathomseems to be wearing his school uniform, although he clearly has no intentionof going to school. Eileen tells him that she used to bunk off all the time,and she turned out all right, never mind that the taxi office only pays herthe minimum wage, it keeps her in shandy and scratch-cards. David's opinionis that her reverse psychology is pathetic. Frankie comments that maybe Gailshould try 'clip round the ear' psychology. David tells her he'd go toSocial Services. Eileen says that even she feels sorry for his mother.

Danny comes in and invites Frankie out for dinner that night. "Can't," saysFrankie. Danny asks why. Frankie tells him that she and Eileen are going tothe pictures that night. Eileen's eyes open wide, this is clearly the firstshe's heard of it, but, through her mouthful of cake she assures Danny thatshe's a great film buff. Danny suggests the following day but Frankie won'tcommit herself. "You tell me where and when, Babe," says Danny, "because Iam putty in your pretty little hands!" Eileen nearly chokes, "Ohpuh-lease!" she snorts.

Bev is knocking back the alcohol when Liz puts a cuppa down in front of her.Bev says she already has a drink. Just then, Deirdre arrives, and hugs her.Liz goes to refill the kettle. "Oh the great cure-all," says Bev, "don'tmind if I stick to the gin, do you, only my fiance the butcher was having itaway with the hairdresser." Deirdre and Ken are sure there's a perfectlyinnocent explanation. Bev says that her fiance died at the house of anotherwoman on their wedding day. "Not looking good, is it?" she says.

Rita goes to see Audrey and tells her that people are playing fast and loosewith Fred's good name. "Were you carrying on?" she asks her. Audrey isadamant that there had been nothing. "Maybe I was hoping for somethingmore," she admits, "stupid, silly old Audrey." Rita thinks she only wantedFred because he was already taken and is angry with Audrey for telling Fredhow she felt in the first place. Gail arrives back then, with bags ofshopping, but the two women ignore her. "I've been in Bev's shoes," saysRita, "remember when Len died? My brain couldn't take it in, and then allthe pieces of a horrible jigsaw slotted into place. He'd been to see hisfancy woman." Audrey is indignant. "Well maybe Len had, but I can assureyou Fred hadn't." Rita accuses Audrey of trying to engineer an assignationby bowing out on his big day. After she's gone, Audrey turns to Gail. "Howcan she think so little of me, of Fred?" she sobs. Gail tells her that ifRita is thinking it, so is everybody else.

Sean sees Bev pouring herself another drink, and tells her it's the worsething for her, it's a depressant. She grins at him. "Horse, bolted," shesays. Liam is at the bar, and starts to say he's sorry about her husband."Err….Fred," he corrects himself. "Fiance," says Bev, "we didn't quite makeit to the 'I dos'. As she wanders out to the back, Michelle mutters toSean that it was bad enough Fred snuffing it, but then to find out he wasknocking off a so-called mate…. "Maybe not," says Sean. Michelle saysthey'll never know now, he's not around to sweet talk his way back into hergood books. "Unlike Dan the Man," says Liam, at the bar. "Hard day at theknicker factory?" queries his sister. "That's an undie statement," he quips. Sean tells him if it's any consolation he heard Danny on the phonecancelling a table at Delphines. Liam brightens visibly, even more so whenhe hears that Danny was looking miserable whilst he did it.

Les marches up to Cilla in the pub and demands to know where his Quo jacketis. It turns out that it was in the parcel he posted earlier. "My pride andjoy!" he wails. Cilla stops him short. "No Les," she snaps, "I am your prideand joy. That was a manky old jacket signed by a load of old has-beens withpony tails." He tells her she should sell the sunbed. She asks him whereelse she's going to get her 'feel good' factor from.

Kirk and Cilla arrive back from what appears to be yet another disastrousdriving lesson.

David meets up with Craig and Rosie on their way back from school. "Allright, losers?" he asks, walking along with them, and asks if they're allpacked for their mini break. Craig tells him it's got to be better thatround there. David asks him if they can go out together next week. Craigtells him they can, and after he's gone, Rosie is worried about lying tohim. Craig says they have to, but later he can come and visit them inBerlin.

Audrey has gone to the funeral parlour to see Fred. She weeps and says she'ssorry she upset him. Archie Shuttleworth comments to Gail that she obviouslyloved him.

Norris tells Rita she was seen coming out of Gail's and starts fishing formore information. Rita wants to talk about something else.

Kirk and Fiz are discussing the last driving lesson. She says she might aswell give up, she never goes anywhere, anyway.

Eileen and Frankie are at the bar, talking with Sean and Michelle aboutFred. The conversation turns to Violet and Jamie, away on holiday. Frankiesays she hasn't heard from Jamie, he hasn't phoned or sent a text.

Back at the undertaker's, Audrey is still weeping over Fred, and regrettingthat she turned him down all those years ago. She does also regret putting aspanner in the works at the end. Just then Bev bursts in, "Get away fromhim!" she shouts.

At the Webster's, Sally is scornful of the amount of clothes Rosie isplanning to take away with them. Rosie says she wants options.

Audrey tries to tell Bev that she just wanted to pay her respects, but Bevreckons she was whispering sweet nothings. Audrey insists that he loved Bev,but Bev is in no mood to listen. "I didn't realise he had an assignationwith the Black Widow!" she shouts. Ashley, who has been standing therethough all this, suddenly snaps. "Shut up will you?" he yells. "My dad isdead – look what you've done!" He turns to Audrey, "He finally findshappiness and you decide he's not a bad catch after all! You killed him.He was tormented, that's what killed him! He died before his time – youkilled him!"

Anne Logan

Friday 13 October

Welcome to another Friday as the repercussions of Fred's death seem to getto almost everyone.

As we open, Archie Shuttleworth gets out of his car and goes to the frontdoor of Ashley and Claire's house. Nearby, Audrey and David walk down thestreet. When Audrey calls to Ashley, he simply lets Archie into the houseand shuts the door without saying a word to Audrey. At the garage, Sally isgoing on about the weight of Rosie's rucksack. "Why she can't share Sophie'scase on wheels, I don't know," she says to Kevin. Me, I was surprised Rosiehad a rucksack. Wouldn't Sally have bought her a matched set of LouisVuitton luggage for her ski trip with the school? Or at least a LV rip-off.Anyway, Kevin isn't taking Sally seriously, pointing out that she's takingstuff like wet wipes and mosquito spray. "It's Paris, not Paraguay," hesays.

At the Peacocks', Archie is going through the arrangements with Ashley,Claire and Bev. He says the service will be on Friday, the 27th. Ashleywonders what's wrong with next week. It seems the date is to fit in withwhen Shelley can get back. "I'd hardly bury me husband wi'out me daughter bymy side," Bev says. Claire agrees Shelley and Fred were close. Archie has amap of the cemetery showing the available plots. "Yeah, but me dad wanted tobe cremated," Ashley says. Bev seems shocked.

In the factory, Joanne is taking food orders. Danny intervenes and says he'lltreat them for once if they all get back to their machines. Liam asks him ifhe'll be rummaging through Frankie's bins next. Danny explains that he'smotivated by largesse. "You'll find it in the dictionary under "le". "I'llstart with the Ds," Liam calls after him. "For Desperate Dan." Sally, who'sbeen listening to the whole thing, beams at him.

Bev says she asked for a family plot. "Asked who? Not the family!" Ashleysays curtly. She says she knows young people don't like to think about thesethings, but she hoped one day she'd lie beside Fred, as would Ashley and therest of the family. Ashley replies with gritted teeth: "If you'd asked me, I'dhave told you my dad had no doing with burials." Bev admits she and Fred hadnever talked about it. They were planning the beginning of the adventure,not the end. She breaks down and Claire goes to get her a glass of water.

Danny tells Frankie the workers are a good bunch and deserve rewarding nowand again. Frankie's sure he's up to something. Danny says it gave him anexcuse to see her. At a cafe table, Deirdre, Liz and Blanche are discussingFred's dying just six months and two days after Mike Baldwin (guess whichone's been keeping count!). Liz says she doesn't know what to say to Bev."She was ten minutes from being Mrs Eliot," Liz points out. "Now she'sno-one," adds Blanche. She thinks it's significant that Bev's family arenowhere to be seen.

Archie is making a tactical withdrawal. He says there's no rush to makedecisions. As Bev sees him out, an upset Ashley tells Claire that Bev keepscalling Fred her husband and he wasn't. She didn't have a clue about whatFred wanted but she's issuing orders. Bev demands to know what he's talkingabout. Claire explains they just want to get things right for Fred. Ashleysuggests they sleep on it, as Archie suggested. Bev scoffs at the idea ofsleep. "Come round when you're ready. I'll be up."

Les is annoyed that Cilla and Kirk are spending time on the internet and ona hand-held game. Suddenly Les realises that the picture on the computerscreen is his Chopper bike. "Oops, sold!" says Cilla, with a click of themouse. Les is appalled. She's selling his heritage. Cilla says they need themoney. Les didn't really want the bike - he's just looking back at memoriesof Janice on the cross-bar, she says. Les tells her that every time she'sthwarted she plays the Janice card. As their shouting argument follows themupstairs, Kirk rushes over to the computer and starts clicking away.

Rosie and Craig can't wait until they get to Paris so they can head forBerlin. Rosie knows people will miss her. She says her drama teacher willlook a fool for choosing Rosie for a lead role. "This time next month, youwon't even remember their names," Craig says. They take off their schooluniform ties, symbols of the noose around their necks.

Maria's been to the shop and stops for a chat with Charlie. He puts offmeeting her, saying Tracy is putting pressure on him and he doesn't want hergetting any more paranoid. He assures her there is nothing to worry about.

Danny is at Frankie's door with a bunch of roses. He invites her to have adrink with him and she agrees. The Rovers at eight. "Just a drink. No deals,no strings," she says. Liam comes out of the factory in time to see Dannygetting into his car when there is a client due in ten minutes. Danny thinksgoing to his barber is more important.

Audrey is trying to read David's writing in the appointments book when theappointment herself walks it - it's Cilla. Fizz calls in to ask if Mariawants to come out for a change. David is washing Cilla's hair, though it'ssoon apparent that she's just come to try to milk them for some gossip. Shesoon shuts up when the nozzle apparently slips, soaking her face andshoulder.

They're all a bit over-excited at the Websters'. But when Rosie commentsthat Kevin's quite cool for a dad, it stops Kevin and Sally in their tracks.As Rosie and Craig head out they ask each other where their rebelliousteenager has gone.

Bev's nursing a drink. Ashley thinks it's wrong, but Claire is in favour ofanything that will help her cope. Danny and Frankie are having their drinkand suggest to Bev that she looks tired and should get her head down. "Who'dhave thought it. Widowed twice at my age."

Frankie and Danny walk up the street and are seen by Sean, who keeps out ofsight as they go to Frankie's house.

In the bar, Bev hugs Claire and Ashley. "We'll get this sorted. There'sshouldn't be fighting, not between widow and son," she tells them. "You'renot his widow," Ashley points out. Bev is hurt. She was only ten minutesaway. "He was the man I loved. And certificate or not, it's still my placeto make the arrangements." Ashley replies that she was just Fred's fiancee.A widow would have known Fred's wishes. Bev is in tears, but Ashley says"turning on the waterworks" is her solution to everything. Bev tells him hecan do what he likes. "But I'll tell you one thing. I'm taking my place atthe head of that ceremony and Audrey Roberts will not be welcome. That's anend to it." Ashley rushes out, followed by Claire.

