Brian Hibbard



Real name:
Born: 25 November 1946, Wales



Played: Doug Murray (1992 - 1993)

Hibbard first came to national prominence as part of the Flying Pickets pop group during the eighties. The group had come together through a touring play entitled One Big Blow about the 1973-74 miners'strike (hence Hibbard's trademark big sideburns). The play, for the 7.84 Theatre Company, was a semi-musical in which they were required to sing a capella. This led to numerous bookings as a 'novelty' music act in theatres all around Britian, and an album entitled 'Live At The Albany Theatre'. The group held the Christmas Number One spot in the singles charts in 1983 with 'Only You', which led to some memorably visual Top of the Pops performances. The group's popularity faded, and an attempt to Hibbard and another member, 'Red Stripe', to revive their pop careers as 'Brian and Stripe' in 1987, sadly failed. However, Hibbard was soon to enjoy great success as an actor in shows such as Making Out (as Chunky, petty criminal and henpecked boyfriend of Margi Clark) and The Bill (as a timid villain-turned-nark for DS Greig). Since leaving the Street, Hibbard has taken roles on the big screen, with films such as House of America and Kevin Allen's Twin Town. He has appeared in numerous Welsh TV programmes, such as Pam Vi duw and S4C's Zig and Zag Investigate, and is currently recording for the BBC a new version of the popular period romp Tom Jones.






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