Bethany Platt

Full name: Bethany Britney Platt
Sarah Platt and Neil Fearns
4 June 2000, Weatherfield General Hospital



Played by:

  1. Amy & Emily Walton (Credited only on 7 August 2000; and from 27 October 2000 - )
  2. Mia Cookson (Credited only on 4 - 8 September 2000)
  3. Lucy Fallon (March 20 2015 - )

First appeared: 4 June 2000; first on-screen credit 7 August 2000

Bethany was born when her mum was only 13. Her dad didn't want anything to do with her. Not long after she was born Alison Webster kidnapped her as she lost her own baby to an infection, although she was returned safe and sound

Richard was exposed as a killed and Bethany with the rest of the family was nearly killed when he drove the car into the canal.

Sarah moved into a flat with her and Todd. Bethany was electrocuted and Gail phoned Social services. When Beth was 3 her real dad died in a car crash. Sarah took her daughter to the funeral and started letting Neil's mum see her. Brenda was still grieving. After finding out Sarah was pregnant she was going to jump off a church roof with Beth and reunite them all together. Emily talked her out of it and Beth was returned. Sarah moved back home.

Bethany then started school. Her mum started seeing Jason and they decided to get married, so Beth got to be a bridesmaid although the groom took off and the wedding was called off.

In March 2015 Bethany Platt returned to Coronation Street having fled from her mum in Milan after being caught shopllifting at school.

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