Frankie and Danny see them go past. Frankie says it's late and she wants togo. Danny says she doesn't have to. He knows she took time to get ready tomeet him. "Do you really want to go in there alone?" They go in togetherwithout another word being said. "This weren't supposed to happen," shesays. Danny tells her Fred wasn't supposed to drop dead on his wedding day,either. "You're the only one for me, Frank, the only one." He says when hisnumber is up and his life flashes before his eyes, he wants it filled withimages of her. She kisses him passionately.

The End.
Margaret Carr

Sunday 15 October

The Websters depart for Paris. Rosie collects Craig and Roy beingconcerned over his welfare has made him up a huge package sandwiches andcakes - budget airlines do not feed you after all - and the vegetarianoptions have a green sticker. Craig knowing he is leaving tells Royvery emotionally that he thanks him for all of his kindness. A fewminutes later before departing Craig also bids farewell to David,shaking hands and Craig has to control his crying.

Frankie finds she is in bed with Danny so creeps downstairs withoutwaking him. A little later Violet and Jamie return and are greeted bySean - Jamie invites him in for some duty free alcohol. As they wanderin the front door Danny drifts downstairs - but he re-assures Jamie thathe is not moving back in. James goes ballistic and throws Danny outthrough the front door and down onto the cobbles. Danny notes that hehas no shoes on and Sean tells him to come in and he will lend him apair. Blanche observing events merely shouts "Southerners".

Back indoors Jamie wants Frankie to explain. She can't merely saying itwas a mistake. Violet tries to calm him down but Jamie starts shoutingat her as well. Frankie says it is her business and she is notcomfortable discussing it with Jamie in this state. He asks how drunkshe was the previous night - Frankie slaps him and tells him off forspeaking to her.

Along at the Battersbys Les packs up the computer - the trading on linehas run up a bigger phone bill than they had when they started and ithas turned into an addiction. The computer is off to StreetCars.

Audrey goes home for the first time since Fred's death. An instantreminder of events is the broken hall table. Audrey is clearly shakenas she remembers the events whilst Gail makes some tea.

Sean goes to Jamie's - the latter is standing in the bedroom staring atthe rumpled bedclothes where Danny and Frankie had spent the night. Seantries to talk some sense into Jamie - if he carries on behaving likethis people will start wondering why - after all it is his "mother" -but as Jamie observes she is not really his "mother".

Danny is about to drive home when Frankie emerges from the house - hewants her to join him so that they can go and discuss the previous nightand what it might have meant. She tells him it was a one off will notbe repeated and he is to stop pushing it. He says fair enough and sheknows where to find him if she needs him.

Along at the Rovers Blanche is gossiping about Fred and his women - andobserves that Audrey walks around with her nose in the air and herknickers around her ankles. Bev hears and offers a drink on the house -which Liz hears and suggests that she should stop trying to bankrupt theestate - Bev (who has obviously consumed a few - probably free) wishesshe had done it to the old fraud when he was still alive.

Liam buys Fiz and Maria a drink. I reckon that it is not Fiz to whom heis attracted - Maria is rather more likely. Later Liam offers to walkMaria home but she says it is not worth it. Nevertheless he walks roundthe corner with her - and they are both unaware of the web cameraobserving her invitation to come upstairs and have some coffee. And theperson watching the events is less than amused. Charlie scowls.

Famille Webster have arrived in Paris, although Sophie reckons it lookslike Manchester. Kev's dad Bill hollers a "French" welcome at themacross the rue. He hugs the family - a wonderful surprise for all ofthem. Bill has been working in Paris and it was too good an opportunityto miss. They ask after the wonderful Maureen (who has had themisfortune of Crossroads and some (now ended) appearances in Emmerdale)- judging by his response she is not returning to the Street. He alsospots just how much the children have grown up when Rosie gives one ofher usual "adult" contributions.

Audrey tries to repair the rift with Ashley but he just wants to grievein peace and returns indoors slamming the door behind himself. Rita whohas observed all of this snaps at Audrey - it would appear no-onebelieves the truth. Rita tells Audrey to think about Bev across theroad.

Frankie corners Jamie and wants to know what is wrong. This has beengoing on for weeks. Why is he unhappy? Jamie just claims he is tiredand does not answer the question.

And back in France Rosie and Craig are snogging again and planning theirescape to Berlin.

K Richard W

Monday 16 October

This episode of Coronation Street isWritten by Jonathan Harvey
Directed by Tony Prescott
Produced by Steve Frost
Coronation Street copyright of ITV Productions.

At the Hotel in Paris Rosie is on the balcony looking at the view. Craigcomes up asking where Sophie is. Rosie says getting a hairdryer. He thentells her that they have missed the first train but there is one later onthat will get them in Berlin tomorrow morning. Just the Sophie comes andasks what they are going to be doing today. Sophie then asks Craig to leaveso she can get changed. He gives Rosie a nice look and Sophie says she isgoing to be sick. Rosie says it's the city of love. Sophie just tells her toshut up and calls her a minger.

At the Baldwin's Violet comes in and Jamie apologies for yesterday. She saysshe has got the holiday photos. Jamie smiles and puts his arm round her asthey look. Violet says she looks fat in the bikini. She says this one is agood picture of them but Jamie laughs saying he looks stoned. The nextpicture is of Jamie posing and he wonders why he ever did that but stillsmiles. Frankie comes in and he grabs the picture and storms out when sheasks to have a look at them. She asks Violet what his problem is.

At the Hotel everyone is waiting for Bill. Sally wants to see the Eiffeltower and Kevin wants to go on the Da Vinci Code tour. Rosie says theyshould go do what they want and meet up later. Sally says they came as afamily to do something together. Sally is just about to let them go sayingthey are responsible and their mobiles do work here. Rosie's face lights upbut just then Bill comes saying he thought a walk down by the Seine. Theyall start to go off together.

Outside in the street Jamie in a van speeds past Frankie as she shouts him.She sees Sean and calls him but he says his lunch break is almost over.Danny says he will talk to her, as he's not fussy. Frankie says she is andas Sean said her break is almost over. Danny shouts to her saying its notover till the fat lady sings but says he is not calling her fat.

In Paris Kevin, Sally and Bill are walking along side the Seine. They SeeRosie and Craig kissing. Kevin says they grow up so fast. Bill says it onlyfeels like yesterday Kevin was like that. Craig says they are going to haveto get rid of them. Rosie tells Craig to keep smiling as Kevin, Sally andBill are watching them.

Outside the Rovers Maria is sorting her hair in the window reflection onlyto see Charlie's reflection behind her. He asks what is going on with herand Liam. She says nothing is going on. He says he will believe her but hasalways been gullible. She says it was him playing happy family's lastweekend and ask him to see it from her point of view and storms off.

Back in Paris Bill suggest Kevin and Sally get some time alone and him andthe kids go on the underground. Rosie says Craig is claustrophobic. Rosie andCraig ask to go to the Hotel. Bill says meet back in the foila later. Sallysays yes. She asks for a photo off all of them on her phone. Her granddadtakes it and she kiss her mum knowing this is her goodbye forever. BothCraig and Rosie head off as Sally, Kevin, his dad, and Sophie go the otherway.

At the Factory Janice is saying she can see Jamie hitting Danny and him onthe ground with no clothes on. Just then Danny comes in and says he wasclothed for the record. He says he will strip now if that's what she wants.Fizz says no. Danny says he will keep his clothes on if she Janice does.Danny then asks Sean if he has seen Jamie. Sean replies saying he is not hiskeeper. Danny says it was a harmless questions and goes to his office.

In Paris Kevin and Sally are drinking Champagne. Kevin says he never thoughtthey be here in Paris for there twentieth anniversary. Sally asks if he ishappy. Sally then says she never knew what love was till she met him. Shesays she thought love was just writing your name on trees and hard work. Shethen says they will start a new cycle when their girls leave home.

In Paris Rosie and Craig are running as fast as they can back to the Hotel.They wonder if they have taken a wrong turn and says they don't have long.Rosie says they will make it. Craig says he will beat her to the Hotel.

Back to the table Sally says they should do this more often. Kevin pulls outa present. Sally says she never got him anything. She opens it to see a nicenecklace. Kevin says all he needs is for her to say if she knew what sheknew now would she still marry him. She says yes and they hug.

At the Cafe Frankie is in a daydream. She then asks Deirdre if she has comein to get the gossip. She says she is not her mum but also to see how sheis. Frankie says she looks at Danny and sees all the good times and bad. Shesays the bad time come to the surface. She thinks she will never feel howshe is supposed to feel with Danny. She says how Jamie went off on one.

At the Hotel Rosie is panicking looking for a bracelet. Craig tells her toleave it, as they will miss the train. She says it has sentimental value asshe got it from her mum. Craig says he will get her a new one in Berlin.They grab their bags and head out going down the stairs. Rosie says sheneeds to leave a note for them. She runs back up as Craig shouts on her tocome back.

At the Rovers Liam says he handled the girls really well then they startedon him. Danny says age and experience make a better manage. Liam says fitbird at three then Maria comes in. He says Maria likes him and would notkeep away, she says no. He says that's the first sign of a relationship whengirls says no and roll their eyes at jokes. He comes over to her and asksher to meet him in here for a drink later.

In Paris Sally and Kevin are laughing and are a bit drunk. Sally suggests ifthey get back early, they can go in the Jacuzzi. Kevin says its taxi homethen as they get into one laughing.

In the Hotel room Craig shouts at Rosie asking if she's writing the nextHarry Potter book and says they need to go now or they wont be going. Rosieslams the pen down and says ok and they both go running out.

Back room of the Rovers Bev is sobbing. Liz comes in saying she wants tocharge her mobile. Bev says its ok. She then says this room reminds her ofFred. She then says she can smell him in here as Liz would only smell oceanspray.

At the Hotel Rosie and Craig come running out and across the road. Just thenthe taxi with Kevin and Sally pulls up. They get out and head for the doorof the Hotel.

Rovers Liz tells Violet she feels she is intruding in Bev's grieving but sheneeds to know where she stands with the pub. Bev comes through and asks Liamif he would move for a grieving widow but the says there is no word in thedictionary for what she is. Liz then asks her about the pub. She says shedoes not want to go to the collage along and wants to keep the Rovers.

Back at the Hotel Sophie and her granddad come in and he tells Sally andKevin she has walked him off his feet. They wonder where Rosie and Craigare. Sophie says they can't be wear they said they were going to be. Sallyasks how she knows that and Sophie points to a sign that says closed. Sallythinks they are in bed together and goes up stairs. Sophie says Rosie is aprecocious teenager as they follow Sally. Up stairs Sally knocks on thedoor. Sophie comes with her key card and opens it as Sally says she betterbe descent. When they see there are not there Kevin goes to Craig's room.Sophie sees a note that she gives to Sally. Sally says she has ran away andis sorry for all the hurt she has cause. Bill asks where she would havegone. Sophie sees a piece of paper that's a train timetable to Berlin.Sophie then looks in a drawer to find her Rosie's passport is gone. Sallyhas a go at Kevin for giving them some responsibility. Bill says that won'tdo any good and asks if they want to find Rosie or no. They all head out.

