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Monday 15 February 2015

A furtive Robert phones the hotel where the wedding fayre is taking place to book a surprise room for he and Tracy. Suspicious, Tracy wonders who he's talking to. When Michelle and Carla arrive for the wedding fayre, they're annoyed to see Tracy and Robert there (with a stand for the florist shop). Robert is equally surprised to see Carla whilst Tracy is now convinced they've organised a secret tryst. While Tracy deals with a prospective customer, Robert slips away to put the final touches to their surprise romantic night. Meanwhile, telling Michelle she needs her painkillers, Carla, too, slips away. Her suspicions heightened, Tracy follows Carla. Barging into Carla's room and snatching her painkillers from her, Tracy demands to know where Robert is. Carla assures her she has no idea but Tracy rounds on Carla, revealing she knows all about their night of passion.

When Eileen moans about her kitchen cupboard doors, Jason promises to fix them when he's got time. Phelan shows Jason a load of kitchen fittings he's acquired and offers to sort out Eileen's cupboards for her. Jason's grateful.

Leanne calls at No.1 and, showing Ken the video footage of the match, apologises to Simon for not believing him. Leanne assures Simon that she has retracted her statement and he's not in any trouble. Will Simon accept this and agree to return home?

Worried for Marta's well being, Eva phones the local homeless shelters but with no success. Taking his campaign duties seriously, Norris suggests a photo shoot of Sally and Tim at home. Sally is in her element as she and a reluctant Tim pose for photos.

Monday 15 February 2015

In agony, Carla begs Tracy for her painkillers but, enjoying the power, Tracy holds them out of reach, telling Carla she deserves to suffer. Carla finally admits she had a one-night stand with Robert but at the time he'd split from Tracy and it meant nothing. Tracy seethes. But when Robert calls from reception and explains how he's booked the honeymoon suite and dinner as a surprise for her, Tracy is wrong-footed. Pointing out that Nick will be devastated when he finds out about her sordid tryst, Tracy leaves. Finding Robert in reception, she kisses him, giving nothing away. In her room, Carla brings Michelle up to speed, conceding that Tracy holds all the cards and can destroy her life with Nick.

Eileen arrives home and is pleasantly surprised to find Phelan busy fixing her kitchen cupboards. Michael's put out but when Eileen points out he's had his opportunity and never got round to it, Michael is chastened.

His hate for Leanne evident, Simon announces he wants to spend half-term with his Dad. Ken agrees to take him to Portsmouth and Leanne is heartbroken.

Sinead admits she's nervous about her forthcoming modelling assignment. Beth reckons she'll be fantastic whilst Chesney's less enthusiastic. Sally parks herself with Steph and Andy and bores them rigid with her political spiel.

Wednesday 17 February 2015

With Tracy calling the shots, Carla confides in Michelle that she has no option but to tell Nick about her night with Robert and hope he'll forgive her. Carla calls in at the Bistro and summons up the courage to confess all to Nick but she's thwarted when Nick shows her some earrings which Gail has offered to lend her for the wedding. Tracy corners Carla and gives her an ultimatum; persuade Nick to sell his share of the business to Robert and move away or her relationship with Nick is history.

Having finished work on the Arches, Phelan bids farewell to Jason, handing him the name of a contact in the trade and suggesting he gives him a ring. Glad to be rid of Phelan, Anna and Kevin head into town to celebrate. But, having been summoned by Jason, Phelan returns to No.11 where Jason explains that he rang the contact and he's landed a big new contract!

Sinead heads for her photo shoot and begs Chesney to come along for moral support. The shoot underway, Sinead enjoys modelling the new underwear range. Aidan and the O'Driscolls are impressed with her skills whilst Chesney remains uneasy. Walking on air, Sinead reveals the photographer has offered her another job, modelling for a catalogue. How will Chesney feel about this?

When Gail imparts the news that Freshco is planning a new superstore, Norris vows that he and Sally will fight them all the way. Norris drafts a letter to the Gazette which Mary encourages him to post without consulting Sally. Sharif and Yasmeen present Alya with a vintage sewing machine for her birthday.

Friday 19 February 2015

Jason and Phelan prepare to start work on the new contract. Izzy and Anna approach the builder's yard and are horrified to see Phelan loading the van. Enjoying her obvious distress, Phelan explains that Jason's given him some work so he'll be sticking around. Anna vows to have it out with Phelan once and for all and before Gary or Izzy can stop her, she storms back to the yard and sets about smashing up Phelan's van. When Phelan arrives back, Anna launches herself at him, her hatred evident. Kevin rounds the corner and is stunned to see Anna attacking Phelan.

Having mulled over Tracy's ultimatum, Carla confides in Michelle that this could be an opportunity to move on and start again. Carla sows the seed in Nick's mind that it would be good to move away and start afresh. Taken aback, will Nick agree to give it some thought?

Sally's furious with Norris for telling the Gazette that she's opposed to the new supermarket as she's married to a window cleaner and therefore supports small businesses. After tearing a strip off Norris for speaking to the Gazette without consulting her, Sally calls Tim, Liz and Norris to the cab office where she makes a shock announcement!

Johnny is delighted as he shows Sinead the photos from the shoot. Sinead can hardly believe it's her. Alya meets up with her old uni friend, Rana, in the Bistro, it's clear Zeedan fancies her.

Friday 19 February 2015

Anna continues her frenzied attack on Phelan until Gary and Jason pull her away. Appalled by Anna's behaviour, Kevin orders Gary to take her home. Jason leads Phelan back to No.11 where Eileen fusses round him, tending to his wounds. When Eileen insists Phelan stays for dinner, Michael is put out. Gary and Izzy implore Anna to get a grip becauuse to anyone who doesn't know the truth, she appears unhinged. Calling at No.13, Anna apologises to Kevin for her latest outburst. Will Kevin accept her apology or has Anna gone too far this time?

Having reached a decision, Nick tells Carla she's right, they should sell their businesses and start a new life wherever the mood takes them. Carla's thrilled. When Carla confirms to Tracy that she and Nick will be moving far away, Tracy tells her she's got a week to get Nick to sell the Bistro to Robert.

As Sally's news sinks in, Tim is gutted, pointing out he loves his window cleaning round and doesn't want to be cooped up in the cab office. Sally is put out and when Norris highlights her lack of clear policies, she sacks him on the spot. Norris is furious. Clearly hurt, Norris off-loads to Rita. Having found Tim sulking in the Rovers, Sally assures him the reason she has bought him half the Street Cars business is because she realises his potential and believes in him. Smiling tightly, Norris approaches Sally and drops a bombshell of his own!

Rana entertains Alya with stories of her travels and flirts with Zeedan who's clearly smitten. In the Rovers, Liz admires Sinead's modelling photos. Chesney listens in alarm as Sean enthuses about all the other modelling work Sinead has lined up. Can Chesney bury his jealousy?

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