The Little Book of Carla Connor

Monday 4 July 2016

Gail, David and Kylie attend a meeting with Sarah and her psychiatrist. When Sarah admits the idea of returning home scares her, Kylie is consumed with guilt. Sarah opens up to the psychiatrist about her ordeal with Callum and how she thought he was going to kill her until Kylie arrived. Gail listens in aghast while David and Kylie brace themselves.

Having spoken to Jason, Eileen tells Phelan that Jason's happy for him to buy a second hand van for the business. Under pressure from Phelan, Eileen hands Andy and Steph a notice of rent increase on their flat. Andy and Steph read it with horror. Michael arrives and realises this is Phelan's handywork.

Ken begs Amy to visit Tracy in hospital but Amy refuses point blank. Tracy arrives home from hospital to find Ken and Amy having lunch. Amy quickly grabs her school bag and heads out ignoring her Mum. Tracy is gutted.

Handing Bethany some copies of her CV, Gail suggests she should use her skills and find herself a summer job. Bethany reluctantly agrees. Bethany enquires about holiday work in the cafe but Anna tells her they're fully staffed. Bethany is disappointed. Lauren parks herself next to Bethany in the cafe and makes out she's sorry for bullying her but was forced into it by the other girls. Bethany's buoyed by her apparent change of heart. Clearly worried,

Gary reveals to Anna that they're moving Izzy to a prison in Hull. Determined to expose Caz for the fraud she is, Sophie confides in Luke she's planning to phone Caz's army barracks to get to the truth. Freddie warns her not to get involved. Dev surprises Erica with a spa day at a swanky hotel but when Erica suddenly receives a call to say her mum has been rushed into hospital, Dev finds himself press-ganged into taking Mary instead.

Monday 4 July 2016

Sarah covers for Kylie, telling Gail and her psychiatrist how Kylie pushed Callum off, thus saving her life and David threw him out. Lauren continues to reel in Bethany and is delighted to learn from Alex that Bethany's mum is in a psychiatric unit. Bethany follows Lauren out of the cafe only to find Lauren's mates waiting for them. Bethany realises she's been duped as Lauren and her cronies surround her chanting "psycho, psycho". Bethany is frightened and upset. Bethany visits Sarah in hospital and hugs her close, wishing she could confide in her about the bullying but scared to do so because of her mum's fragile state.

Michael argues with Phelan and Eileen about the rent increase but only succeeds in making matters worse for Steph and Andy. As Steph and Andy fruitlessly scour the paper for an affordable flat, Michael suggests he could move back in with them and split the rent. Steph, Andy and Michael approach Eileen and Phelan and confirm that they're happy with the rent increase since Michael has agreed to move in. Eileen is delighted while Phelan quietly fumes. Taking Phelan to one side, Michael warns him that he might have Eileen fooled, but not him.

Finding himself snowed under at the flower shop, Todd's grateful when Billy offers to help out. Todd thanks Billy for his help and there's a charged moment between them. Flustered, Billy heads out of the shop leaving his phone behind.

Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there's been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room. Mary offers to sleep on the sofa. Clearly in agony after his back wax, Dev suggests to Mary they skip dinner and enjoy their complimentary minibar. Dev falls into a drunken sleep on the hotel bed while Mary knocks back another drink.

Wednesday 6 July 2016

At No.11, Sean witters on to Billy about his plans for their trip to London. Billy feigns interest but is more concerned that he's lost his mobile. Having found the phone in the flower shop, Todd mischievously returns it to Sean. Sean returns Billy's phone and Billy tells him the Bishop called requesting that he attend a course in Cardiff which will clash with their trip to London. Todd confronts Billy suggesting he doesn't really love Sean. Billy is defensive and rails at Todd for interfering in his love life. When Todd confides in Tracy that he reckons Billy and Sean's relationship is a sham, Tracy realises Todd fancies Billy. Billy calls in at the pub and tells Sean he's pulled out of the course in Cardiff so he can spend the week with him in London. Sean is delighted, while Todd fumes. Todd finally admits to Billy the depth of his feelings for him. Billy can't cope with the news.

Bethany calls into the gym and asks Gary to give her a fitness assessment. Having thoroughly enjoyed her gym session, Bethany promises Gary she'll be back for more.