Amanda Souter

Welcome to part two !

Round and round the spiral staircase la famille Webster (like the way Ijust slipped in a French word !), rush to the entrance of the hotel.They ask a porter where Rosie and Craig may have gone. However, theydash out before the guy even answers!

Liam is in the Rovers and is chatting to Maria. Bev overhears this andmumbles about not wanting a younger man for herself. Liam tells Mariathat he has booked a restaurant for themselves for the evening. Mariaseems to be enjoying the attention. However, at that point Charlie andTracy come in. Maria then says she ate earlier.

Jamie passes Danny in the street. Danny tries to reason with him. Hetells Jamie that he should let Frankie decide if she is interested inhim, after all he explains that Frankie knows him better than he knowshimself..

At the station our runaway kids arrive just as the train is pulling outof the station. Sacre bleu!. (wow he's done it again!). Craig tellsRosie to wait there and rushes off.

Charlie and Tracy decide to join Maria in the Rovers. Tracycongratulates Maria on picking up a gorgeous man. She says she isreally not interested in him. However, Charlie is "concerned" that hemay be stalking her. Maria asks to be left alone with Liam so she canlet him down gently


Bev is having an emotional outburst (crying) into Sean's arms. Lizpersuades her to go upstairs.

The Webster family (without Rosie) arrive at the station. They arelooking around for Rosie.

Back at the Peacocks, Ashley is sitting on the stairs with Joshua. Heis explaining that his grandad, Fred will not be coming home. He tellshim that when we get old, we die. Therefore you are not going to seeyour grandad again. Then there is a knock on the door. It is Liz.She comes bursting in to say that Bev has said she will not sell theRovers, Liz doesn't think she can do that. Ashley promises that hewill speak to his solicitor. Liz says she just wants to know the legalsituation.

Back at the station, Craig returns with some tickets. He explains thatthey will be able to get the next train and change. Then they startarguing about why they missed the first train. Craig blames Rosiewanting to write her note and looking for her bracelet. However, theyagree they have each other. Rosie says she can't believe what she isdoing as they get ready to board the train.

Maria comes out of the toilet cubicle in the Rovers and Charlie iswaiting for her in the washroom. (How would he explain that if someoneelse came in?!). He says that they have a good thing going between themand tells her not to spoil it. She comes out of the Ladies and tellsLiam that she is going home. (Presumably nobody in the pub saw him goin or out of the ladies!).

Tracy doesn't think Maria looks happy and suggests to Charlie that maybeLiam is hassling her. She asks Charlie to keep a look out.

Craig gets onto the train, but Rosie says she can't. Craig tries topersuade her to come, but for some reason Rosie says she cannot come.She just can't do it, she explains.

Just as they arrive at Maria's flat, Charlie confronts Liam and pusheshim up against the wall. Maria screams at Charlie to stop. Liamdoesn't seem to be at all frightened. As Charlie lets him down, Liamwarns him that he will be sorry.

Back at the station, Craig pleads with Rosie to come with him.Meanwhile Kevin and Sally look down from a bridge over the railwayplatforms and Kevin yells for Rosie. On the platform Rosie begs Craignot to go. She can't leave her family. She tells him they can go offtogether sometime in the future. Both in tears as they each stand theirground.

Bill Webster rushes up to Kevin and Sally to announce they have gone.Sally wails into Kevin's shoulder.

The signal goes for the train to leave. Craig gets onto the train, andannounces he will always remember Rosie. He leaves her pouring out thetears on the platform.

Back home Tracy asks Charlie why he became so aggressive towards Liam.She said that she only asked him to check that Maria was alright, andnot threaten her friend. Charlie says he didn't want to get involved.Tracy says that he likes confrontation. She asks him if he thinks thatshe may fancy him. She tells Charlie that if she fancied Liam shewouldn't be with him.

Claire tells Ashley she wants to give him some feedback, as she istrying to be honest with herself. She wonders if Ashley was doing theright thing by telling Joshua that Fred was sitting on a cloud in thesky. Ashley isn't happy at what he perceives as criticism. He says hedid his best. Claire thinks they ought to look up on the internet abouthow to tell a child their grandfather has died. (Wow, I have justgoogled it and there are links to the subject). He then tells Clairethat he has brought forward the reading of the will to the next day,then he can talk to Bev about the sale of the pub.

At the station, Sally wonders what she did to Rosie that made her hateher so much. Kevin is looking for an official when suddenly Sally spotsRosie. She is standing alone crying. They all rush to her and Rosiecries into les bras de ses parents (just like a native! - BTW Kevinis not wearing womens' clothing :-) )Of course they are all pleased to see her again and are glad that she issafe and well.

Martin Rosen

Wednesday 18 October

The episode started with Danny calling across to Frankie just as he wasabout to go into the factory. He takes the opportunity to give her awolf-whistle. On the other, other side of the street (!), there isJamie and Violet. Violet once again tries to ask Jamie what is hisproblem, but he seems more interested in what is happening with Dannyand Frankie. He ignores Violet and says that he is late for work andrushes off.

The Webster famille (oh we are back in England so I can drop the Frenchbit now!), are back. Rosie is miserable, but then Kevin's phone rings.Rosie looks up, but it is Keith who has rung to say he hasn't heard fromCraig. Kevin tells her that Keith said that when Craig runs out ofmoney he will return home.

Charlie has let himself into Maria's flat. She complains that he didn'tbother to knock. He says he has a key so there is no need to knock! Hequizzes her again about Liam.

Today is Bev's birthday. Nobody sing 'happy birthday' cos she doesn'tfeel like celebrating. She tells Liz if anybody sings they are barred.She says that the reading of the will has been brought forward totoday. It was originally going to be after the funeral, but she doesn'tknow why it has been changed.

Still in the Rovers, Jamie comes in and goes to apologise to Violet forhis behaviour. She asks Liz if she can go round the back with him. Lizagrees.

Cilla and Les pass by Audrey's hairdressers. Audrey and Maria areconveniently standing outside as Les and Cilla have their little digsat Audrey about her relationship with Fred. Cilla calls Audrey a"slapper". Maria jumps to Audrey defence. Maria and Cilla continue totrade insults, when Les puts a stop to it and he and Cilla go off.Audrey tells Maria that she is going to The Rovers and doesn't care whatpeople think.

Sally asks Rosie why she and Craig thought of going off to Berlintogether. (You mean they haven't discussed this over the past couple ofdays?!) It was unlikely you would get jobs and you didn't have anymoney, let alone speak German! She says it seemed a good idea at thetime. Rosie says she is going out, Kevin tells her to leave her mobileswitched on. She replies that she wouldn't think of switching it off.

In the backyard of the Rovers, Violet confronts Jamie. She says she isfed up with saying everything is ok. When he says he doesn't know whathe has done wrong she tells him that it is if he is in a trance. Shecomplains that he treats her like dirt. So she tells him to just carryon his life without her. Liz comes out to check everything is okay.Jamie gets up to go and Liz goes over to Maria who then starts cryingand goes into Liz's arms.

Liam goes round to see Charlie to see if had anything more to say.Charlie tells him nothing provided he keeps away from Maria. Liam sayshe is not interested, he thinks she is mad, and tells Charlie that he iswelcome to her if that is his wish.

Sean comes into the pub and notices Violet's tearful eyes. She tellshim that she has finished with Jamie. Sean says that she can stay atEileen's till she gets herself sorted (funny how people can invitepeople to stay at your landlady's house without asking permission!).

Claire, Bev and Ashley return from the reading of the will. Liz askswhat happened. She says she who would have been his wife if he lived 10more minutes gets nothing. Everything goes to Ashley. Ashley says hedidn't know, and what could he do about it. (A thought, if they had gotmarried and Fred hadn't changed his will and died, would Bev still beentitled to anything - answers on a postcard?!) She blames AudreyRoberts and says she will have a large gin!

Liam goes over to Maria as he sees her talking to David. She apologisessaying that she didn't know that was going to happen. He tells her thatit won't be happening again, you are welcome to him. (many a true wordspoke in jest!).

As Audrey and Maria come into the Rovers, Audrey wonders where Bev is.Liz says out the back with a bottle of gin. Then Bev comes into the barand yells to everybody that Audrey Roberts stole her life. Betweenthem, Liz, Ashley and Claire manage to get Bev into the back room again,not before telling Audrey that she is barred from the funeral. Audreyconfirms that she will pay her last respects to Fred and will attend thefuneral.

Sally and Kevin are getting worried, they have not head from Rosie.Kevin says he has an idea where she maybe. They leave Rosie behind asthey go off.

Violet is bringing her belongings into Eileen's house, and Jason wonderswhat is going on. He hadn't heard about her and Jamie splitting up.Violet says if she is a problem, she will go away. Eileen assures hershe isn't.

Kirk tries to hide the scooter that he bought Fizz off the internet. Hetells Tyrone that he is worried that she may not like it, but Tyroneassures him that she will. At that moment Kirk gets a text message onhis mobile phone telling him to get home! Kirk says it is just textmessage language !

Sean decides to have words with Jamie about Violet. He claims he stillloves her, but he is heart is with Frankie. Sean warns him that it willall end in tears.

Kevin guessed correctly, and he and Sally find Rosie sobbing her littleheart out in the bakery. Kevin asks if she wants to come home now, andshe says yes, but tells her mother that if she spoke to Craig now shewouldn't know what to say.

At their home, Frankie says to Jamie that he should try and get backtogether with Violet. He says he would rather leave it for the moment.Frankie says it would be awful if it were just the two of them alone inthe house. Jamie thinks they can be miserable together, but there is norule that says we have to be miserable. Frankie then realises there isno milk in the fridge. Jamie offers to buy some and as Frankie goes toget the money out of her purse she is aware that Jamie is standingalmost on top of her. He says he will look after her. Their eyes met... and then Frankie averts hers and Jamie does the same. He closes thedoor behind him as he goes off to the corner shop.

Right there we go. We have a special one hour edition (from lastFriday) coming up shortly, prepared by Margaret. There was no episodeyesterday (Sunday), but three episodes today!

Martin Rosen

Friday 20 October

Hello, and welcome to the first of two episodes for Friday night. No, it's not a deliberate plot to make you Canucks and Kiwis even more grumpy about dropping behind (You never hear those Aussies complain – and they're even further behind than the rest of you). In fact, there are two Friday episodes because of something called "Formula 1" on Sunday. Something to do with cars, apparently.

Anyway, the first episode begins with Bev behind the bar in the Rovers – in her wedding dress. Yes, she's decided it's the right thing to wear to the funeral. "It's what Fred would have wanted." Ashley and Claire refuse her offer of a drink. Bev accuses Ashley of spoiling for a fight, but Ashley says he's just worried about her making a scene.

At Gail's, Audrey is worrying as they get ready. She's nervous about going to the funeral, but it's the saying goodbye she's dreading, not the public reception. A loud crash from upstairs turns out to be David knocking over his wardrobe. It's the first Gail knows that he's wagged school again. He gets a lecture from his Mam and his Gran and Audrey sends him off to get under Maria's feet.

