Address:  Coronation Street
Phone number: 0161 715 2396
Current owners: Aidan and Johnny Connor, Carla Connor

Actual location: Granada Studios outdoor set

1997: Don attacks Mike inside the Underworld, but he dies moments later in a car crash.

2003: A storeroom is burned down after Janice Battersby drops a cigarette onto a pile of clothes. Factory was renovated by Charlie Stubbs and reopened.  

2004: Danny Baldwin arrives on the Street, and starts working in the factory, as does Sean Tully, much to the disapproval of Janice Battersby.

2005: Two new staff members arrive: Kelly Crabtree and Mike Baldwin's son, Adam Barlow. Also sisters, Joanne and Jessie. Angela Harris stops work due to the murder of her husband, and Danny refuses to close down the factory so the staff can attend the funeral.

2006: Mike Baldwin dies, leaves his share to Adam. Adam sells his share to Liam Connor. By year's end, Danny Baldwin leaves town and sells his share to Liam's brother, Paul.

2007: Paul Connor dies in a car crash. His widow, Carla, inherits his share. Liam marries Maria Sutherland and sells his share to Carla's fiance, Tony Gordon.

2009: Carla and Tony split up after Tony kills Liam after discovering that Liam and Carla had an affair. Carla sells her share to an old friend, Luke Strong. Rosie Webster comes into some money and buys a small share in the company. Current "main" staff include: Julie Carp, Janice Battersby, Fiz Brown, Sean Tulley, Kelly Crabtree, Sally Webster. Rosie Webster is partner and PA.

2017:Carla has left Weatherfield but still retains her share in the factory. Partners Aidan and Johnny Connor. Office staff inclues Alya Nazir, manager trainee. Sally Metcalf, Supervisor. Packing: Kirk Sutherland, Gina Seddon. Stitchers include: Sean Tully, Fiz Stape, Eva Price, Jenny Bradley, Beth Sutherland, Izzy Armstrong.

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