Monday 27 April 2015

When Jenny accidentally walks into Maria, Maria is slightly annoyed but is shocked when Jenny angrily bites back. Later, as Liam and Jack play together, Jenny is furious when she catches Liam hitting Jack and vows to tell Maria how badly behaved her son was. When a row ensues in the salon, Jenny ends up slapping Maria in the face, leaving Maria completely stunned!

Sinead prepares to leave the hospital for home. Chesney is overcome with jealousy when Sam hands her a parting gift. When Sam later tips up at No.5 to return Sinead's favourite pyjamas, Chesney feels pushed out.

Sarah is horrified when Bethany appears ready for her first day at Weatherfield High in a short skirt and bright red lipstick.

Sophie is suspicious of Jenny and curiosity gets the better of her when she goes rifling through Jenny's bag to dig up some dirt. But when Jenny catches her, how will she react? Elsewhere, Sharif leaves Roy to do his dirty work.

Monday 27 April 2015

Sophie is still suspicious of Jenny and doesn't believe her when she tells them all that it was Maria who slapped her, and not vice versa. But when Sophie tries to tell her dad the truth about Jenny, he refuses to believe her when she tells him that Jenny lied about the fight with Maria and that Jenny wasn't sacked from her job at all - she quit. Desperate for someone to believe her, Sophie tries to get Maddie on side but when even she thinks Sophie is over reacting, Sophie storms off to her mum's.

Chesney struggles to hide his jealousy towards Sam. Picking up on this, Sam makes his excuses and leaves - but not before Sinead makes him promise to visit again. But when Sam approaches Chesney outside the chippy, Chesney is pacified when Sam tells him that Sinead is lucky to have such a loving boyfriend and promises to stay out of the way.

Sarah manages to talk Steve round and becomes the latest barmaid to grace the Rovers Return, which gives Callum the perfect opportunity to flirt with her over the bar. Meanwhile, Bethany's unfazed when Nick reads her the riot act about going back to school.

Cathy calls to see Roy in the cafe but quickly leaves in a hurry when Roy suggests a drink in the Rovers.

Wednesday 29 April 2015
When Sarah lectures Callum on his parenting skills, the chemistry between them doesn't go unnoticed by Carla, who later tells Nick how friendly they seemed in the gym. When Callum buys Bethany a new phone, Sarah worries about how she will explain the new phone to David; but when Callum follows her out into the Rovers backyard, Sarah can't resist and they kiss passionately - only to be caught in the act by Nick!

Kevin reassures Jenny when she apologises for causing trouble between him and Sophie, telling her that if anyone is at fault, it's Sophie. Sophie is stubborn when Sally and Tim try but fail to persuade her to make amends with her dad, vowing that she isn't the one in the wrong!

Sinead is thrilled when Alya and Izzy ask her to make a bespoke basque for Alya's first order and Chesney is delighted to see Sinead so upbeat.

Nick and Carla enjoy one another's company at a wine tasting session. When Roy cooks a curry for Tyrone, Luke and Gary, Tyrone suggests they have a curry challenge.

Friday 1 May 2015

When Bethany sends a cheeky text to Carla on Nick's phone, suggesting she and Nick meet up for a drink later, Nick's amused. But later as he waits for Carla in the Bistro, he's taken aback when Erica suddenly turns up - revealing she's pregnant!

Sophie decides to bite the bullet and heads over to No.13 to make amends with Jenny. But when Jenny snaps and orders Sophie to back off from Jack, Sophie is gobsmacked. When Kevin and Maddie walk in, Jenny hurriedly tell them that Sophie attacked her.

Alya is pleased when Sinead presents her with the finished basque. Alya and Izzy work on their next batch of designs for posh knickers and an enthusiastic Sinead offers to set about making them, keen to keep busy.

Sally is intrigued when Roy tells her the graffiti on her house looks like a Banksy and could be worth a lot of money. But when she finds Tim and Norris trying to wash the graffiti off, she goes out of her way to preserve her mystery new wall art.

Friday 1 May 2015
Chesney is worried when he finds Alya, Izzy and Sinead working on the new knicker range and asks the girls to leave so Sinead can rest. Sinead tells Chesney that it's her body and that he needs to stop interfering with her sewing.

Sally is disappointed when an art expert tells her that the graffiti isn't a Banksy while Maddie, Sophie and Tim are highly amused. Sally orders them to get scrubbing!

Still reeling from Erica's bombshell, Nick confides in Carla. Can Carla offer Nick the support he needs or will Erica's return put the brakes on any chance they had of a relationship?

Luke curses himself when he accidentally eats the wrong bowl of curry. Roy is pleased when they decide to have the next night at Gary's and include him in the plans.

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