Frankie is wearing a low-cut black dress with a very chic little hat – black but not what I'd call sober funeral clothes. Jamie thinks she looks stunning. She tries to dissuade him, but he intends going to the funeral. "I'm going. We're going. Together," he says in a low voice. Frankie is a bit flustered.

"Oh no!" shrieks Eileen. "Flamin' moths!" They've wrecked her funeral skirt. Sean tells her that it's not compulsory to wear black to funerals now, and anyway, no-one will be looking at her. "That's true," Eileen remarks. "Cruel, but true." She asks if it'll be OK to wear her red skirt.

Back in the pub, Claire is trying to tell Ashley to back off criticising Bev. But he says she doesn't have a monopoly on grief. Liz points out that Bev hasn't just lost Fred. She's lost her dreams and her future as well. "Cut her a bit of slack, eh?" Bev comes out and slugs down another glass of something alcoholic. Ashley gives her a jeweler's box. It's her present from Fred. He intended to give it to her on their wedding day. It's a watch engraved with "To Beverly, my beauty," and the date. Bev looks at it. It's practical, not too fancy and not cheap. "It's a lovely present – really thoughtful," she says in what seems quite a sarcastic tone. (Didn't Audrey help him choose it? I smell trouble ahead) She says she got Fred cufflinks, which was stupid because he never wore them. "He'd have wore ‘em for you, Bev," says a tearful Ashley. She hugs him.

In the street, mourners are gathering outside their houses. Jamie is still insisting to Frankie that he must go to the funeral to look after her, even though she doesn't think she needs looking after. "You need protecting from yourself," he tells her. Poor Eileen is looking for a ride and as she heads towards the taxi office, Blanche asks her pointedly where she's going. Eileen says she's going to the funeral. "Oh, I'm sorry," says Blanche. "I thought you were going to a disco. Or maybe an early Christmas party." Eileen cuttingly tells her that she's not a semi-professional funeral-goer like her. The hearse then arrives, shutting up everybody.

Ashley is wandering through the pub, looking at everything. "Can't imagine this place without him," he says. "Don't worry," Bev tells him. "I'll keep his memory alive here." She doesn't see the look Liz gives her. Archie comes in and says they're ready. Bev quickly downs another drink and they head outside.

As Bev heads for the car, Ken mutters "Very Miss Haversham."

At the crematorium, which also seems to be a church (the bell is tolling) Jamie accuses Danny of following them. Violet decides the best thing to do will be to confront Jamie about his attitude. Of course, he denies having one. "Why are you acting so weird?" she asks. But all the venom of the assembled multitude is soon turned Audrey's way as she and Gail walk up the drive. "Of all the nerve. Look at the cheek of that brazen hussy. Bold as brass," says Blanche, never lost for a cliche. Rita thinks Audrey should have had the decency to stay away. And the coffin is carried into the building.

In the church, no-one sits on the same side as Audrey and Gail. Jamie is worried by Frankie sitting in the same row as Danny. Violet wants to sit on the same side as Audrey, but Sean pushes her on. "It feels like bullying," she tells him. Sean, who says he's been bullied all his life, assures her it is. He wants to sit with the big boys for once. Ken is distressed by seeing Audrey and Gail alone and he sits behind them. But he's the only one. For someone with Fred's high community profile as a staunch member of the Square Dealers and the Weatherfield Traders and as a butcher for many years, the funeral is a surprisingly small one. As the service goes on and the congregation launches into Jerusalem and Ashley can't sing for weeping, Sarah rushes in very late. Archie approaches Ashley but we switch to Danny and Jamie having another go at each other. Down the front, Bev decides she's going to say something after all. In the back, the Greek chorus goes:

Norris: She's going to throw herself on it.

Rita: Don't love it too much.

Blanche: I wondered if SHE were going to slur a few words.

Bev gathers herself and tells those assembled that Fred always knew the difference between quantity and quality. That's why he was marrying her. She says she feels crushed and cheated. "Till death do us part. Well, death's parted us now and before I had a chance to say it. So I'll say it now. I do, Fred. I do take you as my lawful wedded husband." And, probably to Norris and Blanche's glee, she breaks down and tries to fling herself across the coffin, being led away to sit down by Liz.

Kirk leads Fizz to the scooter with her eyes closed. He apologises in advance and is stunned when a gobsmacked Fizz pronounces it the best present she's ever had.

Ashley speaks to the congregation. He tells them Fred loved a lot of things and a lot of people. He was a big man with a big spirit. Not larger than life but full of life!" His words seem to hit a chord with Frankie, who sighs, close to tears, and leans against Danny as he puts him arm round her. Jamie, sitting behind them, is so disgusted he gets up and walks out. Although Danny tries to stop her, Frankie follows him out.

Outside, we see Jamie run quite a distance from the building.

Inside, Ashley continues his speech, saying he knew Bev and Fred would have had a happy marriage. Fred, he tells them, would be a hard man to forget. "For me, he was much more than my father. He was my workmate, my mentor – a kind, wise guide through life. But above all he was my friend. He was my best friend."

Outside, Jamie and Frankie are under some trees a good distance from the church/crematorium. It must be a church, because there are old gravestones. The relevance will be shown shortly. Anyway, Jamie tells Frankie he's sure she and Danny are about to get back together. Everything about them cries married couple. Frankie doesn't understand. She tells Jamie he'll have to spell out whatever it is.

Inside, the vicar has got to the committal. As Fred's body is committed for cremation, it begins to slide away on a conveyor (obviously this church has a cremator added on at the back somewhere). But it seems to get stuck and the vicar and Archie have to give it a bit of a shove. The dignified silence is broken by Audrey's hysterical laughter. "That's Fred all over," she says loudly. "He never could get his timing right." Bev glares at her, but all Ashley notices is his dad going away from him. "Bye, Dad," he says, tears streaming down his face.

Outside, behind a big tree, Jamie tells Frankie he loves her. "It's killing me. And I think it's killing you, too." He leans forward and they come together for a long kiss. They can't see Danny looking for them and they're hidden behind a tree. And this first episode ends, Danny heads towards the path beside them...

Margaret Carr

Sunday 22 October

No episode aired tonight

Monday 23 October

Tonight's episode was obviously written for transmission on Sundayevening but in the light of the F1 race was shunted over to Mondayevening. Therefore unlike the second episode this evening there wereproper opening and closing credits.

Copyright is with ITV Productions, written by Joe Turner and directed byTony Prescott.

Danny is cooking a full breakfast for Frankie (who spends much of theepisode trying to hide the growing bump). Danny loves having Frankie -but it is on her terms - and there is a brick wall between the beds -Danny feels like a kid at Christmas. Frankie says he cannot unwrap allhis presents at once. Frankie tells Danny to leave Jamie alone - he isstubborn and it will take time. She asks him to promise that he willleave Jamie alone.

Jason comes downstairs and finds Violet packing up her bed. Seancatches them clearing up the bed and both he and Eileen make commentsabout them being back together - neither Jason nor Violet are amused.Later Sean knocks on Frankie's front door. Jamie is asleep on the sofabut manages to get to the front door to see Danny and Frankie arrive.Danny announces to Norris that he and Frankie are re-united, knowing itwill be broadcast around in record time. Jamie and Sean watch them.Frankie heads off to Roy's Rolls to work. Jamie returns indoors andcloses the door.

In the Street Tracy and Maria are chatting - the latter is opening thesalon and Tracy is crowing that she and Charlie are together despite allthe tittle tattle. Tracy waits for Charlie at the yard and when hearrives she suggests to Charlie that they should try and get Steve andMaria together. Charlie tries to discourage her.

At the cafe Frankie tells Dreary, Liz and Eileen that she is back withDanny. Frankie says they have both changed - but as Dreary observes itis not the loving - she probably never stopped that - it is thetrusting. Jamie is not happy - but Eileen reckons he will come round.

Jason and Violet walk down the road together observed by Sarah - as theycame out of Eileen's together she wonders if they are re-united. If shecould overhear the discussion between the two she would know they arevery much not together.

Audrey apologises to Maria for being snappy. Audrey is still worriedabout the gossip. Archie passes and invites Audrey to lunch. Archiegoes into see Ashley and at the end of the conversation he reports thatBev collected Fred's ashes. Ashley goes into loud overdrive -complaining that they are "his" ashes!

Danny is telling Dev that he is re-united with Frankie - and he cannotbelieve how it turned out. Dev calls him a lucky man. Later Danny isin the cafe and invites Frankie out for a meal - he walks off withtakeaway food - but Frankie has forgotten to charge Danny for the cakesand coffee. Danny takes the cakes and coffee to see Jamie so they canhave a chat. Jamie says no and pushes Danny away, closing the door andthe cakes and coffee go everywhere - observed by Blanche who says peoplemust have money to burn.

On and off Emily, Norris and Rita discuss Hungary and Budapest. (Mustwe?). Later in the Rovers Archie tells them all about the Thermal Baths- you lose all inhibitions sitting naked with a bunch of strangers.

Charlie pops into see Maria to plan an assignation later in the day. Hetells her about mad Tracy's mad idea of pairing her off with Steve


In the Rovers Sarah is talking to Fiz and Kirk. Sarah wants to knowwhere Violet is sleeping - after all there is a shortage of rooms.

Dev tries to give Audrey some advice but she gives him a sharp retort -she considers him a pompous, patronising, self-centred, womanisinghypocrite. End of advice giving.

Maria is carrying a pizza - alleging to David that she is about to seeLiam - then her mobile phone goes and she has been stood up - so she andDavid head off together to eat the pizza on Maxine's bench. As they eatCharlie and Tracy walk past and snigger at them

Frankie is about to leave work for the day but before she does Roy makesa nice little speech saying that we all have our soul mates and we needto be with them and he wants to add his congratulations to all of theothers. He hopes this time it will work out.

In the Rovers Jason tells Sarah where Violet is sleeping - there isnothing going on. Sarah says she could not care less. Gail observesshe should be proud - after all Sarah is such a terrible liar.

Bev is drinking at the bar with Fred's ashes. Bev wants to have a drinkwith Ashley - Ashley wants the ashes and demands them from Bev. Sheclaims it is all she has left. It is all Ashley has let. Claire triesto get Ashley to leave it. Bev plans to scatter the ashes where Fredproposed - a layby on the A54. Bev reckons it would be good if Ashleyand Claire joined her. Ashley storms out.

Blanche briefs Frankie on the doorstep coffee shower - after all if Godhad meant us to drink takeaway coffee in a polystyrene cup he wouldnever have invented china (nice one Blanche).

Frankie opens her own front door. Jamie is sulking in the kitchen andthey are both unhappy. Frankie tells Jamie that she had asked Danny tostay away and she apologises. Frankie admits she kissed Jamie but shedoes not want to be with him. He tries to tell her that it is right andthey are doing nothing wrong. She slaps him and then confused dashesout of the front door.