When Ken tells Amy that Leanne has invited Tracy to Simon's birthday tea, Amy assures him it's fine because she doesn't want to spoil Simon's day. Hoping to win Amy round, Tracy arrives at Simon's party armed with presents for her. Amy is unimpressed and, pointing out she can't be bought, storms out.

Dev's horrified to realise he's spent the night with Mary, while Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had. When Mary confesses to Dev she feels guilty about their night away because she stole a bathrobe, Dev's relieved to realise that was her only indiscretion. Determined that she wants to remain friends, Leanne invites Nick to Simon's birthday tea. Nick is pleased that she's forgiven his bungled attempt at a kiss. Admitting the annexe now gives her the creeps, Gail persuades David and Kylie to swap bedrooms with her.

Friday 8 July 2016

In the flower shop, Todd admits to Tracy he confessed his true feelings to Billy. Tracy urges him to go for it but Todd's adamant there is too much at stake. Billy calls at No.11 to find Sean excitedly packing for their trip to London. Making out he's got some last minute parish business, Billy tells Sean they'll have to catch a later train. Sean does his best to mask his disappointment. Billy calls in at the flower shop, determined to talk to Todd about his feelings. Making out he was drunk, Todd insists Billy's got the wrong end of the stick. Billy is crushed and Todd feels terrible. Sean and Billy set off for London with Eileen waving them off. But, spotting Todd outside the flower shop, Billy can no longer contain his feelings and orders the driver to stop. Sean is perplexed.

Clearly subdued because it's the anniversary of Deirdre's death, Ken suggests he takes Amy to visit her grave and Tracy should go separately to avoid any arguments. Despondent, Tracy's grateful when Robert agrees to accompany her to the cemetery. Having returned from the cemetery, Ken and Rita reminisce about Deirdre, laughing fondly at their shared memories. Amy overhears and gets upset. Robert sets off to meet Tracy at the cemetery but he finds Amy in tears on Maxine's bench. He offers her a sympathetic ear. Realising Robert has stood her up, Tracy enters the cemetery alone.

Leanne agrees to take Simon for a burger followed by the cinema as a birthday treat. Nick finds Leanne struggling to let herself into her flat. When Leanne explains she's suffering from back pain, Nick insists on helping her up the stairs. When Leanne admits her new job is pretty awful, Nick is sympathetic and offers to take Simon to the cinema while she rests her back. Leanne gratefully accepts.

Explaining that his mum's had a fall and he's got to go to Wolverhampton, Chesney heads off leaving Gemma in the charge of the kebab shop. An excited Bethany shows Kylie her gym application form.

Friday 8 July 2016

Having returned home, Sean rails at Billy demanding to know what's going on. Billy assures him there's nobody else but Sean's disbelieving and throws him out. Clearly upset and angry, Sean calls in at the cab office and tells Eileen how Billy's dumped him. Eileen confronts Billy, furious with him for his treatment of Sean but her rant is interrupted by Tracy who, grabbing Billy by the arm, drags him to the flower shop. Pointing out that they're now both single, Tracy orders Todd and Billy to sort out their relationship. While Billy gathers the last of his things from No.11, Todd leans in for a kiss. Billy tries to resist but his feelings get the better of him and they kiss passionately.

Robert sympathises with Amy but points out Tracy too must be suffering terribly as Deirdre meant the world to her. Amy is conflicted. Tracy sits at Deirdre's graveside and cries as she talks to her. Suddenly, Robert arrives with Amy in tow. Tracy is thrilled and Amy tentatively hugs her mum. Later, as Tracy sits alone at No.1, she's interrupted by the arrival of Ken and Amy. Amy explains that she's prepared to move back on certain conditions. Tracy is thrilled to have her daughter home.

Nick returns with Simon. Leanne is thrilled to see Simon looking so happy again and, thanking Nick profusely, insists he must stay for a drink. After a glass of wine, Nick massages Leanne's bad back for her and the spark between them is evident. With Nick gone, Leanne tells Simon it's good to see him smiling again. Simon mischievously suggests she should get back with Nick as he's always been the one for her. Leanne's amused.

As a flustered Gemma sorts out a delivery at the kebab shop, Macca and his mate descend, demanding free kebabs and threatening to give her a hard time. When Chesney arrives back from Wolverhampton, Macca and his mate slink out. Gemma is relieved to see the back of them. Having forged Sarah's signature on her gym application and having persuaded Gary to give her a knockdown rate, Bethany is delighted. But the good mood is broken as Callum's old mates emerge from the kebab shop.

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