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Answers to Celebrity Mastermind quiz of Sunday January 3 2016

1. Les Dennis

2. Deirdre Barlow

3. The Rovers Return.

4. Tina McIntyre

5. Hard Grinding

6. Status Quo

7. Milan

8. Schmeichel

9. Dennis Tanner

10. Blanche's

11. General Custard


Answers to picture quiz of Friday October 16 2015

1. Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow)

2. Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden)

3. Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts)

4. Betty Driver (Betty Williams)

5. Maggie Jones (Blanche Hunt)

6. Violet Carsons (Ena Sharples).

7. Jack Howarth (Uncle Albert)

8. Ken Morley (Reg Holdsworth)

9. Sally Dynevor (Sally Metcalfe)

10. Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth)

11. Madge Hindle (Renee Roberts)

12. Bill Waddington (Percy Sugden)

13. Bev Callard (Liz McDonald)

 Answers to quiz of Friday August 7 2015

1. Newlyweds Des and Steph Barnes

2. Kevin Webster

3. Elsie Tanner's grandson Paul Cheveski

4. He was knifed outside a nightclub

5. Three

6. HIgh blood pressure

7. Because of a fractured gas main

8. £565

9. At the Blue Bell garage as a mechanic

10. He sold one-armed bandit machines

11. Leo and Mario Bonarti

12. £500

Answers to quiz of Sunday July 26 2015

1. Bobby

2. For receiving stolen blankets

3. On a visit to his daughter Joan in Derbyshire

4. To bring home daughter Irma after her son-in-law David and grandson Darren were killed in a car crash.

5. £600

6. He was shot in a wages snatch.

7. Waitress Janice Stubbs

8. St. Anne's on Sea

9. He was a bigamist.

10. Eunice Nuttall

11. Jenny was papergirl at The Kabin

12. Risley Remand Centre

13. Fraud and assault

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Answers to Ken Barlow Quiz - July 19 2015

1. David /  Irma Ogden

2. Wendy Crozier

3. She was 33, 12 years older than him.

4. English and History

5. She was knocked down by a bus

6. Assistant personnel officer for Amalgamated Steel

7. The Manchester Evening News

8. His scooter

9. London

10. Piggott offered Ken £100 to ensure his son passed his school exams

11. The Vietnam War

12. Montego Bay

13.Lucille Hewitt recognised her as a nurse who had ill-treated her when she was in an orphanage.

14. Mavis Armitage - who turned out to be Mavis Riley

15. She took an overdose after he refused to take her back

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Answers to Coronation Street Blog Quiz - Part 1 - July 17 2015

1. Florizel Street

2. Two children playing outside the corner ship from which owner Elsie Lappin appeard.

3. Gamma Garments.

4. Ena Sharples, owner of the Glad Tidings Mission Hall, was spotted drinking in the Rovers Return snug.

5. The marriage of Joan Walker, daughter of Rovers' landlady Annie, and teacher Gordon Davies.

6. On a coach trip to the Blackpool illuminations.

7. Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst.

8. Wilmslow, Cheshire.

9. She had a heart attack in the Rovers Return over a bottle of milk stout.

10. No. 13.

11. Wrestling.

12. Canada.

13. She turned up at school with an urchin blonde hairdo and a tattoo on her arm.

14. He was murdered by a fellow soldier.

15. Betty Turpin.

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