K Richard W

Part 2

This episode of Coronation Street isWritten by Chris Fewtrell
Produced by Steve Frost
Directed by John Anderson.
Coronation Street Copyright of ITV Productions

We start the second half of this episode at the Platt household. Sarah islifting the cushions. David is spread out of the sofa eating his breakfast.Sarah asks if he has seen her mobile phone. He says no and she asks him tohelp her look. He says he is having his breakfast. He then says he seenBethany with it earlier. "Why didn't you take it off her then" Sarah asks,as David responds, "Not my phone, not my kid, not my problem" Just then Gailtells David to eat this and hands him a letter. It's from The EducationWelfare Officer who is not happy. David tells her to say hi from him as Gailsays it's not funny. David says he is finished his breakfast and will goright now if it means that much to her. Gail is shocked but Sarah says itshalf term. David then says, if they can't be bothered to turn up he's notgoing to bother either. David asks if he is on holiday but Gail tells him toget to the Salon quickly.

Over at the Peacock's household Ashley sits at the table with keys. Clairetells him that she thought he'd never go to sleep. "I said to him not tofight it as I'd do any thing for a nice long nap" Ashley ask if he shouldstay. He says if she's tired it will be harder for her to look after thekids and she's not had them on her own for a long time. She says she willmanage and if he was to stay home every time the kids wear her out he willnever open that shop for another ten years. He says that's maybe not a badidea. Claire tells him things will get easier after the first day. He saysthat's what's worrying him as he'll get bogged down in day to day work stuffand it'll be like his dad was never there. She tells him, "You will neverforget your dad. None of us will. Life carries on no matter what. I knowthat as well as anyone" He asks, "How can it ever be normal? He brought meinto this trade. He was always there. He filled that shop. I always used tojoke that we needed bigger premises. Now it will see too big. Way too big"Claire says his dad wanted him to carry on with the shop and has to open itnot just for Fred's sake but for there's as well. Ashley agrees, picks upthe eyes and says he will see her tonight.

Outside the Salon David is gutting the buttering. Liam walks past and hesays if he has come to say sorry she's not interested. He then says he'sleft it last minute at well. Liam tells him to stop and rewind, as he doesnot know what he is on about. He tells him he was supposed to be meetingMaria last night but stood her up. Liam says he was not and also is nothassling her. Liam then says he thinks she's had her head in the hair dryertoo long. He then says, "I'd stay well clear mate" and walks off. Davidlooks a bit puzzled but heads inside.

In side the Salon Maria tells David there is tea in the pot. He says he doesnot want one. She says he should take one. She then says he's really chattybeing sarcastic as he's not saying any thing, she asks if he used it up alllast night. He says he had a good time but thinks she would have had abetter time with Liam. She says he had his chance and he has blown it. Justthen Maria's mobile gets a text. David asks if that's Liam. She says, "Who"He says again Liam. Her face lights up and she says no and walks past him tothe back room.

Outside the Factory the girls are waiting to get in. Just then Frankie pullsup in Danny's car. They laugh saying, "Look what the cat dragged in" Frankiethen gets out. Janice says, "Look at her. She couldn't be a better golddigger if she had a pick and shovel" Frankie then starts to walk across thestreet. They wonder if they are back together and if there's going to be awedding. Jo says to Janice then she should throw rise. Janice says only ifit's in the tin. Frankie bangs of Jamie's door. She opens the letterbox andshouts on him. After no answer she continues to walk on.

Butcher's: Ashley just stands looking at what was. He then sees Fred's apron.Just then Blanche comes in asking if he's open. He says he is. There isnothing on display. She asks for a bit of best end. He says he hasn't gotthe trays out but will get it from the back. She says she wants it fresh andnot since, but then stops and says since he was open last. He says its ok asBoris stocked up yesterday. She says she is glad he is open again and tellshim this is the hard bit getting back to a routine and that its seems wrong.Ashley says it feels too soon and he's not even laid his father to rest yet.She says that can't help and any time would seem too soon and nobody will beexpecting gay repartee for a while. Ashley says that was his dad'sdepartment. Blanche says that Fred will be missed and expecting him to stepinto his shoes. She says he should start by changing the name of the shop toPeacock and son as it is now. Ashley then heads to the back picking upFred's apron and folding it carefully.

Outside the Platt household Gail says she could go to prison for what Davidis doing. Sarah says it's him that's not going to school. Gail says trytelling the authorities that. Eileen and Violet come out their house andSarah just looks. Gail says Sarah and she asks what. Gail says, "Talk toyour self Gail" Eileen and Violet stop as they see Jamie coming out hishouse. Eileen goes and Jamie says he sleep through his alarm and is late.She says he always did. She asks if he is coupling, as he looks ruff. Hesays he is but is late and goes.

At the Factory Janice says, "As soon as he copped for all Mike Baldwin'scash she had pound signs in her eyes" Fiz says Leanne never wanted the moneybut is told she did loved Danny and he hurt her. Fiz says he hurt Frankieand they were married. Janice replies that if she was that hurt why didn'the go back to London. Jo says Jamie was still here and Frankie probablywanted to stay because he was here. Janice says he's not hers. In the officeDanny ask Liam why he didn't run an order past him as it's a bit tight. Liamsays they will manage and Danny says ok. Liam asks if that's it and is toldyeah. Danny then asks if he wants a cup of tea. Liam asks if there anystrings attached. Danny says only on the teabag. Liam asks what's going on.Danny says he wants to spread happiness and says Frankie has moved back in.Liam says the best man won but is told there was no competition and healways gets what he wants even if it takes a long time. He then asks if hewants the tea or no.

Kabin and Eileen says they should go on a river cruise, "They say if youfall in love the water turns blue. You never know, you two might..." Ritatells her that after three days with Norris the only thing that will beturning blue is the air. Norris says he will not be going on any aquaticcharabanc with the package trip cattle and his visit will be an odyssey ofedification. "I am going to immerse myself in all things Hungarian" He says.Rita says she is going to immerse herself in the thermal baths. Norris goesthrough the back quickly. Eileen asks what's up with him and Rita says he'sterrified that's she'll take him skinny-dipping.

Salon and Maria tells Audrey they are low on supplies. Audrey says she knowsand made a list as she was going to go to the supplier last week but witheverything that happened she didn't have time. Just then Sarah comes insaying she lost her phone. Audrey tells her to keep her jacket on as she'sgoing to the supplier. Sarah does not know where it is but Audrey says theaddress is on the top and to take a taxi. Audrey says she will phone if shethinks of any thing else but Sarah says she does not have her phone.Audrey's gives her Maria's one. Maria says its ok but does not look happy.She tells Sarah if it's the Salon it will say that. She tells her not topick up to any one else. Sarah says she does not want to be her answer phoneand goes.

At the Butcher's and Ashley is not looking while cutting meat. He then cutshim self. He goes to the back and puts his hand under the water. When heopens the first aid box he sees a note that has been left by his dad saying"The butcher with a careless eye, leaves a finger in every pie" He is touchedand kisses the note and is starts sobbing.

Over at the Salon Maria is writing a note. David tries to look. Just thenshe tells him to come here. She then asks if he will take this note toCharlie. Maria says she would go her self but his Gran then stops and saysshe can't get away. David asks what in it for him. She says she nevercharged him for the pizza last night and there mates. He asks if its urgentand she replies it's to do with her rent. He says he will go and she handshim the note. He then says after he finishes sweeping and her smile goesaway.

At the Kabin again Rita asks what Norris is doing and says she knows he'sbeen dying for her to ask him. He says he is writing notes for Ken, "Anidiot's guide to running the shop". He says it's for the day to day running ofthe shop and all his experience and insight. She asks to see the notes andreads, "Don't forget to lock up at the end of the day" Rita says she can seewhy it's taken him all day to write that. Norris says that's not a goodexample. Rita tells him, "I would hope not. Ken is a very intelligent man"She says he will be insulted. Norris says he has never been behind thecounter, "I know these academic types, disorganised, forgetful. Too busywandering around with their head in the clouds to notice their feet aregetting rained on"

Over at the Rovers Gail tells Audrey that she is coming on Wednesday and sheis dreading it. Audrey tells her that in her day they would of got a goodhiding. Gail says that's not the answer. Audrey replies, "Perhaps not but itwould have made you feel an awful lot better" Gail says she's not takingthis seriously. Audrey says, "Oh come on Gail. David is a pain in thebackside who has had far too much time wasted on him" Gail is not amused andsays she is just like Sarah and storms off. Blanche comes in and says to Bevshe is sorry to interrupt her performance and says she had sympathy for herbut she see real grieving over the road. Bev says she lost even thing andAudrey took it away. Blanche then says, "I don't doubt it so why hang ontohis ashes like some kind of trophy? Give his son some peace of mind and getyourself a bit of respect back before it's too late"

At the Yard David comes up and Charlie asks if he can help him. He says hehas got a note from Maria for him. He opens it and gives a wee smile. Davidasks what funny. He says nothing and starts to walk away. Charlie says hedidn't say he could go. Charlie quickly writes something does and asks if hewill give it to Maria. David says he is not his postman. Charlie puts theletter in envelope and tells him just to give it to her. David takes it andwalks away.

Back at the butcher's and Claire is at the window with Thomas. She comes inand says he forgot his butties. She tells him her mum came round and islooking after Josh. He tells her it's been weird today and that he will haveto change the name of the shop. Claire says she wants to do some namechanging of her own. She says she likes Thomas but was ill at the time andwants the baby to be called Fred. She says his dad would like that and she'dbe hounded. Ashley hugs her. Just then Bev comes in with half of Fred'sremains in a Bisto jar. She says sorry and it was the only jar she couldget. Ashley asks if she has any respect. She says they could never agreewhere to scatter the ashes, now they can do what they want. Ashley tells herto get out.

Outside the Salon David is about to go in. Bev passes him. He doesn't go inbut goes round the corner and sits at the bus stop. He opens the letter thatCharlie has told him to give to Maria. As he does he see what he haswritten. "I'll be round at six. Hope you and Rat boy didn't eat all thepizza" He then looks at the next sheet of paper. It's one that Maria haswritten that says, "Don't text me as Sarah has my phone. Gutted about lastnight. Can't wait to see you again. Love M xxx." David does not look thatamused but has a small grin on his face.

Amanda Souter

Part 3

Well it is me back again - with the third part of tonight's episodes. Your reporters here certainly agree with John Savident that there aretoo many episodes, but ITV seem set to milk the soap for all its worth.

We start with Maria sweeping up the floor in Audrey's salon. Fizz comesin and tells Maria how much she is enjoying the open road, she has awhole new world thanks to her Kirkie buying her the scooter. Sheinvites Maria to join her and Kirkie to the Rovers for a drink. Shesays it is likely that Liam would be there. Before she replies Davidcomes in with a note from Charlie. She opens it and smiles to herselfand tells Fizz that she wouldn't be going to the Rovers that night.

Sally comes round to the garage and tells Kevin that there was a letterfrom Berlin for Rosie. Sally is worried that it maybe an invite forRosie to join Craig. Kevin is more relaxed about it He tells her thatshe cannot refuse to give Rosie her letter, after all she could havegone before but she didn't.

Sarah comes back from the wholesaler. Maria thinks she has been toolong, and immediately asks for her phone back. She asks Sarah if sheanswered any calls for her, she says she didn't.

David asks Maria is she doing anything that night, and then inviteshimself round, he says he owes her a pizza.

