Monday 6 October 2014
Liz confides in Eileen and Sean that she is going to see Jim and tell him to stop victimising Peter. When Tony arrives home early from his trip, she tells him she is going to see a girlfriend. But Sean unwittingly lets slip where Liz has really gone.

Work begins on refurbishing the butcher's and turning it into the community centre. Kal asks Zeedan to go home and help prepare the Eid banquet but Zeedan says there is no way he will cook for Leanne. Alya is furious with her brother but Leanne tells Kal she feels uncomfortable causing the family problems. Meanwhile, Gary and Alya find it hard to hide their feelings for each other and are nearly caught by Kal.

Kylie convinces Eva that Callum is her past and David and the kids are the only ones that matter to her.

Monday 6 October 2014
Faced with a furious Tony at the prison gates demanding she doesn't go in, Liz tells him that she doesn't do ultimatums and continues into the prison to see Jim. But once inside, she is furious when Jim tells her he will lay off Peter if she carries on visiting him. Back at the Rovers, she finds Tony packing his bags.

Gary and Alya continue to flirt whilst working on the butcher's shop. Zeedan invites Gary to join them for the Eid celebrations. Later at the bus stop, Alya steps in for a kiss.

Deirdre feels terrible about the predicament Liz is now in knowing that she went to visit Jim for her sake.

Wednesday 8 October 2014
As Ken drones on about Peter's trial it's clear Deirdre is feeling the strain. Rob invites Carla round for dinner but as they sit down to eat, Peter calls the house and asks to speak to Carla. When Carla hangs up on him, Tracy is furious and as the row escalates, Deirdre loses the plot. Ken suggests maybe it is time she spent some time away with her friend Bev as she is clearly struggling to cope with everything.

Kylie goes to give Max his pill and discovers that David is keeping the cupboard locked. Furious that he still doesn't trust her, she storms off to the Rovers and comes home steaming drunk, where she begs his forgiveness.

Alya tells Gary their kiss was a mistake, they are from different cultures, he's got a partner and a child and her family would never condone their relationship. Begging him to accept it can go no further, she leaves.

Liz tries to put Tony out of her mind. Steve is worried about a mole on his arm.

Friday 10 October 2014
Worried about a mole on his arm, Steve has made an appointment with the doctor. But after examining the mole and telling him it is fine, the doctor becomes concerned that there is something else troubling Steve.

When Kylie suggests a spur of the moment trip to the seaside, she is thwarted by David who points out he has to go to work. Kylie is disappointed and, unaware that David has persuaded Audrey to give him the afternoon off, she heads over to The Dog and Gun and spends the day playing pool with Gemma and Callum. She asks Callum if he can get her anything to give her a lift!

Under pressure from Ken and Tracy, Rob finds himself railroaded into agreeing to attend Peter's trial out of support for the family.

Kirk and Beth struggle with all the extra hours they are working to pay for the wedding. Sinead comes up with a plan that won't mean them working themselves into the ground.

Friday 10 October 2014
Steve admits to the doctor that he is not himself and feels his life is pointless. The doctor reckons he might be suffering from depression but Steve tries to make light of it and makes his escape. Once home, he skirts around it and just tells Liz that the mole is nothing to worry about - she can't help noticing he still seems very down.

Callum enjoys taunting Kylie, reminding her of her past before giving her the wrap of speed she so desperately wants. David, meanwhile, tells Audrey he is worried about Kylie and didn't buy her story about going to do a friend's nails. When Kylie gets back, Audrey tears a strip off her and tells her she needs to grow up.

Sinead and Chesney explain to Beth and Kirk how they could cut costs by having a shabby chic wedding and the couple finally admit they can't afford the extravagant wedding Beth had set her heart on.

Peter phones Carla from a borrowed mobile and tells her he still loves her, leaving her shaken.

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