Tommy Duckworth

Full name:Thomas Duckworth
Terry and Lisa Duckworth
9 September 1992
Paul Clayton (half brother), Brad Armstrong (half brother)


Played by:

  1. Darryl Edwards (1992-1997)
  2. Joseph Aston (2000)
  3. Chris Fountain (2011-2013)

First appeared:9 September 1992

Lisa gave birth to Tommy while her husband and his father was in Strangeways. She became disillusioned with Terry's violence and fell for neighbour Des Barnes who was willing to bring up the child. Lisa was hit by a car and died so Tommy was brought into Jack and Vera's house to be brought up, at least until Terry was released.

When Terry got out of prison, however, he decided to give Tommy to Lisa's parents, the Hortons for a price, in effect, selling his son. He never saw the lad grow up though Jack and Vera often visited Blackpool where they lived.

At the age of 19, Tommy spent time traveling around the world and ended up on Coronation Street looking for his granddad Jack in 2011. He knew that Vera had died but did not know that Jack had recently passed away. Tyrone had the sad job of telling him. Tyrone offered him a place to stay and convinced Kevin to hire him as a mechanic trainee though Kevin didn't like him much. Tommy and Tyrone became good mates.

Tommy tried chatting Sian Powers up but once he realized she was gay and had no intentions of taking him up on his offer, he turned his attentions to pretty Tina McIntyre. It took some time, but she finally admitted she liked him too and the pair got together.

After his grandfather, Jeff Horton, suddenly died, Tommy decided to go traveling again with the small inheritance he received. He bought a clapped out old van and thought that he and Tina could go wherever the wind took them. But his father, Terry turned up, planning to open a lap dancing club next to the Bistro. Even though he didn't recognize his son at first, Terry ended up wanting to get to know his dad and stayed in town to help him against everyone's advice. They all knew Terry was a wrong'un but Tommy didn't want to know. Terry only wanted to be with Tommy because of the inherited cash and successfully fleeced Tommy out of it and a sum from Tyrone as well that Tommy borrowed. It all came to nothing when the club never got off the ground and Terry fled, leaving Tommy broke.

In order to make up the cash, Tommy worked extra jobs, making himself exhausted. Tyrone's controlling fiance Kirsty was putting pressure on him for repayment and he he became so overtired that he got into a very serious car crash. Now in even more debt, Tina took drastic action and offered to be a surrogate mother for Gary and Izzy, for a price. Owen paid her to carry the baby and she gave the money to Tommy to help pay off his debts. But Tommy was very much against Tina's plan and they split up shortly after she got pregnant from the treatments.

After the baby was born, Tina didn't want to give up the little boy. Tommy stood by her and said he'd help her raise the baby but in the end she did the right thing and gave Izzy and Gary their son. Tommy was secretly relieved.

Later, Tina attempted to help David Platt, her ex boyfriend, out of a jam and let him stay at their flat without asking Tommy first. Tommy was irate and never did like David much. He upped and left town without a word to Tina and later, by text message, broke up with her for good.

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