Over at the Websters, Rosie and Sally are sitting on the sofa. Rosie islooking very depressed. Sally suggests inviting her mates around fromschool, but she says she sees them everyday and doesn't want to see themagain in the evening. Sally's next suggestions is that they get a coupleof DVDs in.

Rita is locking up the cabin. Norris says that they will have to changethe alarm code for the shop when they return from holiday. Rita thinkshe is being silly

David is standing in an alleyway near to Maria's flat and notes Charlieletting himself in.

In the Rovers Audrey apologises to Gail for not being more concernedabout David. However Gail says he is her responsibility and then turnsthe conversation to Audrey and asks her if she is still beingcold-shouldered. She says she is. People are canceling appointments atthe salon. She calls them hypocrites.

Sean and Jamie are talking. Sean tells Jamie that Violet still hasfeelings for him. However, Jamie tells Sean that he knows the situationand therefore he cannot go with Violet.

Danny and Frankie come into the Rovers. Jamie and Frankie exchange glances.

Back at Maria's flat, Charlie (after a bit of 'ladies and gentlemen' asone of our radio presenters refers to it!), says he will sort out Tracysoon. Just as soon as the time is right. He then leaves. A fewmoments later the doorbell rings. Maria rushes down, presuming it isCharlie and shouting "what did you forget", only to find David on thedoorstep. He says he wants to talk to her about Charlie.

Rita decides to wind up Norris to Ken. She tells him to show Ken the"idiot" cards he has written. Norris says they are helpful littlereminders. The first one reads "Don't forget to the turn the sign roundin the morning". Ken looks at Rita as they share the same thought.

Sally is explaining the synopsis of the DVD she and Rosie have beenwatching. Rosie is not interested. She says she is not feeling anybetter, she just wants to know that Craig is alright. Sally goes to herhandbag and gets out the letter. Rosie is very annoyed that she hadn'tbeen given the it before. Sally says that she wanted to 'protect' her.

Maria tries to fob off David by telling him that Charlie comes round tothe flat to do odd jobs. David says he is not stupid, but she insiststhere is nothing going on between her and Charlie. Then David says"Charlie has been knocking you off" ('ladies and gentlemen' is so muchmore politer!). He tells her that he has read the note. She thenapologises to him for lying. David accuses Charlie of using her, butMaria insists that is not right, they love each other.

Tracy is making Charlie a meal. She complains it is very difficult tocook for him, because she never knows what time he will be back. Hethen whispers pleasing words to her.

Having read Craig's letter, Kevin says that he is not interested in whatit said, but they (Kevin and Sally) and also the Croppers would justlike to know that Craig is alright. She tells them that he has found amate over there and has got himself a job. With that she decides to goto bed.

On the subject of bed ...in the Rovers Frankie accuses Danny of tryingto get her drunk so that he can get into his bed. Frankie tells himthat she is just not ready yet.

Sarah discusses with her Mum about Violet staying at Jason's house. Sheclaims "there is no smoke without fire".

Jamie has had enough. He cannot stand watching Frankie and Danny anymore, and storms out of the pub. Sean follows him out. Jamie claims toSean that the only reason that Frankie has moved in with Danny isbecause she cannot face the truth that she really loves him.

After Maria has told David all about her and Charlie, he asks where doesTracy fit in. He says it is obvious she is innocent of all this, somaybe someone ought to tell her what is going on. Maria pleads with himnot to tell Tracy. She wants Charlie to be the one to tell her. WhenMaria tells him that Charlie will tell Tracy soon, he is surprised thatshe believes it. He won't "rock the boat" with two women who both wanthim. David says he really doesn't want the aggro that telling her wouldentail. Maria jumps up and hugs him and thanks him. He is about toleave and tells her he will see her tomorrow.

That is it for me for another week.
Margaret Carr

Wednesday 25 October

The milk float is in the street in the darkness when a door opens and a mysterious figure appears. Oh, no, it's Norris. He's still in his dressing gown but he's not planning on going far – just next door, in fact. Ken hastens down to answer the door and is startled to discover it's Norris. He's come to remind Ken that he promised he'd start at the Kabin today and they open at 7. "But it's only 5.30!" Ken protests. Norris knows that, but the papers have to be ready for 7 and by the time Ken's had his breakfast and a shower . . .

Frankie's a bit startled to find Danny already up. He tells her it's odd to be acting as if they're a couple of total strangers. She avoids answering.

Kirk is testing Fizz on her road theory. He asks questions about double-red lines (they have some in London) and reversing. An annoyed Fizz points out that her vehicle is a scooter. "Give the book to Ches," she commands. But Chesney doesn't need the book. He moves one arm up and down. "What does this mean?" Fizz says it means she's stopping or slowing down. "No. I'm a bird with one wing!" Ches hoots. Fizz doesn't think it's funny. "If I don't pass my test I don't get my freedom, and I've only got an hour," she panics.

David's kicking a ball about in the garden – Charlie's garden, as it happens, and Charlie gives him a dirty look as he leaves the house. Gail comes out and tells him that an education official is due to come to talk to them today. David gives her some back-talk then wanders off, giving his own dirty look to Maria as he walks past the salon.

Ken is getting a hard time from Norris over his lack of professional retail skills. He's about to throttle Norris when they're interrupted by Rita, who's really surprised to find Norris there. "Just giving him the benefit of my experience while I'm still around," Norris explains. "Well," says Ken. "If you're talking about your time on earth, it'll be shortlived!" Rita speaks to them in Hungarian (she's been practising) and marches Norris right out of there to make him finish his packing.

Gail confesses to the education woman that she's tried everything with David and she's now at her wits end. "Perhaps you need some professional help," the woman offers. "Perhaps counselling . . . They might want to see all of you though." She explains that although David's "exhibiting" the problem, sometimes there are factors that influence the whole family, not just the individual child. It might also make David feel less targeted, as if they're all in it together.

In the pub, Emily wants to know what Norris wants on his sandwiches. Rita points out that a meal is included in the price of the flight. "I'm not eating that rubbish," Norris says. "It tastes of plastic." Rita says what sounds like the same Hungarian sentence again. Emily is impressed but Norris is annoyed. Rita won't tell him what it means and he's tried to look it up but can't find it.

David's eating his salad with his fingers. Gail is annoyed that he didn't come back for the education visit. Gail tells him she will be in his face every minute of every day until he shapes up. "I'm going nowhere." "Well I am," he says, getting up to put on his coat. Gail shouts and him and he shouts back, then he leaves and they're no further ahead.

Outside, he meets Maria, who thinks he seemed a bit off with her. She tells him he's special to her. She was just going to call and see if he wanted a coffee. "Make it a beer and you're on," he says. As they walk down the street, Fizz comes along on her scooter with her licence tester on a motorbike behind her. The whole Battersby-Brown clan and Kirky are heading away from the chippie and they cheer and jeer and wave at her, distracting her so she almost doesn't notice Blanche crossing the road. Screeech! She stops just in time. "Have you got a contract out on me or summat?" Blanche demands. As Maria and David go into her flat, Charlie spots them and gets out of his truck.

David is drinking a beer and he and Maria are having a good laugh. Then he asks why she's wasting herself on Charlie. He asks why not her. "Don't be daft," she says and he looks upset. She tells him it's the age difference. "I really do like you." He puts his can down and gets ready to go. Maria tells him to stay. "You're still my bezzy mate."

Kirk is anxious that Fizz isn't back. But he hears the scooter arrive. They agree they're not going to ask her about it, so she doesn't have to tell them. But when she comes in she says she's passed. "You don't have to look so shocked," she says. It turns out that the incident in the street was an unscheduled emergency stop and she got good marks for it. Blanche thinks driving is genetic and wants Fizz to shout them all a drink.

Charlie's in the office keeping an eye on his camera monitor. He rings Maria and finds out she's got the afternoon off. "Why don't I pop around?" he asks. She asks for a few minutes to get ready. David is hacked off. He thinks he might hang around but Maria tells him that if he does anything to mess things up with Charlie, she'll never ever speak to him again.

David leaves, exchanging dirty looks with Charlie as he goes.

Rita and Norris are packing their bags into Les's taxi, with Deirdre, Emily and Ken there to see them off. Norris remembers one last instruction. If any freebies come from that stationery firm, he ‘s to put them to one side. Rita answers in Hungarian. "She's just making that up. It doesn't mean anything." As Norris gets into the taxi, Rita tells the farewell party what the sentence means: "Please excuse my friend. He has mental problems."

David is skulking. There's no other word for it. He's keeping an eye on Maria's door.

Inside, Charlie tells Maria he saw David leave. He wants to know what David wanted. Maria says they were just talking. "You're digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole," Charlie says. "He knows, doesn't he?" Maria admits it and Charlie tells her off. Maria says David has a crush on him and will do what she wants. "Stop worrying. He's not going to say a word to anyone."

There's a girly drinking party going on. Deirdre suggests she should have asked Bev, which brings a protest from the others. Liz comments that every morning Bev is all wild-eyed and wild-haired, clutching her ashes. "I swear, she talks to them ashes when she's on her own." Eileen does a Bev impression. Deirdre tells Frankie it's her turn to have a moan. They ask about Danny and she says they're taking it slowly, one step at a time. "So you're not sleeping with him, then?" Liz asks. Frankie can't deny it. The others suggest either she doesn't fancy Danny or she doesn't fancy It. Eileen thinks maybe she's punishing Danny.

Fizz is setting off on a scooter expedition. She tells Kirk that she wants to do everything by the book now, so he can't come with her, but she's got her map and her butties.

Frankie gets home to Danny. He offers to cook or get a takeaway. "Do you want to ring now or leave it till later?" "Later," she says, giving him a passionate kiss.

David is still skulking. He hides when he hears Danny leaving. Once Danny is out of sight he starts to damage the truck, scoring the side with a nail, then puncturing the tyres.

The End
Margaret Carr

Friday 27 October

How about looking out of your kitchen window to find David Platt standing there staring in at you? That's what happens to Tracy as this Friday episode opens. She shouts for Charlie and goes out to confront David. David says he's just looking for his ball. Gail comes out of her own back door and starts strewing bits of food around – maybe they've got chickens since we last saw them. David picks up his ball and leaps back over the fence, leaving his mother none the wiser and Tracy a bit spooked.

Inside, Gail tells Sarah about the suggestion that everyone in the family should have counselling. Sarah can't understand why David bunking school should mean she has to see a counsellor. Gail points out that talking about it together might be better than her just getting on at David all the time. David starts to laugh and Sarah thinks he just needs a good kick up the backside.

It's the morning after the night before and Frankie has a secret smile on her face as she and Danny have breakfast. She tells him it felt right.

Charlie wanders along to work and finds David's handiwork. Jason, who's just discovered it himself, tells Charlie they'll have to hire another truck because there's a piece of reinforcing metal through the radiator of this one. Jason wonders whether it has anything to do with whoever broke into Maria's flat the other week. Though he also wonders if Charlie has been playing away and the husband has found out.

