Monday 2 February 2015
With Callum sniffing around, David books an appointment with a solicitor to establish his legal rights over Max. He is relieved to hear he has a strong case, having provided Max with a loving and stable home for several years. Back on the street, Callum tracks down Katy and Max in the cafe and insists on buying them a milkshake. David is furious to find Max with Callum and drags him home. Eva warns Callum to stay away, telling him that although it's his name on Max's birth certificate, David is his real Dad.

Roy agrees to look after Joseph while Chesney visits Sinead in hospital. But he lies to Sinead, telling her Katy's looking after Joseph rather than mentioning Roy.

Maddie and Simon kick their football against the Kabin window and Norris becomes increasingly annoyed. Spotting Simon's football, Norris heads towards it brandishing his paper-knife, an evil glint in his eye! Meanwhile, Sophie reveals she's splashed out on a weekend at a posh country hotel for Maddie's 18th.

When Anna's not looking, Faye forges her own absence letter to the school. The Bistro staff prepare for the grand opening of the newly refurbished restaurant. Gavin/Andy's startled when his ex-girlfriend appears delivering plants.

Monday 2 February 2015
Having followed David and Max home, Katy demands to know what's going on and why the irrational dislike of Callum. David explains that Callum was Kylie's drug dealer. When Callum then approaches Katy and invites her out for a drink Katy refuses, telling him she doesn't hang out with drug dealers. Callum's furious and calling at No.8 he tells David he intends to see more of Max and he'll be hearing from his solicitor. David is horrified.

Chesney confesses to Sinead how Roy's been minding Joseph but he didn't want to upset her. Sinead's annoyed that he lied to her.

When Simon shows Maddie his punctured football, Maddie angrily confronts Norris, suspecting that he's responsible. Intent on revenge, Maddie waits until Norris disappears into the back of the shop and then taps away on his tablet computer.

It's the opening night of the Bistro. Leanne confronts "Gavin" wanting to know his history with Tara and why she called him Andy. "Gavin" spins her a story but Leanne is suspicious and worried for Steph. Faye tells Craig she bunked off school as some of the girls have been picking on her, calling her fat. Craig offers to be her bodyguard.

Wednesday 4 February 2015
Roy instructs Tyrone to sell the Woody as he has no use for it. Tyrone and Carla are concerned, reminding him it was Hayley's pride and joy. After a heart to heart with Chesney, Sinead summons Roy to her bedside and tells him she forgives him for his attack on Gary and that he must live his life as Hayley wanted him to. Having given the Woody a once over, Tyrone returns the car to Roy. On reflection, Roy tells him, he'll keep the Woody as it's what Hayley would have wanted and he now feels ready to scatter her ashes.

Steve sits despondently watching repeats on telly. Liz and Michelle do their best to cajole him into action. Steve attends his second session with the therapist and tells him how his family, although trying to help, are making matters worse by suffocating him.

Eva confesses to David she let slip to Callum that it's his name on Max's birth certificate. David is dejected, fearing he could lose Max. Meanwhile, when Callum assures Katy he's no longer a drug dealer, she agrees to meet him for a drink. But how will she react to the news that he's Max's dad?

Faye tells Craig she's bunking off school again as she can't stand the girls taunting her over her weight. Craig feels for Faye and insists he'll spend the day with her. When Norris receives a bulk delivery of Chicken Fancier magazine, he's furious. Is this Maddie's work? Over lunch in the Bistro, Michael hands Gail and "Gavin" a copy of his will, worried he might not survive his operation.

Friday 6 February 2015
Callum gets a call from Macca warning him that the police are looking for him. Finding the door open, Callum lets himself into No.8. Shocked, David demands he gets out but Callum gets him in an arm-lock and tells him he's not going anywhere.

In an attempt to get Steve away from the telly, Liz hides the remote and suggests he does an hour behind the bar. Steve heads into the pub but when he goes to serve Eileen, he suddenly finds himself unable to cope and turns on his heel. Meanwhile, Michelle and Liz row over Steve. Liz has a go at Michelle for seeing Hamish. Michelle claims she only went out with Hamish as he made her feel wanted. Steve overhears their exchange.

Clutching Hayley's ashes, Roy leads Tyrone and Chesney to the boating lake, explaining it's the place where he and Hayley had their first ever kiss.

A jittery Michael is led into the operating theatre as Gail waits nervously for news. Maddie continues to wreak revenge on Norris and steals the newspaper poster from outside the Kabin. Norris is bemused and confides in Mary that he's worried about his memory as he keeps making silly mistakes. When Maddie finds out from Mary that Norris is worried about his own sanity, she feels terrible. Audrey spots Faye skiving in town.

Friday 6 February 2015
Callum tells David the police are onto him and he wants David to provide him with an alibi. David is furious but Callum makes it clear that if he doesn't comply, he'll reveal to Max that he's his real Dad. While Katy waits for Callum in the Bistro, the police call at No.8. Will David back up Callum's story and lie to the police? Callum later finds Katy and, making out his mobile was dead, promises to spoil her rotten. Steph warns Katy that Callum is bad news.

Liz reckons that what Steve needs is tough love but Michelle thinks they should go easy on him. Tony does his best to act as mediator and the two women make up, realising they both want the best for Steve. Meanwhile, Eileen finds Steve at Streetcars, clearly in a world of his own. Convinced he's nothing but a burden, Steve tells Michelle she'd be better off without him.

Roy bids an emotional farewell to Hayley as he scatters her ashes into the boating lake. He later tells Tyrone and Chesney he'd like to resume his driving lessons in the Woody as it's what Hayley would have wanted.

After Faye is spotted in town, Anna confronts her about bunking off school. Faye insists she was on a field trip. When Norris admits that he was responsible for puncturing Simon's football, will Maddie agree to call it quits? Gail returns from the hospital with news of Michael's operation. Steph reminds "Gavin" that now it's time to tell Michael the truth.

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