Monday 29 September 2014
Stressed, Kylie is tempted to take more of Max's pills but is stopped when David disturbs her. But as the day goes on, she crosses the line once more and takes the final few of Max's pills, believing David is picking up a new prescription. But David is delayed and unable to go to the chemist.

Looking after poorly Sally is testing Tim's patience to the limit. But his behaviour raises some concerns when he discards an application form for a new job.

Neil calls in to see Andrea and Lloyd - he tells them he has been cautioned by the police and is leaving the country for good.

When Julie casually arranges to see Dev at the gym, Mary promptly invites herself along.

Monday 29 September 2014
David is furious, having caught Kylie taking Max's last pills and storms out to get the prescription, taking the kids with him as he doesn't want to leave them with Kylie. She breaks down and pours her heart out to Eva. David returns and locks the new pills away from Kylie.

Maddie is suspicious when Tim ducks out of playing scrabble with the family and heads off to the pub with Kevin. She tackles him with her suspicions - will he come clean?

Neil reveals he has managed to get his old job back overseas so Lloyd offers to drive him to the airport.

Mary and Julie continue to battle it out for Dev's attention.

Wednesday 1 October 2014
With David giving her the silent treatment and sleeping on the sofa, Kylie decides to do some digging to get to the bottom of Max's problems and heads back to her old neighbourhood. Once there she bumps into an old mate Gemma, when she tells Gemma she wants to talk to Max's dad, Gemma confirms that he is around and that she will tell him she is looking for him.

When Mary can't babysit for the twins, Julie offers her services, much to Mary's dismay. Dev is delighted when he gets home to find the twins have had a great time and as the kids head for bed, he cracks open a bottle of wine.

Maddie finally gets Tim to admit he struggles reading when she insists he read out her horoscope. She offers to help but an angry Tim turfs her out of number 4.

Yasmeen is determined to get her community centre idea off the ground.

Thursday 2 October 2014
Kylie tells David she is poorly and can't go to work. Once he has gone, she heads for the bus where Eva finds her and offers to accompany her to her old neighbourhood. At the pub she finds Gemma but there is no sign of Max's dad Callum - until she is about to leave...

Tim is thrilled with the flyers he has had made for his window cleaning business but they make more of an impact than he had expected - thanks to an unfortunate typing error. When Maddie catches people sniggering over them, she makes it her mission to try and get all the flyers off the streets.

Mary is furious to find Norris and Rita gossiping about a possible burgeoning romance between Julie and Dev.

Liz confides in Eileen that Jim is using his hold over Peter to blackmail her into visiting him in prison.

Friday 3 October 2014
Eva is shocked to see how Kylie is with Callum and his mates - laughing and joking rather than speaking to him about Max which was supposed to be the reason for the visit. Callum is a good looking charmer, dangerous and sexy, and as they are leaving, he writes his number on Kylie's arm and tells her to keep in touch. But when Kylie returns home she finds Max and David have prepared her a special meal and she feels guilty about seeing Callum.

Maddie and Tim race around Weatherfield collecting all the dodgy leaflets - but it's too late, Sally has already taken a call from someone wanting Tim's 'services' and is furious with him. Tim's still adamant he doesn't want Maddie telling Sally about his reading difficulties

Eileen thinks Liz should defy Jim and tell Deirdre about his blackmail. But when Deirdre thanks Liz for her help over Peter, Liz can't bring herself to come clean to Deirdre, Tony or Steve.

Dev finds himself making the situation between Mary and Julie worse with his hapless attempts at being kind to both women - but does he really have feelings for Julie?

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