As Blanche heads into the Kabin, Ken is on the phone to Norris, who is making his third phone call of the day to check that everything is going OK. Blanche waits until Ken's finished and asks him whether there are any cameras going. She figures Ken can slip her a roll of scratch cards, she'll go home and scratch them, they'll cash in the winning ones, pay back the cost of the cards and split the difference on the rest. No. Ken is adamant. Blanche tells him all newsagents do it on the sly. No, they' don't, Ken assures her. He points out that he could go to jail for that. "They only get caught if they don't cover their tracks," Blanche says. When he won't accept a 70:30 split in his favour, she stomps off.

Outside, as Tracy and Amy come out of their house, David is strategically positioned outside. "Shouldn't you be at school, or borstal or wherever it is you go?" Tracy sneers. As she goes off muttering "Get lost, you little freak," Maria comes out of the salon to talk to David. She points out David promised not to say anything. "You've got to be careful." "No, you have, you mean," he replies.

In the pub, Jamie and Violet are talking. He's apologising. Violet thinks maybe it's her, because things were fine with Jason at the beginning, too. Jamie, who seems in a much better mood, starts to tell her a joke, but stops when Frankie comes in and makes an excuse to leave. Nearby, Fizz is telling Maria a long story about spare tyres (she's just discovered they come in different sizes and types). Maria is distracted by Tracy and her mum coming in. When Fizz goes to the loo, Maria listens as Tracy tells Deirdre how nice Charlie is being lately. Deirdre doesn't believe it. "Mum, he declares his undying love to me every day, and that's something he never did before," Tracy says, thus proving she doesn't know that ANY change in a man's behaviour is a warning sign! Fizz comes back from the loo and Maria has to give up eavesdropping to Fizz can complain about tramlines.

There's a man changing the tyres on Charlie's truck and Charlie arrives in a hire van. David is lurking again and grins at this.

Charlie goes up to the office and opens the mail. There's a good luck card among the bills and inside it says "Tut, tut, what will Tracy say?"

Violet and Frankie are chatting in the pub. They're talking about Jamie. Frankie is sure he left just because Frankie came in, but Violet can't work out his behaviour at all.

Blanche is back in the shop. She forgot her Horoscope magazine, but this earns her a lecture from Ken. "I'll go and read it where I won't be scoffed at." She grabs a paper as well and is very put out when Ken wants payment. "Oh, come on. Fair dues with the scratch cards," she says, "if it's breaking the law. But no-one will miss these." She says she's not that desperate that she'd pay for them. She leaves them behind and, once again, stomps out. She stomps pretty well for someone with a Polish hip. Adam has come in. When he finds out that getting up at 5.30 has tired out Ken, he offers to stand in for a while.

Charlie takes the car to Maria. She tells him David's just trying to wind him up. "Well, it's working." She says there's no proof David trashed the van or sent the cards. And maybe it's a good thing if it gets everything out in the open. Charlie is horrified. Maria's upset she had to listen to Tracy babbling on about how wonderful Charlie is, but Charlie says it's just because Tracy knows Deirdre hates him – Tracy has to praise him when she's with her mum. But Maria can't understand why they have to wait. "I've told you why. She's not right in the head and if we get the timing wrong it could tip her over the edge. The question now is, what do we do about your little admirer."

In the pub, Audrey doubts the counselling plan and Gail is defending it. Sarah is just sick of talking about David. She goes to the bar to get another round in and is suddenly a target for Bev, still leaning on the bar and clutching a large, shiny urn. Bev wants to know if Audrey would have had a surprise planned for Fred's birthday today. Jason, at the bar, says he doesn't think Bev should be talking to Sarah like that. Whatever Audrey did was nothing to do with Sarah. "It's in the genes, love," Bev snaps at him. "Right, so Shelley is going to end up like you is she? Glued to a barstool, bladdered by dinnertime and bitter with it!"

David sees Charlie and Tracy walking down the street and gives a wolf whistle. Charlie suggests to Tracy that maybe David has a crush on her. "I'll crush him if it goes on," she says through gritted teeth.

Frankie arrives at Number Seven to collect some stuff. Jamie lets her in but doesn't say a word.

In the pub, Gail wants to know what Jason said at the bar. She's worried Sarah is still hankering after him.

Adam is in the shop when Ken arrives back. Then Deirdre and Blanche walk in. Blanche has decided she'll pay for her magazine after all. Ken's explaining the problem to Deirdre when Bev brings in one of Fred's magazines which has just been delivered. She cancelled his magazines when Fred died. Adam admits that he put it in the bag for delivery because it said in the book that she still took it. As Bev leaves, Blanche sees her chance. "I wonder what Norris will make of this," she says gleefully. "Not 24 hours is gone and a grieving customer is put through torment." It works and Ken buys her silence by saying she can have the magazine, though he makes it clear he'll be taking the money for it out of his own pocket.

Gail is fed up. She tells all three other generations of her family that they're going for counselling. Audrey wants to know who she thinks she is, laying down the law. Gail thinks she's the only sane one. After all, she's got a mother who is the talk of the street for gallivanting round with someone else's man, a daughter who can't wait to throw herself back at the man who ruined her life and a son that sends her poison pen letters and who hasn't been to school in six months. David points out that she's the one who married a psycho. "Yeah, well, nobody's perfect!" she says defensively. Sarah points out that Gail wanted Social Services to take Bethany away, and Audrey points out that she accused Eileen of sending the letters. "If anyone needs counselling in this family, it's you," Audrey says. Gail says it doesn't matter because they're all going. "And that's final!"

Frankie tells Jamie that Violet would like to get back together. She says he only thinks he's got feelings for his stepmother, but he doesn't really. "You know that's not true," he says, moving inside her comfort zone. Frankie suggests they get back to the way they were, but Jamie says that's not possible. He says she's kidding herself and really has feelings for him. Frankie just looks at him, shakes her head and leaves.

David is bouncing his ball outside the house. "Having fun?" asks Charlie. He tells David his fun is over. "You make one move and you'll wish you never came out to play." Charlie thinks it's done, but as he walks away, David sneers "Is that right?" He says he wouldn't make threats if he was Charlie. "Lay one finger on me and Tracy will know everything – unless you're going to kill me, of course, but somehow I don't think Maria is worth that much to you, is she? See you round."

Well, is she? We'll have to wait for Sunday's episode to find out.

The End
Margaret Carr

Sunday 29 October

I will admit to never hiding my views on certain storylines in ourfavourite programme. After all one of the pleasures of writing theseupdates is to impose my views on my readers. And this time I will add alittle context. I am a step father. I just cannot see how Frankie isattracted to Jamie. I cannot see how Jamie is attracted to Frankie. Andfrankly I find the storyline entirely objectionable and anyway I fancyFrankie! Having said that can I move onto events this evening.

Events in Weatherfield are copyright ITV Productions, written by JohnFay and directed by John Anderson.

Ken is selling David a card "With Deepest Sympathy" - theoretically toBev - but somehow I think he has another end. David asks after Tracy -is she happy with Charlie. Ken responds that he thinks she is. AsDavid departs Ken observes that David is a really nice young man (littledoes he know what we know ...) Outside David kicks a ball aroundhitting Charlie's van setting off the alarm. Charlie and Tracy watchfrom a bedroom window and Charlie tells David to be more careful andstay away.

Danny tries to convince Frankie that she does not need to go to work -but she does not want to lose her independence - he suggests they go outfor Sunday lunch - and if she wants her independence she can drive andpay. She turns down paying but agrees to the date.

Claire and Ashley are looking at the ashes in the gravy granules jar-are they really Fred's or did they come from an ashtray? Claire tellsAshley that she must speak to Bev. Across the road Liz is talking toBev suggesting that she should be with her family. Bev offers to moveout - but whilst Liz would like her to go, Bev wants to be useful.

At Roys Rolls Jason finds an excuse to sit at the same table as Sarah -who could not care less. Jason again says that Violet means nothing toher. Sarah says that David and Gail are doing her head in - David isdue to go back to school and they are at loggerheads. Sarah tells Jasonthat they are going for family counselling. Jason even offers to jointhem!

Michelle turns up an hour late for work and gets a real telling off fromBev - who opened up. Michelle points out that the clocks went back andshe has actually arrived 5 minutes early. Bev thought it was quiet andasks Les why he had not told her she had opened early!! She throws himout until opening time - in 5 minutes.

David posts a card through a front door. Charlie is lying on the sofareading the paper. The van alarm goes off again so Charlie turns itoff. Tracy finds the card and opens it - with a very nasty look on herface. The card says "Sorry to hear Charlie has been such a bad boy. Youmust be devastated". Charlie is trying to ignore it - but Tracy wantsto know what he has done. Is it about Charlie's and Shelley's baby?She reckons the card is from Bev and intends to go and see her.

Jason offers to help Sarah and Bethany with a pumpkin. Jason offersanother apology to Sarah and he misses her. He wishes they were married- but as she says they will never get their wedding day back.

Both Danny and Liam are at the office on a Sunday. Liam wants to knowwhy he is not at home with Frankie? She is at work says Danny - butLiam reckons that there must be something wrong. Frankie wanders in andconfirms that Liam was winding up Danny! Danny tells Liam to finish thework he has started. As they depart Danny suggest asking Jamie to jointhem for lunch. Frankie tries to discourage him. They go to Frankie'shouse and she asks Jamie if they can all come in. Danny invites Jamieto join them for lunch so they can talk it all through. Frankie saysthat she and Danny belong together. Jamie tries to tell Frankie thatshe should not be with Danny. Danny goes and Frankie says she isstaying with him. Oh sorry it is just too much rubbish.

Liz asks Ashley if Bev can be moved out. Ashley refuses to assist inremoving her before the sale completes.

Gail and Sarah are looking at little Fred the baby in his pram. Insidethe Rovers Ashley is trying to talk to Bev - but she is drunk again.Tracy comes over and thanks Bev for her card. Bev denies all knowledgeof any card and Tracy has to accept her denial. Gail and Sarah let slipthat David is at home - which Charlie overhears and decides to go andmove the van because of the complaints. Charlie moves the van in frontof the Platts' house, knocks on the door and when David answers hethrows him in the back of the van. Charlie starts threatening David butthe van door is opened by Liam who wants to know what is going on.Charlie was trying to teach him a lesson. David denies everything. Liamtells David to stay clear.

And that's all for this week.
K Richard W

Monday 30 October

We open with two of the street's residents meeting and exchanging greetings. "Morning, Dead Meat." "Brickin' it," David smiles back at Charlie. Charlie tells him he's just waiting for the right moment. "Just you, me, my steel-capped boots and your stupid thick skull." Tracy comes up and David asks who did her hair, his gran or Maria? Tracy takes Charlie's arm and tells David: "Oh, go and be weird somewhere else."

Outside Ken's, Emily has obviously just imparted some news about Rita. "It's not the foot that's the problem," she tells him. "The operation went well. Now she's developed a deep-vein thrombosis and they won't let her fly for at least three weeks." Wait, it gets worse. Yes, Norris is coming back on his own, but he'd like Ken to open the Kabin. Can't wait to see those two working together!

