Moira Wood


Full name: Moira Wood (née Kelly)
Born: 1955
Married: Harry Wood
Children: Greg Kelly (b: 1972; f: Les Battersby)

Played by: Carolyn Pickles
Appeared: 18 May 1998

Greg's mother, who became pregnant by travelling fairground worker Les Battersby in either the Isle of Wight or Warrington, depending on which script you read. The fair moved onto Wigan the next week, Moira stayed in Warrington, and realising her mistake, never made any attempt to find Les when she found she was pregnant.


She struggled to bring up Greg, working hard and living as a single mother. She became a secretary for manufacturing and retail fashion businessman Harry Wood and eventually married him.

She wasn't pleased to see Les when he looked her up in 1998.





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