Coronation Street Books by Glenda Young

Monday 3 October 2016

David agrees to go along to a grief counselling session to appease Gail but refuses to speak to the counsellor when he gets there. Determined to keep Gail quiet, he tells her the session was a great help. When David notices an update on Macca's social media page that tells him the Dog and Gun are having a party for Clayton's birthday in his absence, an angry David storms down there, determined to find Macca but, before he can reach the pub, he's grabbed by a menacing figure...but who is it?

Eileen talks through the different flat options with Rita who is planning on buying one for Jenny while Sally is eaten up with jealousy. Keen to commit to her new role, Eileen resigns from Street Cars, much to Steve and Tim's horror. But when Vinny later demands to know why Eileen has spent a large sum of money from the business account on porcelain tiles, will Eileen begin to think she's bitten off more than she can chew?

Andy shares his latest story with Steph and hopes she'll sing his praises. But when Steph is horrified by his fictional tastes, Andy is left fuming and feels unsupported.

Michelle tells Steve that her new wedding client is Tommy Orpington, a County football player and an overexcited Steve lets the news slip to Tim. Rita is tempted when Freddie suggests they go together to the closing party of their old stomping ground, the Zambezi Club. Elsewhere, Leanne reassures Eva that Nick is the father of her baby.

Monday 3 October 2016

David is viciously attacked by the menacing figure at the Dog and Gun and his family are horrified by the bloodied and bruised state he returns home in. When he reveals to Nick that he went to the Dog and Gun in an attempt to exact revenge on Macca, Nick is incensed and implores David to let the courts deal with Macca and Clayton. But David later logs into a computer with revenge on his mind. What plan is he hoping to put into motion?

Phelan takes a raging Vinny to the pub to try and calm him down over Eileen's extravagant tile splurge and reminds him that they'll have the last laugh when Eileen is left penniless. In a bid to put the argument behind them, Eileen asks Vinny to stay for tea. But when she reveals that she's left Streetcars so she can spend more time on the building project, Vinny is even more furious.

Audrey is eaten up with jealousy when she sees a dressed up Rita heading off to the Zambezi Club party with Freddie. When she sees them return to the Street later, Audrey decides to mark her territory.

Leanne offers Steph the manager's job while she's on maternity leave and Steph is delighted to realise Andy was behind the idea. Elsewhere, Michelle is embarrassed when she finds Steve, Tim and Tyrone fawning over her new wedding client, Tommy Orpington.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Audrey, Nick and Gail are horrified when they see posters of Clayton dotted around the Street and wonder if this was David's doing. The police turn up at No.8 and arrest David on suspicion of perverting the course of justice but David denies all knowledge. But when the police later reveal that Macca has sustained a serious head injury and that they suspect David is responsible, what will David say and can he think of a reasonable alibi?

Eileen is suspicious when Tim tells her he dropped Vinny off at a casino and she decides to go after him, wanting to know what he is up to. But with Phelan having given him a tip off, Vinny manages to hide the fake passports he's acquired from a dodgy contact and tells Eileen that he was meeting a potential buyer to discuss the purchase of the lake view apartment. But when Eileen later hears that Rita has already signed a contract for this very same apartment, she realises all is certainly not as it seems.

Freddie is panicked when Audrey wants to take him dancing and he confides in Tyrone and Luke that he has two left feet. In a bid to help him out, Tyrone calls upon the help of Norris who gives Freddie a ballroom dancing lesson. But who will be sporting a broken wrist by the end of the day?

Tim is delighted when Tommy Orpington calls into the cab office and stays for a game of subbuteo. Gemma is excited to reveal she has won the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award.

Friday 7 October 2016

The police call at No.8 to question Gail about David's whereabouts the morning Macca was attacked but David is later released when the police concede he had nothing to do with it. Now a free man, David sets his sights once more on his revenge plan and heads to the hospital where Macca lies fighting for his life.

Eileen demands to know what's going on with the twice-sold apartment but Todd and Phelan try to reassure her that it's just a well-practiced sales scam. Eileen is furious and points out that Phelan's unscrupulous business practices are being conducted at the expense of Jason's money.

Izzy and Gary spot Bethany out running and are concerned when they notice she is clearly pushing herself too far. Sarah is perturbed when Izzy later makes a point of telling Sarah they saw Bethany out running on her lunch hour.

Freddie is unnerved when Audrey asks him to stay at hers for a while and explains his fears to Tyrone, who offers him a bed at No.9 instead. Steve is outraged to learn that Tim has invited Tommy Orpington round for some home brew and accuses Tim of trying to steal his new friend.

Friday 7 October 2016

When David returns home from the hospital, he is met by the family liaison officer who tells him that he'll no longer be required to give evidence at Clayton's trial. An incensed David admits to Nick that he went to the hospital to see Macca, but what did he do while he was there, and can Nick encourage him to forget about Clayton and Macca for the sake of his children?

Sarah drags Bethany to the cafe and insists on buying her lunch. Bethany breaks down and explains to her mum that exercise helps take her mind off everything that's happening at home and school. Sarah agrees to renew her gym membership as long as she takes the fitness advice from Gary. Grateful to Gary for his support, Sarah invites him out for a drink. But can the two put their problems aside for the evening and will their date be a success?

Vinny reminds Phelan that if they can keep the game up for another two months, then they'll be on a beach sipping cocktails enjoying their new wealth. Spurred on by this latest pep talk, Phelan lays on the charm with Eileen and prepares a romantic meal for the two of them and their altercation is quickly forgotten.

When Tim and Steve enjoy a game of football with Tommy in the garden, Tim tries to tackle Steve but misses and ends up taking Tommy out instead. Tommy cries out in pain; but what damage has been done?

The Kabin