Stephen Hancock



Real name:
Born: Stratford-upon-Avon
Married: Jocelyne


  1. Phyllida
  2. Genna


Played: Ernest Bishop (4 September 1967 - 11 January 1978)

Stephen found fame on TV before his role as Ernie Bishop by playing Dr Faulkner in Emergency Ward 10 in the early 1960's. However, most of his acting life has been spent on the stage - in rep, in London's West End and with the Royal Shakespeare Company in home town.

His departure from Coronation Street caused headlines in the national press and even prompted a documentary. Stephen felt he had to resign from Granada over what he perceived as the injust way contracts were handled, particularly with the major stars, and wanted a more equitable system.

He has a love of radio, and can currently be heard as actor-luvie Laurence "call me Larry" Lovell in The Archers. He also writes incidental music for TV, radio and the theatre.

Incidentally, his brother, Christopher played Charlie Cotton in EastEnders.






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