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Monday 06 December (UK Airing 19 November)


THE GOOD SHIP LILY-POP SAILS INTO DANGER Nick confides in David that he’s hoping to reignite Sam’s interest in his telescope. Max suggests that he and Lily could join him. At the sight of his telescope, Sam’s face lights up. But when Nick reveals that Max and Lily will be joining them, Sam’s smile fades. Max puts the finishing touches to his film and uploads it onto his social media. In the cafe, a horrified Summer, together with Roy and Nina, watches Max’s film; a documentary of the night of the sewer collapse, suggesting a conspiracy theory linking Johnny’s and Natasha’s deaths. Summer rails at Max, demanding he take down his terrible video for Sam’s sake, if nothing else. Lily locks Sam out on the balcony and dangling the key in front of him. As Lily sucks on a lollipop and taunts Sam through the glass door, suddenly the lollipop comes away from the stick causing Lily to choke.

DEBBIE DELVES INTO RAY’S PAST FOR FAYE Debbie visits Ray in prison and tells him that unless he pleads guilty to sexually assaulting Faye, she’s going to report him to the police for the death of Johnny Connor.

ROY TRIES TO DO SOMETHING POSITIVE Roy calls Sally, Maria and NIna together and after showing them Max’s awful video, suggests they need to do something positive for the community by reinstating the Christmas Market and giving a portion of the proceeds to a charity

ELSEWHERE Daisy and Daniel tell Jenny that they’ve broken up. Stu comes across Kelly scavenging for food and offers to show her where she can get a decent meal for free.

Tuesday 07 December

ROY IS STRUCK BY SAM’S SILENCE Whilst Lily continues to choke, Sam watches, frozen to the spot. Will Sam overcome his silence to save Lily?

RAY CHANGES HIS PLEA Debbie tells Ray that she knows he paid Colin to create the sinkhole in the Platts’ garden so he’s got until the end of the day to choose between sexual assault or manslaughter, will her plan work?

DAISY PLAYS AWAY In the Rovers, Jenny attempts to matchmake between Daisy and Ashley, County’s new player. Daniel watches on, jealously. Daisy calls at the corner shop flat where a sulky Daniel admits he was jealous of her flirting with Ashley.  Promising she’ll make it up to him, Daisy leads Daniel into the bedroom.

DAVID AND NICK STRUGGLE WITH THEIR BOYS Having found out from Nick about the video nasty, a furious David rounds on Max. At No.8, David orders Max to hand over his phone as he clearly can’t be trusted with it. A furious Max takes a swing at David and stomps upstairs. 

ELSEWHERE When Carla moans to Nina about Johnny’s decision to leave her out of his will, Roy suddenly snaps at her. Toyah and Imran are relieved to find out from Aadi that Kelly is staying at her Mum’s. When Stu reveals his part in nailing Corey for Seb’s murder, Kelly gives nothing away.

Wednesday 08 December


ROY GIVES AN ORDER OF HIS OWN AT THE CAFE DS Abney calls at No.13 and reveals that the gun used to kill Natasha was the same gun used by Tez in a raid several years ago. Abi meets up with Tez in Victoria Garden and begs him to keep the police off her back. Roy clocks their exchange with concern. Nick calls in the cafe and tells Roy how the police are in the process of tracing the gun that was used to kill Natasha. Kevin meets up with Tez in the ginnel and implores him not to ruin Abi’s life. Roy advises Abi to tell the police the truth about the gun. DS Abney calls at the cafe and tells Roy that she has some more questions she’d like to ask him about the night of the sinkhole collapse.

MAX REFUSES TO BE CANCELLED Max sets off to school only to run into Asha, Summer and Aadi, all of whom give him a hard time about his video. David’s anger towards Max is further fuelled when he finds out from Daniel that he didn’t show up at school again. David orders Max to apologise to everyone he’s upset with his video. When Max refuses, David grabs his laptop and accidentally drops it.

FAYE IS FREE AT LAST Faye returns home from prison to find Craig has festooned the house in yellow ribbons. Pointing out that she’s only out on bail, Faye flees upstairs upset.

