Joseph Gilgun



Real name: Joseph Gilgun
Born: 9 March 1984, Chorley, Lancashire
Parents: Judith Gilgun




Played: Jamie Armstrong (7 March 1994 - 2 May 1997)

Joseph began acting at the age of nine and soon he joined the Oldham Theatre Workshop where he acted in pantomimes. On 7 March 1994 he made his debut on Coronation Street as Jamie Armstrong. He remained with the series until 2 May 1997.

Joseph continued his education in Bolton, Lancashire but combined it with his work on Coronation Street where his mother Judith acted as his chaperone. Joseph suffers from dyslexia so he had to learn his scripts rather than reading them. Joseph hopes to continue his acting career after completing his education. He lives in Bolton with his mother and two sisters Jennie and Rosie






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