Linus Roache



Real name: Linus William Roache
Born: 1 February 1964
Parents: William Roache and Anna Cropper
Partner: Rosalind Bennett


Contact: c/o Kate Feast Management

Played: Peter Barlow

Linus' first screen appearance was at the age of 9, playing his father's son in Coronation Street.

He trained at the Central Scool of Speech and Drama, and learned his craft with many RSC stage roles. He had a number of TV roles in A Sort of Innocence, Saracen, the title role in Omnibus: Vincent Van Gogh, Keeping Tom Nice and Black and Blue before landing the lead role of Bob Longman in the series Seaforth in 1994 and in the next year as a gay Catholic priest in the TV movie Priest. Other film roles include Mister God This is Anna.

TV credits include: The Onedin Line (BBC); Shot Through The Heart (HBO) as Vlado; Seaforth (BBC1, 1994) as Bob Langman; Saracen (Central) as Daniel McAvaddy; Omnibus: Vincent Van Gough (BBC1) asVincent Van Gough; Keeping Tom Nice (BBC) as Tom; Black and Blue (BBC) as Det Sgt Brian Tait; A Sort of Innocence (BBC) as Richard Davidson;

Film credits include: Priest as Father Greg; Link; No Surrender as Ulster Boy; The Venice Project as Count Jacko/Count Giaccomo; Siam Sunset as Perry; Coleridge as Sam; Pandaemonium; The Wings Of The Dove as Merton Densher; Best as Denis Law;





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