In the Webster household, Rosie is reading a letter. Sophie, who has a great future ahead of her as an actress (oh... wait...) says a little over-dramatically: "Dear Rosie, Ich would write more but my heart is kaput!" "Your legs will be kaput in a minute!" mutters Rosie. Sally suggests she show a little sensitivity. "They don't teach that at my cheap-o school," Sophie counters. Kevin is on the phone to his dad. Turns out Bill is coming for a visit. At 4 o'clock today! Sally goes into panic mode. "Rosie, stop pining. That bathroom could do with a good scrub!" Rosie echoes all of us: "Hello? What happened to sensitivity?" Sally tells Sophie she can bunk off school if she helps her sister clean the house from top to bottom. Sophie takes that as her cue to head for school. Rosie looks upset. She tells Sally that her grandad is a reminder of the whole Paris scenario. "I know, love," says Sally sympathetically. "Make sure you bleach under the rim."

David goes into the salon to see Maria and tells her Charlie "went all muscle-Mary on me." He points out that Charlie is always with Tracy. "I'm just bringing it to a head for you." Maria tells him that she and Charlie are playing the long game. She invites David round for a takeaway later in the week. "Thanks for not telling Tracy," she says. "You're one of the most loyal mates I've ever had."

Chesney goes to Les with a trainer that really has seen better days. It looks as if Schmeichel had it for lunch then changed his mind. Les tells Cilla Chesney wants a new pair of trainers. "Are they a bit last-season?" Cilla sneers. Chesney heads for the door with his schoolbag, but Les stops him to say he'll just have to get a part-time job. Ches points out he's too young. "If Queen Victoria were on the throne, you'd be married with four kids by now," his mum points out. "Or up a chimney. Or pick-pocketing in Trafford Centre." Les comes over all fatherly and tells him a nice little paper round will get him the trainers by Christmas.

Senile amnesia must be finally getting to Emily. She's behind the counter in the Kabin with Ken. "You know, when I was a little girl," she tells Rosie, "My toy shop was my most precious possession. Now look at me." Ah, all those years at Gamma Garments meant so little to her she can't even remember them. . . As Rosie leaves, Hayley comes in and stops her to say she and Roy have a postcard from Craig. Rosie is just worried about whether Craig said he missed her. But it turns the conversation to how useful Hayley felt when they had Craig to look after. When Ken goes to answer the phone, Emily tells Hayley that volunteer work might make her feel more useful.

Charlie is stopped in the street by Maria. She tells him David nearly beat him to tell Tracy. He says he's had a talk to David. "What are you doing at lunchtime?" And Maria goes off quite happy.

Over to the cafe now. "Take, take, take! The Western World revolves around kids," moans Cilla, who certainly couldn't ever be accused to buying into that world. Even Roy thinks the pendulum might have swung a little far in that direction. Deirdre agrees. Teachers get no backup in dealing with kids. That sets off Cilla on a rave against teachers... more holidays than they know what to do with etc. "If our Chesney needs a slap, I'll do t'onours, thank you very much. Be glad when he leaves home!" She tells Deirdre that if Fizz ever starts "sprogging" she won't be doing any babysitting or knitting any bootees! Jamie comes in and wants to know if Danny is still giving Frankie the full charm offensive. He tells her he know she feels the same way as he does and he'll wait for as long as it takes. "I know your head's as wrecked as mine, only yours is a lot prettier," he says. Frankie sighs as he leaves.

Charlie's in Maria's flat, getting dressed. Well, I suppose the ad break was nearly four minutes long . . . He gives Maria a bit of a hug and a few chat-up lines, comments on a picture of her mother. Maria wishes he could meet her. Maria starts to moan on about how she'll be on her own in the flat that night, but Charlie says he's got no intention of wasting the time they do have by arguing. "David reckons you've got no intention of leaving her," Maria says. Charlie says something flippant about David's life experience and Maria goes back to work. Charlie flings himself down on the sofa and then puts his hand behind him. Ah, it's Maria's phone.

Gail is moaning about having to work late at the surgery. David is already ignoring her, but when he gets a text he rushes upstairs, saying he has to have a shower.

Rosie's at the garage pleading for a job or something to do. She says cleaning makes her even more depressed about Craig. Sally comes out of the factory and sends her off to buy a bunch of roses, much to Rosie's annoyance. It's clear she's worried about Craig snogging other girls while he's in Berlin.

Cilla is in the Kabin with Chesney, pleading for Ken to give him a job, even though Ken tells her he doesn't have hiring and firing powers.

Around the corner, David presses the bell outside Maria's flat. He leans on the wall, trying to look cool, and is startled to be grabbed and whisked into the hall by Charlie, who quickly shuts the door behind them.

Gail is picking up litter from the garden and lecturing her mother about taking no excuses when it comes to the counselling.

"Do you want bubbles?" Charlie asks David, whom he has kneeling by the bath with his hands tied behind him. "I'm going to wash your dirty little mouth out. Not looking so brave now are you?" David says if Charlie lets him go he'll never say a word. And suddenly we are seeing David from under the water as he pleads with Charlie. Charlie dunks his head under the water again and again, pausing only to say a few words to him between each dunking.

In the pub, Ken and Emily are being congratulated by the rest of the Barlow clan for not burning down the Kabin. A serious discussion ensues about the number of toffees eaten and paid for by Emily, which sends Tracy into a bout of yawning. She leaps up. "Keep me posted on toffeegate," she says, leaving. Les and Cilla come over and ask Ken sarcastically if he's cleared his pint with head office. Ken says he'll talk to Rita, but Cilla says Ches has lost the work ethic now.

David is still being dunked and he's still pleading, though now he's gagging and spluttering as well. Charlie tells him he can't go until he's answered a very important question. "Who put the ram in the ram-a-lang-a-ding-dong?" "Eh?" asks David. "Is the wrong answer!" And David's under the water again. "I can't breathe," he gasps as he surfaces. "Sounds good to me," says Charlie. "Who put the bop in the bop-she-wop-du-wop." David is crying so much now he's shaking. His head is under the water again as Maria walks in. He breaks free and shouts "He tried to drown me." Charlie says David got wet after he broke in to run himself a bath. "I won't you to go," Maria tells Charlie.

Back at Gail's, she's ironing when David races in and straight up the stairs. "Aren't you a bit old for water bombs?" she calls after him.

In the cafe, a large bunch of flowers arrives from Jamie, though Roy assumes they're from Danny. Frankie makes out she's got masses of flowers at home and give them to Hayley.

Charlie is drying off and says he should keep a few clean shirts at Maria's. She demands to know why. All he ever does is pop round for a quickie before going back to his girlfriend. "Pratt strikes again," he says. Maria points out that David is only 15. Charlie was just trying to stop him telling Tracy about them. Charlie agrees. He'll decide when and where Tracy is told. Maria doubts he plans to finish with Tracy at all. "Life doesn't come in neat little packages, Maria," he tells her. He has to factor in Tracy's feelings, and Amy's. "Pardon me for having a scrap of integrity." Maria looks at him. "Maybe I should tell her myself." She's crying and tells Charlie she's hurt. "I get the crumbs off the table and she gets to be with you all the time." She's determined to tell Tracy. She's off out the door before Charlie can stop her.

Phew! Another episode will be along in half an hour (metaphorically speaking).
Margaret Carr

Greetings all. I travelled about 140 miles (225 km) to bring youtonight's report. I had been away for the weekend, but got back in timeto watch the episodes.

So we start off with Charlie chasing Maria into the street. Charliecalls after Maria saying that she is making a big mistake. She heads toTracy's house and forces her way in. Before she even says a word,Charlie condemns her as mad. Tracy tells Maria that she is going tohave to wait until she has finished drying her hair.

Norris returns from his holiday and sees Ken and Emily running the shopand reflects it is "Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson" (aah, 'Sing littlebirdy, sing this song, ...' - You will need to Google them if youhaven't heard of them before). He tells them that he has seen Rita inhospital. She must be very tired, he comments because she keeps fallingoff to sleep.

Back at Tracy and Charlie's place Maria is losing her temper. Sheunplugs the hairdryer. Maria, in tears, tells Tracy that she has beenhaving a relationship with Charlie. She tells her that Charlie saidthat you were mental and was going to leave you. Tracy asks how longthat this is going on. Maria says three months. Charlie tries to smirkit off. Meanwhile Tracy drags Maria into the street as they start tofight. Maria says that she can prove she knows Charlie, because sheknows where his tattoo is (maybe at the top of his arm ?!).

Ken and Deidre now want to know what is happening. Tracy says"nothing". Ken then takes Deidre home, much to Norris' annoyance, whowanted Ken to keep working.

Kevin's father arrives and he and Kevin go off to the pub. Sallyreminds them not to be late for their meal.

Cilla and Les tell Norris about Chesney's plight in being unable to gainuseful employment as a paper boy,. Norris tells him he can start, on trial.

The Charlie v Tracy war continues with Tracy asking Charlie to pour hera brandy. She says she wants answers. She accuses him of sleeping withMaria. He says that he is not sleeping with her, it was more of afumble (!). Then Tracy remembers the stag do that he went to in Leeds.Was he really with her? He claims that Maria made the first move. Itwas a "one night stand", he claims. Tracy says that three months is along night (!). Charlie tries to apologise to Tracy again. She thenrecalls that three months ago they were patching things up regarding theShelley affair. She throws here drink at him and takes her handbag andgoes out.

Tracy goes to the canal and her phone rings. Realising it is Charlieshe throws the phone into the water.

Deidre marches round to Charlie and demands to see Tracy. He says sheis not there. So she asks him if he has been sleeping with Maria.Charlie responds with "Glasshouses, Deidre, Glasshouses".

Maria goes round to Fiz and confesses what has been going on. Fizcannot believe what has been going on and Maria hasn't said anything.Fiz tells her that she has been done by every trick in the book.

Over in the Rovers, Jamie confronts Frankie. He asks her if she likedthe flowers that he sent. She gives a non-committal response that sheloves flowers.

Hayley sees Emily in the pub, and says she would like to follow up hersuggestion of doing some voluntary work. Norris eyes look upwards andremarks that the church is becoming very welcoming. Gail, who issitting with them at the pub asks what he means. He says that Hayley is"transdcedental" !

Kevin and Bill return home late for supper. The food has beenovercooked and not edible. Kevin explains his father took a liking tothe barmaid (Michelle) at the Rovers. He offers to get them all fishsuppers instead.

Tracy is walking in the street (a streetwalker?!). Deidre comes out andtells her that if she goes back she will have no self respect. Howevershe goes into see Charlie. He is lying on the couch. She tells himthat she needs a new phone because she threw the other one in thecanal. She says that she used to love coming home, but now the placefeels contaminated because she has been there. Tracy now wonders ifCharlie charged Maria rent at the flat. She likens Maria to aprostitute. He says he is going to bed in the spare room. She says shecannot sleep because her mind is drawing vivid images of him and Maria'at it'. Again Charlie tries to apologise, and says that he won'tleave because then it will be like giving up on her. He reaffirms thatMaria meant nothing to him. He asks for forgiveness. He tries to kissher, but Tracy says it won't wash. She goes up to bed leaving Charlieon the couch.

So will Tracy get her revenge?
What will Maria do?
Where does David fit into all this and his 'love' for Maria?

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Martin Rosen

Updates written by K Richard Whitbread, Joanne McCartney, Martin Rosen, Ann Logan, Sue Haasler, Margaret Carr, Duncan Lindsay, Amanda Souter.