ELSEWHERE Stu and Kelly make their way to the soup kitchen, but when Kelly spots Billy serving the soup, she quickly does a u-turn. Billy catches a glimpse of her. Kelly confesses to Stu, her part in Seb’s attack but insists she never hurt him. George calls at the flat with his old telescope for Sam. Sam looks pleased until he spots the smashed memory jar on the side.

Thursday 09 December

MAX HAS AN UNEXPECTED ALLY In Victoria Garden, Max confides in Daniel how he wishes he could put things right, is it too late for him to make amends?

CRAIG AND FAYE RECOMMIT TO THEIR RELATIONSHIP Faye descends the stairs and apologises to Craig for overreacting. Tim and Gary assure Craig that Faye really cares about him and just needs time to adjust.

ROY IS SECRETLY MAKING PREPARATIONS Roy tells Abi that yet again he’s had to lie to the police on her behalf. Abi tells Kevin that it’s only a matter of time before the police link her to the gun. Roy tells Nina that the gun used to kill Natasha was the same one Abi was going to use to kill Corey and that as a result, they must both accept responsibility for Natasha’s death. DS Abney calls at No.13 and tells Abi and Kevin that they’ve arrested Tez, but so far he can’t remember who he sold the gun to. Roy calls at the solicitors and tells Imran that he wants to sign over his flat and his business to Nina as he no longer needs them.

ELSEWHERE As George sets up the telescope on the balcony for Sam, Nick frets over the memory note he read in which Sam wrote how he wished his last words to his Mum had been different. Billy mentions to Imran how he saw Kelly at the soup kitchen and thought he should know.

Friday 10 December


ROY TIES UP LOOSE ENDS When Roy asserts that he no longer wants to burden her with his own pain and guilt, she’s troubled. When Sally suggests they discuss ideas for the Christmas Market, Roy asserts that he won’t be getting involved. Roy calls at the garage and asks Abi to sell the Woody for him as soon as possible. When Abi reveals that Roy’s selling the Woody, Nina’s more worried than ever. When Nina finds out from Adam that Roy has signed over his entire estate to her with immediate effect, she’s shocked. Nina tells Abi that she’s frightened Roy is going to take his own life. Roy reveals that he plans to leave Weatherfield for good, tonight.

LAURA FALLS FOR IMRAN’S TRAP Worried for Kelly’s safety, Imran tells Toyah he’s going to track Laura down. Imran dupes Laura into meeting him in the bistro.

FAYE STRUGGLES TO MOVE FORWARDS Faye starts back at the bistro, but she’s a bag of nerves and drops a tray of food. Faye admits defeat and tells Debbie that she can’t work at the bistro as it brings back such terrible memories.

ELSEWHERE Nick, Leanne and Sam return from their first session with the psychologist. Sally calls Maria and Mary together for a meeting about the Christmas Market. When Maria reveals that a local councillor has resigned, Mary points out that she and Sally will be locking horns sooner than expected.

Part 2

ROY LEAVES TO DO HIS PENANCE Roy explains that he’s taking a job as a chef in South America. Nina summons Carla, Cathy, Brian, Fiz, Chesney and Mary to the cafe and one by one, Roy’s friends describe how much he means to them. Carla plays Roy a voice message Nina left, implying Roy got dragged into something against his better judgement. Roy refuses to be drawn and Carla heads out, hurt. Roy tells Nina that the fact he’s now lying to Carla proves that leaving is the right thing to do. Can Nina stop Roy from leaving the street he loves?

KELLY PUSHES STU AWAY In the bistro, Laura maintains she hasn’t clapped eyes on Kelly in ages. As Kelly beds down in a doorway, a drug dealer approaches and offers her some free spice. Kelly refuses and he heads off leaving her terrified and alone.

GEORGE GIVES SAM SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT George calls at Nick and Leanne’s flat and reveals that Sam sent him a note requesting his company for some stargazing. As George prattles on about astronomy, Sam giggles, his interest evident. Nick wishes he were the one making his son laugh.

TIM HELPS FAYE GET A FRESH START When Tim suggests that Faye could take over Alina’s sales job at the factory, Sarah’s agreeable and offers her a month’s trial. In Speed Daal, Sally, Tim, Gary and Craig raise a toast to Faye and her freedom.

ELSEWHERE When Sally suggests they should join forces and offers Maria the role of mascot in her election campaign, Maria’s suitably unimpressed.