Monday 24 November 2014
Steve lies in bed, utterly depressed. Liz is frustrated by Steve's attitude and worried about the impact it's having on Amy. With this in mind, Steve plucks up the courage and goes to see the doctor. It becomes clear he's suffering a panic attack but the doctor calms him down and diagnoses Steve with depression nad suggests psychotherapy for Steve's condition.

Michael heads out on a fishing trip with Gavin. Gail reminds him that he must tell his son about his heart condition. During their conversation, Michael explains how he burgled Gail's house but she forgave him. When Michael then lets slip that Gail sold her house to David so she must have some substantial savings, Gavin's all ears.

Tony calls in Barlow's Buys and offers to supply Tracy with some more gear. Tracy gives him short shrift, telling him she wants nothing to do with him.

Julie makes a point of telling Dev about her forthcoming date with Dominic. Dev feigns disinterest whereas Mary's thrilled with this news. Norris finally tracks down his elusive parcel. He's touched to discover it's a telescope from Ramsay that he must have sent before he died.

Monday 24 November 2014
When Michelle gets a call from school to say Steve has failed to collect Amy, she sets off. Meanwhile, Steve sits parked up in his car and tries to summon the courage to text his Mum but can't bring himself to do it. Discovering the car won't start, Steve is forced to phone Kevin to tow him home. Back on the street, Liz and Michelle lay into Steve, demanding to know where he's been and what he's playing at. Unable to handle their hostility, Steve turns and walks away. The doctor approaches Steve and implores him to talk to his family about his depression.

Michael introduces Gavin to Audrey, who's interested to hear that Audrey owns her own hair salon. However, when Audrey quizzes Gavin about his Mum, Gavin is evasive. In the Rovers, Michael admits to Gail he still hasn't told Gavin about his heart condition, explaining he wants to get to know his son better before he drops the bombshell.

With Beth's help, Tracy sorts through Rob's things hoping to sell them in the shop and make a bit of much needed money.

Dev calls on Julie intending to admit his feelings but will he bottle it?

Wednesday 26 November 2014
Frustrated at Steve's attitude, Liz continues to hound him, telling him it's time he started pulling his weight and did some work but Steve remains unresponsive. Lloyd tries to talk to Steve, concerned that he's throwing his life away but Steve is only interested in his sports car. When Tyrone breaks the news to him that it needs 2000 pounds worth of repairs, more than the value of the car, Tyrone's stunned when Steve tells him to go ahead with the work. Meanwhile, Liz dupes Steve and Michelle into working the same shift, hoping it'll give them a chance to talk.

When Gavin fails to turn up for his appointment at the salon, Michael gives him a call. At first Gavin shouts at Michael to leave him alone but later calls at No.8 apologising for snapping and suggesting it might be better if they didn't see each other again. Michael's gutted and begs Gavin to reconsider.

Dev does his best to sabotage Dominic's date with Julie by warning him that she's already got him pegged for marriage and sleeps with 9 cats on her bed.

Craig gives Norris his first lesson on his tablet computer and shows him how to download the astronomy app.

Friday 28 November 2014
When Nick complains he's short-staffed at the bistro, Michael offers Gavin services, explaining he's a professional cocktail waiter. Gavin is forced to agree and although he's clearly clueless about cocktails, there's an instant attraction between he and Steph as she shows him the ropes. Michael calls at the bistro to lend Gavin his support but suffers a dizzy spell and collapses. Having helped Michael home, Gavin and Gail fuss round him. Under pressure from Gail, will Michael finally confess to Gavin that he has an hereditary heart condition?

Tracy's despondent when the bank rejects her loan request and is worried she'll have to fold the business. When Carla then storms into the shop and demands to buy all Rob's possessions, appalled that Tracy could be so callous as to sell them, Tracy lets rip.

Julie excitedly tells Sophie she's got a date with Dominic but Dev warns her that Dominic hasn't got over his bitter divorce. During lunch, Julie and Dominic soon realise that Dev has been telling them both scurrilous stories about the other. Julie confronts Dev and demands to know why he's been telling lies but she's stunned by his response.

Tracy calls at No.11 and orders Todd back to work. Todd explains he's embarrassed about his face and doesn't want to leave the house but Tracy pulls no punches, pointing out he can't hide away forever.

Friday 28 November 2014

Michael is worried that, having given Gavin the awful news about his health, he's scared him away. At the Rovers, Gavin confides in Steph how confused he feels about Michael. Steph assures him the Platts are a lovely family and that if he walks away now it'll break Michael's heart. Feeling guilty, Gavin calls at No.8 and assures Michael he just needed time to think. Thrilled to have his son back in his life, Michael urges Gavin to see a doctor and get his heart checked out. Gavin agrees but picking up his phone we discover Gavin's hiding a secret of his own!

When Beth buys a birthday present for Craig in Barlow's Buys, Tracy gives her Rob's cufflinks for free, telling her they're a wedding present for Kirk. Calling Tracy's bluff, Carla thanks her for giving the cufflinks to a friend rather than selling them on. Realising Tracy was only using her to score points off Carla, Beth hands the cufflinks to Carla.

Dev plans an evening out with Julie, asking Mary to come round. Getting the wrong end of the stick Mary arrives with a DVD and is stunned to see Dev and Julie in a passionate embrace. Dev proudly announces he and Julie are going on their first date. A disappointed Mary realises she's nothing more than the babysitter.

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