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Monday 5 December and Tuesday 06 December (UK Airing 11 November 2022)


FIZ IS FACED WITH A SPECTRE FROM THE PAST Tyrone explains to Fiz how he bought up all the stock from the local bookshop, including the cutout in a bid to stop people reading the book. As Hope lets herself in, Fiz and Tyrone freeze. Fiz hides the John Stape books from Hope while Tyrone distracts her in the hallway. In the backyard of No.9, a sulky Hope kicks open the door of the outhouse and is stunned to see a cardboard cutout of her real Dad and a stack of books, how will Hope react?

SUMMER ADMITS TO KEEPING BILLY IN THE DARK Mike and Esther call on Summer and Aaron. When Billy calls at the flat, Summer panics, is the game up for Summer?

ELSEWHERE Dee-Dee calls at No.6 to collect Stu for his court hearing. An exhausted Stu returns home and tells Yasmeen that his conviction was overturned but if Eliza is to live with him, he’ll have to move out as she needs her own room.

Wednesday 07 December and Thursday 08 December


ALYA MAKES AN ENEMY OF GRIFF Alya shares her suspicions about Griff with Yasmeen. Toyah tells them about the racist gig. Toyah confides in Spider that she’s convinced Griff is a racist. Max drops some of the leaflets he has made off at Roys. Spider admires Max’s flyers and suggests he shouldn’t be wasting his talents on the likes of Griff. Is Spider putting himself at risk?

BERNIE TRIES TO MONEY-TRAP FERN Bernie suggests to Howard and Dev they throw a party to celebrate the fake lottery win and post pictures online to reel Fern in. In the bistro, Howard, Gemma, Paul and Bernie stage a lottery winner’s party. Howard calls at No.5 and shares the good news that Fern has been in touch and wants to meet him in Freshco’s car park. As Bernie waits at the bus stop, a van pulls up, a bloke jumps out, throws a bag over her head and bundles her into the back of his van. Bernie screams, how much danger is she in?

STU’S GAIN IS YASMEEN’S LOSS In the café, Adam congratulates Dee-Dee on clearing Stu’s name and offers her a job at the solicitors. Dee-Dee accepts, depending on the salary. In the restaurant, Stu blames himself for the vandalism and tells Yasmeen it’s even more reason he should find somewhere else to live. Dee-Dee suggests to Alya that she’d happily take her on as her legal secretary and train her up, what will Alya decide? Yasmeen admits to Stu that she still has feelings for him and if he were to share her bedroom, there would be a spare room for Eliza.

ELSEWHERE Debbie tells Ronnie that she’s only had two offers on her hotels. Ronnie suggests to Debbie she should sell her share of the bistro to avoid bankruptcy. Debbie tells Nick that she’s selling her share of the bistro and he’s got a week to make her an offer. In the school corridor, Hope announces that she’ll be doing a reading and signing autographs for £1 per head. In the café, Hope shows Sam a copy of the John Stape book and tells him it’s made her realise how much she has in common with her Dad

Friday 09 December Double Episode


ROY SHOWS UP GRIFF Expecting a meeting about the environment, Brian, Roy, Gary and Maria join the audience in the community centre. But as Griff begins his address, his true agenda becomes clear. Griff is gobsmacked when Roy picks apart his argument by pointing out numerous factual errors in his speech. As the crowd begins to applaud Roy, Griff realises he’s lost their support. In the cafe, Maria, Gary, Roy, Toyah and Brian decide the community centre would be a perfect place to offer help and advice to refugees. David reads Max the riot act for skipping school to mix with Griff and demands it stops now. Max slams out of the house. At Griff’s flat, Max shows his film of the meeting.

A SLIP UP FROM HOWARD RAISES GEMMA’S SUSPICIONS Howard calls at No.5. But when he states the value of the stolen jewellery, Gemma’s ears prick up. Gemma declares that only the thief would know the loot’s value, is she on to something?

YASMEEN AND STU PUT ON A UNITED FRONT Yasmeen helps a jittery Stu to prepare No.6 for a visit from Eliza’s social worker. Stu and Yasmeen are delighted when the social worker approves No.6 as Eliza’s new home and confirms she can move in immediately. Eliza moves into No.6. Stu’s anxious to make a favourable impression. When Eliza asks after her mum, Stu suggests they could visit her together.

ELSEWHERE Nick and Leanne examine their finances and realise they can only make Debbie a low offer for her half of the bistro, and they doubt she’ll accept it. Debbie admits to Ronnie that Nick and Leanne’s poxy offer is all that stands between her and bankruptcy. Ronnie offers to make a call on her behalf and Debbie’s intrigued.

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